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  1. Forgot to get online this morning, was busy at work!! Never mind, I’ll keep everything crossed for the RM one 😬😂
  2. Probably me being daft, but can’t see how to sign up for alerts on their site? Unless it’s the same as the newsletter?
  3. Hi all and happy New Year Anyone any updates on this as yet? thanks
  4. Had a bad year overall financially. Am in the aviation sector, been on furlough since March and not much sign of it improving. Made considerably worse by the purchase of a juicy, powerful car 18 months ago on finance... doh! Hindsight really is beautiful. Never mind.
  5. Clicking to buy redirects to the main page?
  6. that will be a shame do you think tomorrow for release potentially?
  7. Hi all, just wondering if there was any updates on this as yet? Thanks
  8. I’m not sure if this is a stupid question, but I’ve not purchased a brand new coin before. Where and when can I order one of these? Thanks
  9. Please let me know if some become available 😁
  10. Well I wish I'd seen this in January! Lol
  11. Strange... yes I also would like the Brexit ones, but couldnt see them on their website so assumed they were out of stock. Do you mind if I ask how you ordered? Maybe they only do them if you order a certain way?
  12. I really want to get some of their 1g gold Battle of Britain squares, but the credit check really puts me off. I dont think I want them that badly!
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