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  1. Hello forum! I have a 1/4 oz gold Britannia for sale from 1987 (the first year the gold Britannia was issued). Chards are currently asking £440 (see here https://www.chards.co.uk/1987-quarter-ounce-gold-britannia/12783). I am asking £400, plus buyers choice of postage. Sensible offers will be happily considered. Kind regards Duke
  2. Hello forum! I am on the look out for a QB silver Yale of Beaufort 2oz. Preferably bullion grade but in decent condition (i.e. no major physical damage). I will be willing to consider one with slight milk spotting. Feel free to PM me directly if you have such an item you would be willing to sell. Many thanks and kind regards Duke
  3. The worst part is... I purposely held off offering to purchase because I wanted to see how desperate the commentary would get! (NB: just joking - I can't afford gold Brits. But thank you all for bringing some much needed levity to an old man's week) @ChrisSilver any chance we might have a special award for rigorous banter? I feel like these delightful folks have earned it. @Mox and @Marmite - consider my hat doffed.
  4. If I could, I would vote for this to be the most entertaining post of the last 6 months. Bravo Mr @Mox
  5. https://www.eldoradocoins.de/en/britannia-2020-1-oz-silver
  6. I know the feeling - there is something about having a nice chunk of the pure stuff to hold. That said, the premiums on 1/4 oz .9999 coins seem to be a lot higher than those on sovereigns for some reason. At Chards it's 10.5% premium vs 3.5% premium (though that is for Minty Britannias admittedly). At that price difference, I would be more tempted by their .916 cousins. Of course, at the right price...
  7. I can't believe I mis-typed! Congratulations @RiverbankSilver Well played good sir!
  8. Wonderful suggestions all round. My thanks to everyone!
  9. Greetings all! I just wanted to share an idea I had recently while I was contemplating plans for Christmas. As part of the festivities, I usually get a couple of bags the gold and silver foil-covered chocolate coins for my children as standard stocking fillers. However, this year I thought it would be a bit of a fun to slip a real silver Britannia into each bag as part of the gift, so that they eventually happen across it while they work their way through the packet. There are several motivations for this: I would be curious to see their reaction (i.e. joy at having real s
  10. One thing to bear in mind, if you store gold coins at home (at least in the UK) your average home insurance policy usually only covers individual items up to £1500. You can detail specific items over £1500 for insurance purposes (e.g. laptops, bikes, etc.), but I would personally find it a pain to have to update my insurance policy every time I bought a gold Britannia. Especially since they are constantly hovering around the magic £1500 mark. Sovereigns, on the other hand, are comfortably under that threshold and are unlikely to breach it for a while. So as long as you can prove that you
  11. Greetings all! I have three tubes of 25 x 1oz silver to sell. Each tube is £612.50 (£24.50 each) or I can offer a special deal of £1800 for all three (£24 each). Sorry, but can't split the individual tubes. 25 x silver 0.999 Buffaloes Various styles, a little bit of milk spotting on some 25 x 2020 0.9999 Kangaroos Some slightly milk spotted 25 x Britannias 11 x 2013 snake privys (one heavily tarnished, which actually looks rather good!) 1 x 2013 + 2016 + 2017 + 2019 4 x 2018 6 x 2020 (brand new,
  12. I just checked on Eldorado Coins, and they are charging £24.59 per coin for purchases of 25+ (https://www.eldoradocoins.de/en/britannia-2020-1-oz-silver). Not sure what the delivery charge is for that amount, but it may not be that far off your asking price Might be worth considering.
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