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  1. the + Quote button underneath the text opposite the heart icon
  2. Probably if the Philosophers Stone became a thing, and if they had youtube channel or an instgram, then the asset game would be up for us 😅 But real talk though, if I lost my sight... then I couldn't "enjoy" any of my stack/collections.
  3. Ive bought on here from: Cyprus (I think) near the end of November and it took moons to arrive. Also bought here from individual UK people and, sometimes you get it rapid, sometimes theres and unforseen delay. Started stacking last year and have had delays and swiftness. The forum is a great place to buy, have faith...but choose special Del in future for peace of mind
  4. Watched this Video today, Chris made a intresting observation at 25:05 in the video. More or less pointing out the cloak n dagger audits, and then the Silver market break in March 2020 Days after the audit... Whole video is pretty intresting talking about SLV n what not, but aye left it below with a time stamp for it to roll on to info relevant to the 25:05 point
  5. Was watching a guy on youtube who wrote the book: The Big Silver Short: How The Wall Street Banks Have Left The Silver Market In Place For The Short-Squeeze Of A Lifetime, (Still yet to read the book, but with whats happning its in my cart on amazon) Channel is called Arcaidia Economics. Some of his recent vids with this whole SLV and potential squeeze where intresting... The video: Dave Kranzler: Can WallStreetBets bust the silver shorts, That Dave Guy, he brought up some good points and may or may not have gave a functional strategy.
  6. these chaps are making some funny points
  7. Good time to buy soon? or will it Jump up? double bluff?...I know nothing
  8. Cheers daca That's Abit steep for me I'm sure it will be the same on other sites as well. Oh well
  9. This popped up on my YT feed and I'm still on the fence with Bitcoin I've had silver Bling for years, but only just started stacking last year. I'm intrested in Bitcoin but still on the fence with it ... but aye check this video out
  10. For those that have seen the John Wick movies, bar this website https://www.apmex.com/product/193803/john-wick-1-oz-gold-continental-coin Is anyone aware of anywhere else selling it. I know you can get it in silver aswell, but I for one would prefer the GOLD version. I've seen a couple of youtube videos speculating on the mintage, and the actual value of it within that fictional movie universe. Which peaked my intrest for getting one of these coins because . . . it looks smart and has latin on it haha. Dont mess with another mans stack...or puppy
  11. I always seem to use the BBP chart aswell, got Kitco on my phone, but prefer BBP chart. Anyway did the price shoot up because of Biden? (cue The Imperial March Star Wars theme... by the looks of WDC)
  12. Think I'm gonna do the same, I just need to be mega frugal every few months.. or once a year, get a 10th or Q. 🤷‍♂️ VAT doesnt seem to be worth the investment if you know what I mean..
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