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  1. tsmr

    Anything special here?

    Asked my friend to take some more photos of this particular coin in the AM. Seems to be in much better condition than the rest! (Hopefully it's the right one!) Thanks everybody for your help - my friend and his mother are both extremely grateful for the support from this community.
  2. tsmr

    Anything special here?

    Hey guys, Thank you so much for all the prompt, helpful responses. Also my apologies for the late bump - I've been on Christmas/New Year duties so haven't been so active. (My wallet is thankful I stopped browsing the Classifieds!) Below are photos of all the coins front/back to give you all a better idea of condition.
  3. Hi all, My friend has been asked by his mother to appraise the gold collection that was passed down to her by her parents. Do any of the items below command a premium over a typical 'by-weight' price? 2x George V Sov 1912/1905 4x Vic Sov 1886/1888/1891/1899 2x 1/2 Sov Ed VII 1903/1907 1x Guinea Geo III (faded badly) 1x 1/2 Guinea Geo V 1793 1x 1/3 Guinea Geo III 1810 Thank you in advance! T PS. If any of you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces that would be treated as numismatics rather than bullion, please let me know.
  4. Interesting, thanks for this. I joined this forum as I wanted to diversify my assets via PMs but hadn't considered adding any miners to my portfolio. Are there any that you'd recommend to buy right now?
  5. What is long? In your humble opinion of course!
  6. If you could ask a little about it and maybe get the shop price, would be much appreciated!
  7. I like the World Cup one, first picture bottom left!
  8. I came to this forum to stack but this series is so tempting for me! 😃 Beautiful coins!
  9. Interested in buying the remaining 1g bars, have PM'd.
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