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  1. I've watched alot of Real Vision.. "rumour" has it Raoul Paul loves bitcoin 😛, haha. The interview with Michael Saylor talking about why he's all in for crypto and why gold is a s**** investment ( potentially loosing 85% of your money if you put it in Gold). ..was really intresting https://youtu.be/Cg10yYZjK94?t=4508 Yea I really really like that Real vision Interview with Steven (The bond king) Van Metre, really intresting!!! The banks are going to crash the stock market! We in the deflation zone Sheds new light to the FED not actually "Printing money" , and the monetary syste
  2. I don't dude,I'd send you it if I did. Shouldn't be hard to find, maybe better with audible version as its got Abit of filler with his story bio as well as what both his "dad's" taught him
  3. Na man I got it on audible and it bored the sh!t out me, it seemed like a wealth mindstate book, {all you gotta do is belive that postive mindstate} blah blah blah. I liked RDPD it gave you some substance aswell had that on audible im sure he quoted books in his books but I've no idea what chapter he states the books on, and can't be botherd to read all the way through for that haha. Been on Real vision finance on youtube and some intresting guys like Jim Rickards has great info.
  4. cheers Derv, I've read rich dad poor dad, is the richest man in babylon not like a wealth mindstate book like the book think and grow rich?
  5. Would like to get some books to keep my head on a swivel for investing and what not. Preferably free PDFs, if not then paper back or Audible I've read a couple of Robert Kiyosaki books. . . which has put my focus on investment & wealth protection. Amazon has loads of finance books, hopefully this forum can recommend something with better substance. So far I've wish-listed stuff from Jim Rickards & E.B Tucker 🤷‍♂️ Any recomendations would be apprenticed!
  6. I'd like a unicorn 🦄 Please Pm details
  7. Great response to this guys, I may just hold on to them, just wanted to know to what degree did I get bumped 😅 I got them from bullionbypost.co.uk 10# 1oz silver 2020 Britannia for £300 Stumbled over a youtube page of backyard bullion & seen the silver forum as a sponser.. thought I'd ask the forum. I got some gold from that bullion by post and they seemed flawless, then got that silver a few days later. But aye, I'll probs buy silver here from now on, since I'm a noob. I'll upload better pictures when I'm back from work, when I've got some daylight.
  8. New to buying gold & silver, Yes im a noob but have the mindstate for stacking for future. Got these the other day, 10x 1oz 2020 Silver Britannia most of them finger prints on them, one with milk spot, but oddly all them have a weird marking near centre, a trio of chips or somthing? Left a 3 star review on the website, and the guys willing to swap the coins for better ones I presume.. long story short is it worth swapping if I'm stacking for the future - like will there be greatly devalued later on down the line? Cheers Images attached
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