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  1. Good question. From my perspective I tend to see a far smaller proportion of deals for silver below spot (when compared to the proportion of gold deals at least). I'm guessing this is either because silver tends to carry such a high premium, so it's hard to go below spot without losing out, or perhaps because gold has done so well recently that sellers feel they can afford to take a bit of a hit to ensure a sale. Or maybe I'm totally wrong and it's something else entirely. I was just curious to see if that specific condition would make any folks think twice about their choice 🙂
  2. Interesting: why not scrap? Assuming you could get a fair price would the potential not be the same as bullion over time, or do you think the negative premium would wipe out any likely gains? Also, what would you count as "scrap"? I know a few folks who would count unassayed bar/ingots as scrap - I'm a little on the fence about that one. I guess it comes down to resale potential in the end.
  3. Hello all! This is exciting as it's my first post to the discussion forums (so please be gentle). I was curious: with all the current market conditions taken into account, if you had the choice today to buy either gold or silver below spot price (same percentage - let's say 5-10%), which would you pick? (Caveat: you can't have both, but feel free to suggest an alternative precious metal) All the best
  4. Hello all I'm really excited to be joining the Silver Forum. I've been toying with the idea of getting serious about stacking for a while and, after watching many hours of BackyardBullion on youtube, I've finally decided to start diversifying my portfolio. I'm especially keen on investing in Britannias and bars. I've also been accumulating scrap sterling for a while as a side hobby, so I'm tempted to one day have a go at my own casting - and I know I can learn a lot from the good folks here. Best wishes!
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