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  1. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole personally. Buy physical. If you can't hold it you don't own it if ever the SHTF.
  2. Stewart's Shortbread have some nice tins with 3D embossed photos on the lid with are ideal for PM storage.
  3. Yeah I've had I few Silver Brits which were slightly loose on arrival.
  4. That thought had crossed my mind. 😄
  5. How do you open a Royal Mint capsule? I've tried but can't get it open no matter how hard I twist or pull it. While I keep all my PMs properly stored off-site I also have a single 2oz silver Queens Beast White Lion coin which I keep at home on my desk because I like the face design. As this is the only coin at home I'd like to open it up to the elements so that I can actually touch it with my fingers. I don't mind if it gets tarnished or milk spots from the elements or grease. In fact I would quite like this single coin to become 'weathered'.
  6. Gregory Mannarino on YouTube is good.
  7. That’s one of the things I like about PMs too. They’re easy enough to convert into pounds in a relatively short time if ever I really need the money but they’re also inconvenient enough to stop me from doing so on a whim and spending my savings. I bought a Technics 1210 Mk2 record player several years ago for the same reason. As an investment its value went up about in line with inflation so not a bad place to store value. As a way of saving money it’s easy enough to sell if necessary but inconvenient enough to put me off bothering.
  8. I think what we’re seeing at the moment is just a small part of a much bigger picture. Afghanistan is positioned at the centre of the axis of power. Whoever controls this part of the world (and the surrounding countries and seas) also control the worlds most important trade routes, some important mineral/metal mines and large oil fields. Afghanistan’s nickname is the ‘graveyard of empires’ because powerful empires always pull their army out of out of Afghanistan just before they crumble. Historically once an empire leaves Afghanistan, a few years later it’s gone. So far it’s happened to the Roman empire, the Greek empire, the British empire the USSR empire and it seems now the American empire could be heading the same way.
  9. I've never thought of this. I hope queeny sticks around a while longer. Having big ears on coins would really put me off buying them.
  10. According to data from the Central Bank via the IMF, Afghanistan owns 20.9 tonnes of gold which is held at the New York FED. When the SHTF I bet the custodians end up with the gold... Could that be part of the reason they let Afghanistan go? 🤔
  11. I’m no expert to be honest. Personally I would buy them new straight from the Royal Mint for peace of mind that they aren’t fakes. There are other more knowledgeable people than myself on here who would be better at advising what to get if you want to buy the older coins instead.
  12. Now is a great time to invest in gold. Personally I'd be looking at Britannias or Sovereigns as they are well recognised and easy so shift when it comes to selling them.
  13. When you buy the dip and it keeps on dipping... 😄😪
  14. When did the Royal Mint start using copper to alloy gold sovereigns with?
  15. Noticing the low interest rates at the bank got me wondering what physical assets might be a better way of storing wealth. After a few months pondering this question I came across a Brexit related YouTube video in which Nigel Farrage made an unrelated comment that investing in physical gold and silver is likely a safer way of saving money over the next decade. So I investigated this further and it led me down the rabbit hole of understanding what real vs fiat money is and what the central banks are up to with their out of control money printing. So far I don’t have much saved because I’m quite poor but at least I am out of debt and have something real and tangible tucked away now. It feels far better than letting my savings get inflated away by rapidly rising inflation. Also the knowledge I’ve gained about what money is and how it works is probably more valuable to me than the investments I’ve made in gold and silver (and a little bit of crypto too 😉).
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