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  1. Process upto arrival has been all good. Like others eagerly anticipating the arrival and on the other hand praying QA served its purpose... Happy to have it though 😊
  2. Nice little treat to come home too after a long day! Detail is quite amazing (pictures dont really do it justice) appreciate being able to add this to my collection. Thank you @ProjectNeroX Merry christmas to you and all forum members 🎁🎄
  3. @Alunamazing work! Long shot..any Marvel boxes available in the future?
  4. Just received my prize from @kiskelo😊 don't know much about this coin yet but you have definitely started something! 👨‍💻Really like the design and am ever so grateful for the new addition. Thank you again @kiskeloand @Bullionbilly Have a great new year all✌
  5. Lol, Thanks @bullionbilly. All and any opinions welcome, expert or not 😊
  6. Having been look at the 2017 sovereigns I came across this listing and was sligjlty hesitant to bid (non coin related) Part of my hesitancy (coin related) were the 'minor' scratches. With the opportunity now having passed, I am quite keen to learn the thoughts and opinions of others more experienced - does sold price reflect the damage to the coin? Or did someone just grab a great bargain?
  7. My Absolute pleasure @AndrewSL76. Couldn't have asked for a better a winner! Thank you again! Been an amazing learning so far and the joining the forum has only made that learning a better experience! Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas!!
  8. Quick update Coins finally arrived!! The relief! So so happy with them and like everyone has said, packaging and quality of coins were excellent.Did actually consider european mint but after seeing the latest post on them this morning will definitely stick with Eldorado for future orders
  9. Afternoon, can I please be entered and make a PayPal transfer?
  10. I placed an order with eldarado coins on the 28th October and recieved an email confirming items shipped on the 29th. Communication whas been clear and pleasant to date,however, still to this day have not received items. Checked royal mail site and the status hasn't changed since the 29th!! Called royal mail, they said the tracking nimber showed it had been shipped to France and returned to Germany! I let Eldorado know and they responded confirming claim to be raised with german postal and could take at least 8 weeks for wrjtten response from them, which enables insurance claim...to then refund me??!! What about the coins I've been waiting so long for?!! Is this normal, has anyone else experienced this?
  11. Thank you, this is one venture I shall not be indulging in
  12. Thanks for taking the time to look and responding. Totally agree, creative idea I'd day
  13. Thought I'd bring this to the forum for some thought and opinion,part of me just thinks do it myself(With a bit of diclipline) as opposed to the monthly subscription idea? As well as the added thought of value for money? Have a look at their plan and please voice honest opinions https://investincoins888.co.uk/gold-invest-tier
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