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  1. Credit check sounds a bit strange! But good to know the bars came without any problems
  2. Hi all, https://www.cpmcoins.com/ I have seen adverts for this website lots around the web. Has anyone used them before? Theres a few bits I'd quite like to buy just from the aesthetics, but £49 for a gram of gold just seems suspect! Thanks
  3. So will all silver coins eventually milk spot? Is it a case of when and not if? What preventative measures can I take in storage? Thanks
  4. After lots of unsuccessful hunting, I finally found my first 1/10 platinum Britannia. I had to have it! Many thanks to @Stackerads for an easy transaction. More on the horizon I hope!
  5. It’s faster on my android phone than my iPad lol, which doesn’t make sense when the phone is 2+ years old, and the iPad is less than 6 months!
  6. Hi, Been on here for about 15 minutes this evening. Very slow, but as previously mentioned the updates are obviously causing the lag so that’s fine not sure if this is a fault with the forum, but twice now on sending PMs the site has gone very old School html looking lol (sorry, not very tech-y and don’t know how to describe!). Will try to attach screen shot thanks
  7. My first, and only, maples are maple grams. Beautiful coins... I think!! Lol, very hard to admire!
  8. Do you have any 2oz QB silver that you’d be willing to swap for ones that you are after?
  9. Hi all, Interested in purchasing some Utah Goldbacks if anyone has them? Thanks
  10. 1. 220 2. About as many as would stack to a height of three small dogs !
  11. I’ve spent way too long thinking about this! Lol best I’ve got is... BANANA!
  12. So after lots of research, I finally took the plunge and today have received my first PM! Very happy, two the same, lovely coins. Many thanks to @GoldenPhil who made the process very easy, and was patient with me as a novice!
  13. Hi Pal, will you be selling the 2oz coins individually? Thanks
  14. I've seen it in almost all metals! Gold, silver, platinum! Is that both 1g and 2.5g?
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