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  1. Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately £58 including SD is the lowest I can go.
  2. Hello, My friend needs a 2018 1oz Panda to keep her collection. Any available please? Kind Regards
  3. Always spot or below for me as well 😅, but GLWS
  4. Hello, 1 bottle including special delivery £60 The cheapest I can find is £99,90 + plus delivery. Feel free to pm with any questions. Brand Bowmore Bottler Distillery Bottling Country Scotland Region Islay Size 100cl ABV / Strength 40% Age 10 Year Old Varietal Single Malt
  5. I've got this a long time ago. Just sharing my favourite 😍
  6. I'll give the receiver the opportunity to choose between the following 1oz. Plus a little silver or other surprises.
  7. Hello, Amber Leaf Original 50g pack, each box contains 5 packs. (RRP usually around £29-£30 individually) Buying one 50g - £20 each Buying 1x box of 5 packs - £87.50 (£17.50 each) Buy the lot of 5x boxes of 5 packs (50g) total of 25 packs - £387.50 (£15.50 each) RRP price would be £750 Marlboro Gold 10x 20 cigarettes (RRP usually around £12.5 - £13 each pack) - £75 for the whole pack, that's £7.50 each. All plus postage at your choice and risk although I can do some discounts on postage. Thank you, if you have any questions or comments feel free to express it. Not sure about the prices as first time selling tabacco. Kind Regards
  8. I was one of them more than 2 years ago 😂 but I'm glad I kept studying and accumulating the whole time. I wouldn't say that about experienced in PM not buying at 49 we never know what cheap will be in years to come it's all measured in fiat currency and that we know there's only one way which is debasement. Fiat currency = 💩
  9. I bet a lot more people would be buying at 49 than at current prices even here. Demand would explode, the forum new members number would explode. Everyone should know by now that is something going up that attracts people to jump in. Psychology makes us buy on the way up instead on the way down, cheap, suppressed and hated. That's why PM investors are often seen as contrarian investors depending on the period of time and allocations.
  10. I'm in 😁 just have to see what I'll gift. I'll update this maybe during the weekend
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