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  1. And another one! Absolute pristine example of arguably one of the most sought after pieces of gaming memorabilia. Most have damage, broken or missing parts but this is as it was when I bought it from new. Box has wear and delivery dents but Lancer is pristine. Grab yourself a piece of one of the most epic game franchises....Gears of War! This is huge...over 3ft long. Add to your own collection or perhaps give as an amazing Christmas gift or get it in time for Halloween or perhaps use for cos play. A bargin at £180 delivered! Will also happily exchange fo
  2. Yes you read right....I gave in after 10 years of nagging! Now it needs to find a new home. An absolute must for any Gears of War fan! Up for grabs (before I put on ebay) is this perfect example of the Gears of War 2 Gold Lancer. Most that are for sale now have broken sights or missing teeth from the saw etc. This one is complete and works exactly as it should and is exactly how it was when bought, as you can see from the pictures. It also still makes its 'noise' when you press the trigger! Batteries included! This thing is massive and over 3ft long! Would make the
  3. All 3 are band new and unopened. Start your Christmas shopping early! All 3 for only £45 postage included in price. Would exchange for a Mint Sealed perfect condition Rwandan Nautical 2017 or 2018 or 2019. UK only please Payment by Bank Transfer Thanks for looking
  4. All still sealed and in great condition. Would make amazing Christmas gifts! The items in the picture are the ones you will receive. £15 Inc postage UK only please Payment by bank transfer please Thanks for looking
  5. Yet another win for the Mrs! Apparently I hoard, personally I don't see it 🤷🏻‍♂️ Looking to find a home for these unopened, perfect condition Star Wars vehicles from the black series(Titanium Series). 10 in total (not looking to split) which includes the ultra rare at-at! If you have any questions or need any more pictures just ask 👍🏻 Items pictured are the ones you will receive. The 2 individual pics are just a couple of close ups and not additional items. Looking for £110 which includes postage. Would also be happy with an exchange for the Rwandan Nautical Series 2
  6. A couple of cheeky wee pick ups. Both courtesy of SilverTrader, as always a top quality service. Using a couple of his discount codes definitely made these the cheapest around or at least as far as I could see at the time. Closes off my collection of the 2oz Beasts, its been a journey! The Nautical was a last minute addition but honestly the pictures don't do it justice at all, it really is a beautiful piece.....or at least I think so 😁
  7. Now that is a lovely addition to anyones stack! Congratulations @ansible5 👍🏻
  8. Just a simple little pick up....but it all adds up! Thanks to @greenrizz for my new addition.
  9. Personally I think The Gold Standards are stunning pieces and this was also the first gold I added to what used to be a silver only stack! @Abyss is spot on with his recommendation and coincidentally this is where I picked mine up from thanks to a wee tip from @Tn21 at the time and I managed to get it for a great price! What's not to like 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Great addition to anyones stack, congratulations @rob6 👍🏻 Nice one @RoslandGold
  11. It arrived!! My very first Panda....courstey of The Silver Forum Prize Draw and of course the anonymous premium member who donated it! I've no idea why these haven't been added to my stack years ago! The one I've been given has a memorable date to me too and to my eye looks perfect! Now I want to add a 2013 and 2015! (anyone help drop me a pm) Thanks again to @ChrisSilver and the generous premium member 😊👍🏻 You need to be in it to win it peeps 👍🏻
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