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  1. I’m certainly keeping my full set of 11 queens beasts 😉 or is it 10+1 😆
  2. I sold a 1oz gold queens beasts white horse of Hanover a few days ago at £1420 and someone else sold two white Lion of Mortimer 1oz gold queens beasts for around £1350 each but they didn’t stay for sale long just the other day so they do pop up still I remember a griffin selling on another group for £1650 a couple of weeks ago just keep an eye out and be ready to pull the trigger because when they are competitively priced they sell fast 😊
  3. 1oz gold Perth mint dragon bar in original capsule 9999 fine gold. cannot be found in the Uk for any cheaper looks beautiful in hand. £1400 ono Royal Mail special delivery included in price.
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