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  1. First 9 of the 2oz silver Queens Beasts collection in one of Alun’s handmade walnut display cases. £650 + post Royal Mail special delivery 📦
  2. Great stuff Ravoma that’s how to get trust easier on this forum I remember I sent a few things out before taking payment. It really does help your feedback ⭐️
  3. 4 x Yale of Beaufort £55 each All in Capsules and excellent condition All + post at your choice and Risk I advise at least 1st class signed for @£4.70 or RMSD insured @£7.50 Payment by BT. Thanks for Looking.
  4. 19 unicorns 10 bulls 10 falcons 10 Yale 20 white lions 10 horse of Hanover. All in capsules. 😊
  5. I’ll pm you tomorrow when I’ve worked out prices and take some photos if you want 👍🏻
  6. Long gone mate. I’ve got some 2oz queens beasts. Putting them up tomorrow 👍🏻
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