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  1. No just the one set ordered over the phone but paid with my euro credit card so got a little bit done on the exchange rate. I actually spoke with my account manager a few days before the release to ask if there was any point queuing or would she sort it out and she told me not to order through the website and just leave it with her.
  2. No just one five coin set I’ll give my am a call tomorrow
  3. Open orders and closed orders different dates I’m not worried about it being cancelled as I ordered through my account manager and she’s never let me down. Yet 😬
  4. Hmmm just checked my Royal Mint account says dispatched but I haven’t had an email with tracking
  5. Just had the call off my account manager got a 5 coin set and a 4 coin set with free postage poor woman sounded stressed out 😰
  6. £1300 delivered will be withdrawn Monday evening as could do with the funds for Tuesdays launch. thanks for looking
  7. Just putting this up as it will be in hand next week. Comes with everything from the Royal mint box coa etc ( no capsule ) £1350 posted special delivery Uk mainland and Northern Ireland only.
  8. Lovely Yale of Beaufort Tudor beasts arrived this morning great to have the first two bullion beasts together 🤩
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