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    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Libs, vintage bars and gold fractionals. custom hand poured

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  1. USA arrivals today @zz_metals at it again with the 🔥🔥🔥 best skulls out there hands down. Also the first bar in ZZ_metals new series
  2. 2nd of my new octopus I won't be making many of these as they are seriously tricky and time consuming to make. First one sold at auction and this one I was going to keep, But thought id offer it up here instead 😎 23g of 999 silver Sigma verified in house Comes with COA . £35 plus postage PPFF or BT
  3. Last bump before back in the stack ☺️
  4. So decided to tak this one back to the polishing room and after 5 rounds of polishing and a last Satin finish polish she's ready. 51.2g at £51.20 999 fine silver 1st signed £3.25 buyers risk Special delivery £6.95 PPFF or BT
  5. Turtle Mania Sunday. all made from 999 silver shot and sigma verified I'm house 53.7g at £51 54g at £51.30 53.5 at £50.82 All plus postage of choice and risk 1st signed £3.25 Special Delivery £6.95
  6. Another tasty little morsal😊 Lovely sea Turtle very lightly Antiqued and polished 54g 999 fine silver £51.30 plus post £3.25 1st signed £6.95 special Delivery PPFF or BT
  7. Killer JM bankers bar with the most amazing natural toning
  8. LMUK new item lovely 21.9g 999 FS stingray £25 plus post £1.50 1st class stamp buyers risk £3.25 1st signed buyers risk £6.95 special delivery PPFF or BT Posts out Monday Thanks
  9. Just a quick one 🙂😂 1oz Apmex mini Vault £36 5 X 1/10 HB unicorns. O bought these before I decided to clear out my fractionals £32 for all 5 Add post £1.50 for a stamp buyers risk £3.25 1st signed buyers risk £6.95 special Delivery
  10. This is Number 10/20 in this mintage Dead Man's Hand 999 fine silver 40g @ £38 Post at cost and risk to buyer 1st signed £3.25 Special delivery £7 PPFF or BT
  11. 999 fine silver sigma verified Couple Yes/No pocket pieces today 30g at £28.50 29g at £27.55 Plus post £1.50 with a stamp buyers risk £3.25 1st signed buyers risk £6.50 special delivery
  12. The second of the Megalodon teeth to be made. A little more refined and absolutely stunning in hand. 999 fine silver antiqued and polished. Sigma verified 😃 70g at £66.50 £3.25 first signed buyers risk £6.50 special delivery PPFF or BT
  13. Well your photos are never than mine for sure. Glad you like it bud
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