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  1. Nice win @matrawr, good looking coin 👍🏻
  2. Now that bar is right up my street, gotta get me one of those! Congrats @Neilwillow, nice win 👍🏻
  3. Lovely kook to add to the stack....well done @dom555
  4. Now that is what you call a prize! 😍 Well done @SilverSeekerNewbie, congratulations 👍🏻
  5. It doesn't get much better when the postman brings shiny things two days in a row! I only received my first ever piece of gold yesterday to add to my stack and today saw a second piece of gold arrive to keep it company. My 1/4 oz Gold Standard is joined by a stunning 1/4 oz Lion of England this time courtesy of @arshimo2012, who is an absolute gent it must be said. Am I being swayed towards the yellow stuff from my beloved silver.....still not sure yet......not quite the same heft holding a 1/4oz of gold by comparison to say 20oz of silver......messes with the head a little! Time will tell. Just need to find a good quality capsule for the wee Lion and I think I could do with finding a good quality monster box to start keeping everything together too. Also please note the impressive array of postage stamps.....made me smile 😊
  6. Not sure if it's any good to you but SilverTrader has stock of them about £25 delivered
  7. Well I've only gone and done it! This is my first ever gold purchase to add to my stack! Took the plunge a few weeks ago and it arrived this morning courtesy of Bullion by Post! Was 50/50 whether this arrived before another little gold something (which of course I'll share when it arrives...hopefully soon 🤞🏻) I have bought off a forum member recently but this one won the race to be 'first in stack' Not the biggest piece I know, but hey, we've all gotta start somewhere. It is stunning though! My camera work doesn't do it justice.
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