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  1. Paper is paper.(more digital, costs 0) Silver is money. We could could talk for hours why you should put your currency into real hard assets, specially during this times.
  2. Hey If you willing to split them please let me know.
  3. Are you sure you sure about selling that britannia for £20? I'll take it and if you do have more stuff for that price I'll take all 😁
  4. Will leave this on until Tuesday evening, after will be withdrawn. It's a great opportunity to take this beauties at an incredible price, has I'm losing money on them 😁 Maybe will take them back to sell when gold sitting at 3000 or 5000 who knows 😄
  5. Trading for silver, cryptocurrency and also, might sound crazy, your paper currency issued by the government.
  6. Anyone pays day today and would like to take this beauties home at this incredible price? 😉😄
  7. Hello, Anyone would do a tube of 16 for £100-£110 including postage? Kind Regards
  8. Thanks. Taking longer to sell than I initially expected, but really beautiful coins 🙂
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