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  1. In my news feed this article spiked my interest.... In 1876 1 troy oz Gold worth £4.24 could have purchased 11.79 Troy oz worth of Gold and in current GBP £17,802. The morale of the story hold onto the Gold not the paper money issued by a bank..... https://www.measuringworth.com/datasets/gold/result.php?london=on&year_source=1718&year_result=2020 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cj5n679eml2o A rare £50 note dating back to the 1800s was discovered by a schoolboy in a charity shop The Norfolk student, 17, was helping out during a school field trip After some research he managed to sell the note at four times its face value The money went back to the charity
  2. And out of nowhere boom he appears . As for my stack it is the same amount as I last posted back in June 2022 110 oz from the original series of the Gold Queens Beast collection, 10 oz Gold normal Britannia 8 oz special year Britannia years total 128 oz Gold (3.5 kilos) sold 2 oz Krugerrands while in India to pay for some bangles that I have made for my mums 70th birthday. I have not seen my stack for well over a year been sitting idle in Saint James safe deposit box with other family gold (from my wife/mums weddings). You may ask why I have not added to my stack for well over a year, happy to oblige and answer that question. Last year made redundant (lots of unresolved HR issues) took my employer to an employment tribunal and decided I have had enough of being an employee and transitioning to becoming a full time trader. When I was made redundant was lucky to be in a good financial position debt/mortgage free and had some rental income to cover all expenses for myself and family. So grateful for the stack of gold that I accumulated starting in 2016 as it always acted like a safety net in the back of mind while I pursed an alternative career path. Recently spoken with and hired an account in the process registering a business that allows me to pay corporation tax instead of income tax and numerous tax benefits owning a business. My son applied amazing grammar school in Manchester and if he gets in then looking to start slowly adding to the stack in 2024 or alternatively if he does not get in then looking to migrate as a family to the USA and instead stacking Brittannia's will be staking 1 oz gold Buffalos..... Regardless where we go the original gold stack will always serve its purpose as the family's safety net in case anything unexpected happened in the future.
  3. Unsure why so many people were bashing Wonger, I really appreciated his insights as I did the exact opposite and back up the truck and completed my collection of 1oz Gold Queens Beasts collection. Thanks Wonger if you ever decide to visit Manchester let me know I will happy to buy you a pint......
  4. Did anyone ever manage to umask Wonger? Recently came across a YouTube video by 2 is 1 and could not help but think back to this Wonger prediction of the coming Gold crash. Is Wonger Harry Dent?
  5. Hmm @LawrenceChard with this being a lesser popular monarch could we see premiums come down to 1% over spot sold by all the major bullion dealers?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/@BackyardBullion/search?query=test About half dozen videos created by Backyard Bullion on his YouTube channel go through with a detailed explanation how to test. I use a precise scale, calipher, gravity test and ping test (all of these covered in the videos).
  7. The most competitive dealer price right now for standard bullion 1 oz Gold coin is Tavex Bullion spread above spot at 4.54%. You divide the spread in 2 = 2.27% sell above spot plus postage = £1571.51 https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/1-oz-britannia-gold-coin-2023/ As a seller you would obtain better price than if you would sell to a dealer (I believe Chards paying the best dealer price) currently £1541 https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/sell-gold-britannia-coins/275 and offer the incentive to the buyer purchase from yourself more at reasonable percentage above spot. This would be the price I would be willing to buy if I was in the market right now and the price I would be willing to sell if I was a seller which is a fair price for both buyer/seller.
  8. I currently visiting India and have sold two 1 oz Gold 1974 and 1984 Krugerrands and bought four bangles for my mums 70th birthday present. When I bought the Krugerrands on the forum performed all the necessary checks (weight/calipher and ping test via app) all came back positive. I had never before purchased 22 carat 1 oz Gold coin before then but was almost certain these were genuine and recently reconfirmed when sold to reputable gold shop in India (received 5% above spot). If I have this much confidence purchasing gold coins minted decades ago as long as you have handled and tested gold before buying the latest security enhanced 1 oz Gold Britannias is child play. In the past performed gravity tests and ascertained Gold content of a coin was 18 carat as opposed to 22 carat. Any attempt at faking a Royal Mint issued legal tender coin carries harsh penalties similar laws for those coins minted by US/Australian/Canadian mints. https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/forgery-and-counterfeiting#:~:text=Offences under sections 1 - 4,imprisonment or fine or both.
  9. I was very lucky when I decided to sell the majority of my Silver 1500 oz (42 kg) but my saving grace was timing (silver hitting $30 oz) the majority of the Silver was in coin form and in the Queens Beasts 2 oz and 10 oz coins hot series and gained significant premiums. Selling across Facebook Groups, eBay, Silver Forum hard work shifting that much Silver and had to constantly put in the work and effort almost like having a full time job. Only way to obtain the best prices on the secondary market was to list the coins individually and have discounts available on multiples when purchased. I still have 50 oz Silver left (more sentimental value) but I am glad transitioned my stack into Gold, easier to liquidate closer to spot, easier to transport and keep safe. I am going to have to say only way sell 95 KILOS Of Silver Bullion in bar form is via a dealer who will offer less than spot. I still have a full set of 1 oz Marvel superhero coins kept for my son (bought 10 of each coin on release paying 18 Euros at the time) the full set now being sold for £500 for 9 oz Silver. Silver is not silver the form and the series the Silver is in has a huge impact on the price obtain when selling it.......
  10. Abyss

    £1225 Gold oz

    Apologies for the clickbait subject title. Been looking at the Gold price in US dollars thinking seems very attractive to pull the trigger and add to my stack but when looking at the price from various UK bullion dealers still seems to be hovering £1500 mark despite significant US dollar price reductions. The reason behind this is the devaluation GBP and strengthening USD. Back in September 2021 single USD purchased 0.7282 GBP and now purchases 0.8753 GBP. If the GBP retained its September 2021 value against the USD the price per oz Gold in GBP would now be £1225. Even though purchasing Gold while looking at the USD price seems attractive but earning and holding in GBP adds an exchange rate element need to factor in. Best scenario buying Gold has always been a sustained period of falling Gold price in USD and increase in GBP exchange rate vs USD. Will this ever happen again in concurrent who knows.
  11. Spend a lifetime in accumulation mode and then come across an article lucky find. Always good to read such articles come to the realisation only form of wealth could have survived buried for over 400 years in Gold coins. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11164227/amp/Yorkshire-couple-250k-gold-hoard-kitchen-floor.html
  12. Better to buy when prices are falling rather than chase rising prices. In my humble opinion see several possible outcomes for the price of Gold. Retest $1600 then build base to challenge all time high $2100 and over time even higher prices. If inflation brought under control with interest rates and a deep recession gold likely trading sideways between $1600 - 2100 for years to come. The powers that rely on fiat system will do everything to prevent a rising gold price. Always one chart I remember when anyone talks about if it is a good time to buy Gold Anyone prudent and bought gold to protect themselves of increasing circulation marks between 1918-1919 would have seen 40% gold price drop as the government continued print marks and pay for war/public debts everything seemed stable on the surface. Those held positions despite massive drop price Gold were eventually rewarded as hyperinflation took hold. Not saying hyperinflation happen in developed economies but history has a way of repeating itself.
  13. Selling on eBay / Facebook groups or TSF with high quality photos, weighted on scales with calliper and your handle name with a date is always the best way to establish trust your a genuine seller and distance yourself from other sellers. Reduce the possibility of a dispute every seller wants to try and avoid at all costs.
  14. I have never heard of them before but a few simple checks Trust Pilot review zero https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/buygoldsilverbullion.org Date website registered https://who.is/whois/buygoldsilverbullion.org Selling gold below spot https://buygoldsilverbullion.org/product/canada-1-oz-gold-maple-leaf-999-fine-random-year/ I think I am getting a tingly feeling and my spider sense is being triggered…..
  15. Glad resolved with a full refund I sure this has caused some sleepless nights. Some very good bullet points unfortunately in the UK delivery firms are still signing on behalf recipients before posting the items through the letter box or ringing the bell leaving the parcel on you door. I have a ring door bell with subscription service and whenever I take a package I fully inspect in front of the camera and if the package tampered in any way I will say so to the door camera before taking the package into my home and unboxed on camera. Once the courier signs on your behalf and hands over the package bye bye as quick as a coyote. @goldhunter Your post is the reason why I video record both the boxing and unboxing process on camera with running commentary when I am buying and selling coins on eBay / Facebook or the TSF. You have video evidence of what you have physically received or packed and can then be used as evidence to prove your case.
  16. Shame because bought royal mint fake coin on eBay with £ domination this would be considered counterfeit currency and you would be able to report issue as such. You can still file a report using the link but I am unsure how far it would progress.. https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime I have lost £150 when I sold Silver several years ago on eBay sent via recorded signed for delivery lost in the mail. Been an occasional bought 1 oz Gold from American reputable dealer for £120 but this accidental pricing mistake and the dealer refused to send out the coin and instead refunded my purchase. eBay powerful platform and attracts more eyeballs than any other place but have to be safe and know pros and cons dealing on such a platform.
  17. Gold jewellery worst forms of investment the best price obtain is scrap melt when selling. https://www.bairdmint.com/live-metals-pricing I recently came across this issue when my mum wanted four gold bangles for her 70th birthday. The method to minimise the loss buy several 1oz Gold Krugerrands close to spot on the forum take them to India and pay for the artisan cost for melting and making into the design mum would like. Still be losing 5-7% but it is a lot less than buying the jewellery from a shop. The only jewellery appreciated in value mums wedding jewellery purchased 45 years ago. Unless your willing to wait several decades to break even don’t buy jewellery as form of Gold investment.
  18. Visited my safety deposit box and took the opportunity to take a few photos....
  19. Lynette Zang from ITM TRADING, INC hundreds videos about Great Reset and CBDCs https://www.youtube.com/c/itmtrading I am no expert only my opinions 1) Is there a specific timeline for CBDCs to come on line, are we talking the next two or three years, or 2030s-2040s etc.? (Inflation dependent of course). Central banks want them sooner the better most likely be a major black swan event and consolidation of a number of fiat currencies and and introduction of CBDCs. No timeline guessing game... How long is a piece of string. 2) If (when) fiat is phased out and CBDCs are the only means of payment, what happens to crypto and gold? (A black market notwithstanding, how does one convert either form into CBDCs without questions arising? Will such purchases be permitted?) Always be a market place for Gold. Maybe certain governments try to scale back its use but ultimately always be able to find sellers and buyers of Gold in the world market place. 3) Does crypto have a future? I know it was designed as a currency, but from what I've seen it seems to behave more like a speculative investment. Would crypto survive as say a stocks/shares type investment vehicle? The banks seem pretty keen to clamp down on crypto - as they don't control it. If they ran the system then I'm guessing its future would be rosy - but that would negate a lot of the benefits of crypto being 'outside' the system. Crypto's always live on but the price and it importance and market cap is the uncertainty. 4) Gold will no doubt preserve your wealth as its value will no doubt remain. Great for the gold you already own. But with CBDCs would you be permitted to acquire further gold? Or will it be seen as a none essential and thus not part of your 'credit allowance'? Depends on your geographical location. For example, for many years the Chinese government been advocating for it citizens to buy Gold. Move onto CBDCs why would this policy change?
  20. Thank you @entsor 1 oz Gold 1977 Krugerrand next to one sold by helping hands.
  21. In conclusion to this tale @BullionMan89 fully refunded me the postage to and from for special delivery as he has confirmed the smallest coin is 9ct gold the other two Laures are both 22ct. I have purchased close to spot 2 x 1 oz Gold Krugerrands from @HelpingHands and @entsor thank you supplying the Gold I need to take to India for the melting pot to make my mums 70th Birthday bangles. I have certainly learnt a few lessons myself along the way……..
  22. Thank you @HelpingHands 2 oz Gold in the form of 1 oz Gold 1974 Krugerrand and 1 oz Gold 2013 Gold Britannia. Unfortunately the Britannia too good for the melting pot I will most likely buy another Krugerrand.....
  23. Simple sell if you want to accumulate and sell your bullion stack closer to the price of spot then having a membership on the forum is a must. Reduce your spread compared to buying and selling to a dealer. Yesterday I bought 1 oz Gold coin close to spot no dealer in the world I could get that deal from, my yearly membership already paid for itself.
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