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    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Libs, vintage bars and gold fractionals. custom hand poured

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  1. thanks for the shout buddy. Glad he arrived safely 😀😀
  2. baby elephant and Angel of death still available
  3. I would but need PayPal so no go for me 😀
  4. Made some more of these for a customer and did a few extra 999 fine silver sugar skull fractionals all 5 for £15 postage of choice and risk £3 1st signed £7 special Delivery PPFF or BT
  5. Have another 999 Fine silver Baby groot available. Cones with COA and one of my custom slaps £40 posted 1st signed buyers risk add £4 for Spevial delivery PPFF or BT
  6. This one is epic. Loved making this beauty 8.5 ozt Mayan Aztec Calender Antiqued 999 Fine Silver £250 posted SD PPFF BT 20220115_164134.mp4
  7. So these are the first of these I have done. they will be open mintage for anyone who wants one. Mando Medalions come with certs and as always sigma tested in house. 39.9g £47.88 sold 39.3g £47.16 Post of choice and risk. Only SD is insured so anything else is at buyers risk. 1st signed £3 special Delivery £8 PPFF OR BT 20220113_172246.mp4
  8. My first piece from a super talented pourer In the usa Prosper Metals makes some insanely clean silver love it
  9. So with the quick sell out of my double sided IronMan battle worn coins(was only a mintage of 10) I've decided to make an open mintage Battle worn Round. Reverse features my logo and weight in a lovely satin finish. as always sigma tested and comes with coa and one of my LMUK slaps These 2 were the protypes 39g £36 33g £30 Please add post of choice and risk. 1st signed £3 buyers risk sd £8 £36 20220111_120749_001.mp4
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