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  1. looking to get my hands on the Capsules used for the Perth mint 1oz Dragons
  2. any speculation as to why its going down? hedge fund liquidation ? evil pixies?
  3. Got my Bar today, No marks or scratches. Thats a win. . . Goes to put it into my air tight capsule, and the bar has on two edges a very thin sliver of silver thats stopping the case from becoming air tight.🤦‍♂️ It's like if you break off square of chocolate and you get the wee rough edge and not a perfect square. Am I going to send back, No. Am I going to file the sliver of silver off just to let it fit in the case, NOPE. Are the RM going to get 1 star for the hassle and inconvenience, absolutely!
  4. Aye I phoned them today, phoneline was c**p! Sounded like I was talking to a lassy up an 8 foot ladder with a mousey voice in a bathroom! The customer service staff don't even know whats in stock, she said "yeah it should be in stock on friday"...I said "but its in stock on your website"🤣🙄...then loads of inaudable talking about when did I email and derp de derp. Anyways long story short, should get my Bar back (Hopefully unscathed) next week if its getting posted out Friday or over the weekend. Royal Mint are becoming really hard to under-estimate these days! PESTER THEM
  5. I buy from the RM as a last resort for particular items i.e. The Una & lion 10oz bar or 1/2 or 1/4 Gold. Thier silver QB or Bars are a hit n miss with scuffs / scratch marks. I've NEVER had an issue with Chards 😉🏆 bought from yous a few times, no stress! @LawrenceChard
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