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    Libs, vintage bars and gold fractionals. custom hand poured

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  1. A new design I've been working on. 3D skull and bones design surrounded by stamped skulls and logo. Reverse had my unique tartan finish with weight stamped This one is available now with more coming onto the website next month 999 done silver toned and polished Sigma pro verified in house and comes with COA and one of custom stickers £30 plus post £3 first signed £7 special Business bank account
  2. A while back I asked a friend if he could find me one of these beauties as they never come up unless ordered direct. Fast forward to late last week when I got a message saying it had landed after a long journey around the globe..this for me personally is the nicest 1 kilo minted bar in existence and just wow it doesn't disappoint in hand Argentia 1 kilo 9999 silver VID_21151018_151413_157.mp4
  3. Some more Banco De Mexico beauties today In from the USA
  4. Beautiful 2021 RP proof set 5oz and 2oz added to the libertad collection. 250 mintage on these beasts
  5. An absolute beauty in from the coin connection today. My second ever purchase from these guys and once again seamless and a very good price.max mintage on this is 500 One of my dream coins for sure
  6. 1oz coffee slabs. Antiqued finish 999 fine silver hand poured and pressed bars Also available on my website liquidmetalsuk.co.uk 29.95 each plus post £3. first signed £7 special delivery £10 international stracked Or add to box PPFF add 3.5% GS or BT (proffered for UK)
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