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  1. Nice coin though. Won't be around for long...
  2. Hi all, I'm after 3 bullion sovs of any year as close to spot as reasonably possible. Please PM me any offers with pics. Thanks, Domo
  3. Hi everyone, I’m after a 20 franc (Swiss, French, Belgian, or equivalents) as close to spot as poss. If I could get delivered for £270ish that would be awesome 👏 Thanks, Domo
  4. Some lovely items here. Dealt with @Jvw a few times before. Really good guy.
  5. Hi everyone. I’m looking for a 10 franc gold coin (French, Swiss, or any other LMU type) as close to spot as reasonably possible. PM me any offers please. Cheers, Domo
  6. 15 x 1oz silver coins in total: 9 x Maple 2016 1 x Maple 30th anniversary 1 x Krugerrand 2019 4 x Philharmonics (2013, 2015, 2015, 2019) A few coins have slight milking. One Philly slight tarnishing. All in capsules. £295 includes RMSD to UK address. Bank transfer please. Thanks for looking. Domo
  7. Mate if you’d put it up at the wrong price charging too much people would be on your back so a mistake is a mistake. Just thought it was Christmas instead of Easter 👍
  8. 😭 original price was better. No worries
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