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  1. I have a special delivery item that has been pending and no tracking available for 12 days now so clearly starting to slow down heavily as expected given circumstances
  2. Ok so these are mainly generic royal mint issues so nothing rare but I start buying a few coins as I’ve always been interested in them since being young. It’s only recently I moved onto the silver bars and bigger coins. sorry for the bad lighting but I wanted to get some photos together quickly as they are going to storage. Split don’t into Sports | Children’s Book / Characters | Stacking | Other
  3. I tried grouping them up in pairs but it was bugging me 🤣
  4. Here it is in the stack the ones above are 10oz QBs
  5. If I ever have the need to sell it I will let you know before listing!
  6. Monster Rolo arrived from @BackyardBullion! Thank you, awesome piece of silver for the collection. 20.37oz of shear joy
  7. It's on my wish list! Managed to get the 10oz today, 100oz I will need to wait for a while i think! ha ha ££££
  8. Delivery of recent purchases came today. Other than capsules on the Britannia's being broken a nice little selection. Queens Beast Lion OF England 10oz 2 x Britannias 10oz 2 x Panda 2 x Kooks 2 x Roosters Does anyone know where you can get Britannia 10oz capsules from and also QB 10oz replacement capsules from?
  9. Fair enough the reason I asked is because they had zero stock when I tried a couple of weeks ago
  10. NIce! Where did you manage to get the 1KGs fromm? I quite fancy some Baird and Co bars
  11. Nice! I ordered the half ounce collection before realizing the 1 ounce ones existed.. oops I am a fan of these though so happy to have them on the way, I have received the first one so far
  12. Today I bought: 2 x 10oz Britannia Bars 1 x Queens Beast 10oz Lion of England 2 x Rwanda Roosters 2 x Kooks 2 x Panda That will be my last purchase for a while, this silver to me is like cocaine to a hooker. 🤣 Q: How much Silver/Gold is enough? A: More?! 😆
  13. I have to admit it is one of my favorite pieces, very detailed and lovely coin to have in the collection.
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