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  1. Mike Maloney - Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJy1bfuZByM
  2. I stand corrected. That silver supply chart looks fairly steady I'm no expert on these things. Just quoting what I've seen on the internet/Youtube.
  3. Short term If Basil III kills the fake paper gold market on the 28th of June then it’s likely the price of both gold and silver could shoot up overnight. It may depend whether or not they class gold as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 asset though. Medium term If Basil III doesn’t have an impact at the end of this month then I expect gold and silver to go up but only inline with inflation. With all the quantitative easing by central banks across the world during the pandemic we could be in for some massive inflation over the coming years so the price increase of PMs should go up just as fast but th
  4. I've just found this article which suggests it's due to Fed stimulus comments in the US. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gold-holds-near-five-month-012226634.html
  5. What's happening to gold and silver today? It was flat for several hours then suddenly dropped off the edge of a cliff. Something unusual must be going on.
  6. How about platinum instead of gold or silver? Will that also be easy to sell when the time comes?
  7. At the moment do you think gold or is a better investment in the UK where we have to pay an extra 20% tax on silver purchases?
  8. Thanks for all of your advice guys. :) I think I have now found a local buyer here where I live but if that falls through I will let you know and place an advert on this forum.
  9. I've only just bought my first couple of gold coins about 1 month ago but unfortunately a couple of huge unexpected bills (new boiler at home and a snapped cam belt on the car) means I need to sell them already. Really annoying I know but that’s life I guess. So where’s the best place to sell gold coins? Should I stick them on Ebay, sell to a local pawn broker or to an online bullion dealer such as Bullion by Post?
  10. When you know how much you're selling them for please let me know. I might be interested in buying one if the price is right.
  11. I'd love to buy now but my wages won't appear in my account until tonight. 🙁
  12. I was considering buying a 1/4 oz coin tonight so I'm hoping it waits a few hours longer before going up. 😄
  13. Hi everyone. Interesting forum here guys. I've been reading it for a little while. While I’m here can anyone please tell me how to change the profile picture? Ta!
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