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  1. It doesn't have an address on it, it's a chunky magazine type thing with pictures of gold coins and bars which describes all the different types of fractional, etc. Since recycling bags are clear, and they plastered a picture of something gold on every page 😆
  2. I hate it, because the environmentally conscious part of me wants to recycle it, but the paranoid part of me says get to fook, I'm not putting that in the recycling bag and putting a target on my house
  3. I didn't even bother looking at BBP because that's probably not too far off 😆
  4. For one, currently, all in Gerard's is £403.60 Chards £403.30 Bleyer £407.47
  5. I got the proof in the half but it's so small 😆 I must admit the proof full has tempted me.
  6. Would look very nice in the double, but I just checked the price the royal mint want for it and it's an ouchie.
  7. I can't remember who was looking for these...so I'm gonna randomly tag @GoldDiggerDave
  8. Not going to lie, the phrasing was meant to be obscure
  9. I was referring to BBP! They want £1832 for a 2020 krug lmao
  10. You'd think so, looking at the premiums certain dealers charge for older krugerrands!
  11. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting this wrong James, but from what I gather from your above responses...Is that you appreciate a separate delivery cost added onto the item?
  12. @LawrenceChardI'm still trying to figure out the competitor acronyms. Left to right: Baird > Gerrard's > Atkinsons > Bleyer Bullion ?
  13. If you haven't already, take em into the bathroom with you, the reflective surface captures the carrot very nicely.
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