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  1. They don’t answer emails at the best of times. If you look on your order dashboard it should tell you what stage in the shipping process your items are. If they haven’t got even 1 of your items in stock they won’t ship until they have it all. I bought an oz of gold on Sunday evening and it was here in Spain Tuesday with ups. I had a silver order recently that took 6 weeks to arrive because certain items weren’t in stock. I wouldn’t worry if I was you.
  2. I’ve gone for the Normandy it just speaks to me. Thanks for all your help
  3. I’m just looking to me the Normandy 50p has more gold than the others is this right.
  4. On a Facebook thunder ball draw.
  5. Spanishsilver

    Help needed

    Hi all. I’ve just won a choice of the following gold 50p what are you guys opinions on value. The PF 70 snowman comes with 250 pounds cash the rest are how they are. I’m looking to sell so want the best earner. Thanks for any input
  6. The silverback gorillas are nice. Has anyone got the 2020 for sale.
  7. Congratulations @BedMac and thanks to @RoslandGold for the prize.
  8. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to @Roy for organising. Great stuff everyone.
  9. I know Roy has gone to bed. But I wouldn’t mind if we extended the deadline from tomorrow until a future date. Gives time for more donations.
  10. I know a lot of people are struggling financially at this time in need. But cmon if you can please make a small donation. We really should have more than this considering the amount of subscribers we have. The deadline is tomorrow so please help. If you can🙏🏻
  11. Just seen this cmon everyone who can afford it in these difficult times. get your plastic out. Please🇬🇧
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