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  1. @CollectorNo1yes unfortunately you have to pay on Silver only gold is exempt for now
  2. Hello, Selling 1 Oz QB Bull of Clearance Silver Proof Was £̶7̶5̶ Now £69 Buyers choice, risk and cost P&P Payment buyers choice via BT or PPFF Can post it asap Thanks for stopping by
  3. @Rll1288 I've been trying to remove your name from the chat without success, believe it's a bug... Sorry for that I believe @Nick1368 is right. I went to the post and the coins and the serial number are different. What's the procedure when something like this happens? Do you call a moderator to support with the process? Sorry that you going through this, hope you get it sorted asap
  4. Congrats @cliveb13 !! Pm you know. @MintageSeller I know, same feeling here ahah Thank you everyone for biding
  5. Less than 3 hours left. Might feel generous and make a propose to the winner by pm 😄
  6. No need to complain about cash although silver is more fun 😄 what I just really don't like is the Google mini like I don't want any Alexa or Google nest is someone trading me that for silver? At least cash I can trade for silver, that I have to sell first, extra work 😂 but I guess it's part of the fun
  7. The Queen's Beasts The Black Bull of Clarence 2018 UK One Ounce Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 4200 Condition:Exterior box shows wearing signs as the white marks shows. Also there's some very tiny "hairs" on the inside stuck to the capsule I believe you just need to wipe it off, I've never opened the capsule. See pics Starting Price at £53 with minimum increments of 50p Auction to End by Monday (23/11/20) at 21:00 - 9:00pm Postage is at the cost and risk of the buyer. Item to be posted next day morning. Can take either PPFF or BT
  8. Received over the last days but want to thank @Jamesd for always selling amazing items and for the TSF pin love it!@StBeesSilver makes gorgeous pieces. @arphethean this Karatbars notes are gorgeous. And a big thanks for everything to @Clockpuncher who I miss to deal with Next on the list is @RiverbankSilver 😄
  9. Selling this beautiful piece from US mint 2020 End of World War II 75th Anniversary 1/2 Oz 24- Karat Gold Brand new only had the pleasure to unbox for pics, capsule never opened ofc. It's just gorgeous... Going for £̶1̶2̶3̶0̶ - £1190 SDdelivery included. Open to sensible offers, or to hold until Payday.
  10. Selling 2020 End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Silver Eagle with Privy mark. Was a pleasure to unbox it for the pics, great condition, capsule was never open ofc. High end quality and what a stunning box! Sorry if the pics aren't great. Price is £̶3̶6̶0̶ - £319 SD delivery included. Open to sensible offers
  11. I've finally received emails saying that my orders have now been shipped. But yesterday I left my unpleased review on trustpilot. Waiting for the end of ww II v75, 24 karat gold and the silver one (sad the last two won't sell so well as the first one) 😍 Hope the ones waiting will get more updates as soon as possible
  12. A total joke I've been trying to ring them since they've open and no one answers! They'll hear from me and they won't like it... What a discussing service got about $1400 in orders processing
  13. What an incredible stack, congrats!! Really impressive and great avg price on Oz. You're really well prepared for the times to come Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney have you watched? 😛
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