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  1. Omg I won something 😍 couldn't believe. Thank you so much πŸ’š
  2. Oh god did I miss this? 😭 Shame on me. Well hope all have fun and a great Christmas with the ones you love 😊
  3. Hey, glad to see them coming 😍 I would like #52 again please
  4. dmcac

    completed 1oz zeus

    Hello everyone, Anyone has a spare 1oz Zeus for sale? Also looking for antiqued Hades and Poseidon. Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, Selling a few tubes of 16x 2021 1/10 silver britannia. Each tube is Β£110 including SD delivery. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal Family & Friends Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, Only 3 tubes of 19x 2021 1/4 Silver Britannia. Each tube for Β£161.50 (Β£8.50 each) plus postage at your choice and risk. Payment by BT or PPFF Thank you,
  7. Hello everyone, 1x tube of 14x 2oz QB Completer = £742 including SD (£53 each) 1x tube of 10x 2oz QB Completer = £538 Including SD (£53.80 each) 1x 2oz QB Completer Coin no capsule = £54.75 each plus postage at your choice. Payment by BT or PPFF. When choosing postage options always recommend SD for insurance. If chosen differently is at buyers risk. Decided to create a new post to make this prices clear. (yesterday's pictures but willing to take new ones if needed 😊) Thank you
  8. Hello, Looking for about 6 silver coins, Lunar Year of the Pig. Can be 1oz,2oz, 1/2 oz. Normal or colour. Would prefer if it's in good condition. Feel free to PM me. Thank you so much,
  9. Hey I'm not sure if I bought this last year. Can you please check? If yes I would like to have this year again. Do you know when is the 3oz coming out?
  10. Hello, Got a question I'm number #52 on 3oz bars. Does it works the same for the 1oz? BTW are also the 3oz about to come out? 😍
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