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  1. Hello all I once again have dry-powder available to increase my gold stack. If anyone can offer me a more attractive deal than the online stores then I would be delighted to give the forum members first refusal. Thank you kindly for your attention Duke Item: Sovereigns (up to x8 if possible). Would prefer to make a single combined purchase in order to save on postage. Condition notes: Plain bullion. Not damaged. Price: Willing to pay up to £305 each (depending on the condition) Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer in GBP only. Delivery: UK only.
  2. Today I received my first ever Umicore bar from a terrific new member, @SilverTalent As with all my purchases, I tested with my trusty Sigma Metalytics Verifier and it came up perfect! I only mention that here as Mr Talent is currently building a solid reputation on the forum and I wanted to help by highlighting the quality of the item. An absolutely gorgeous piece from a great seller.
  3. Hello all I have recently been fortunate enough to gathered some dry-powder fiat currency, with the intention of purchasing CGT-free gold. Now, I would normally go straight to a dealer, but I wanted to give the good folks of the forum a first refusal. Originally I was looking for around 3.5% above spot price, but with the recent drops in gold I am upping that to 4.5% above spot. Please feel free to PM me if you would be interested in cashing-in your yellow metal, and let's see who can make the most appealing offer! Thank you kindly for your attention Duke Item:
  4. Hello forum! I have the following for sale: Item: 2oz Lion of England silver QB (2016) with capsule - x3 available. Condition notes: Bullion. No milk spots, but minor scuffs on the obverse side (i.e. the Queen's cheek on two, and the field area on the third - as shown in photographs). Capsules are old and scratched, but sturdy. Price: £70 each (ONO) + buyer's choice of postage (at their own risk). Willing to do a deal for anyone looking to buy all three. Shipping destinations: UK only. Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer in GBP only.
  5. I have a few Lions of England if you still need one.
  6. Not a precious metals purchase, but still a significant one. I have been meaning to get one of these for a while, and I figured it would be better to order it now from the European distributer before the likely changes to import duty in the New Year. Kudos to https://www.sigma-verifiers.com/ (a.k.a. Zetberg) for a terrific service. Now I can continue stacking in confidence!
  7. Hello forum! I have a 1/4 oz gold Britannia for sale from 1987 (the first year the gold Britannia was issued). Chards are currently asking £440 (see here https://www.chards.co.uk/1987-quarter-ounce-gold-britannia/12783). I am asking £400, plus buyers choice of postage. Sensible offers will be happily considered. Kind regards Duke
  8. I know the feeling - there is something about having a nice chunk of the pure stuff to hold. That said, the premiums on 1/4 oz .9999 coins seem to be a lot higher than those on sovereigns for some reason. At Chards it's 10.5% premium vs 3.5% premium (though that is for Minty Britannias admittedly). At that price difference, I would be more tempted by their .916 cousins. Of course, at the right price...
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