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  1. For sale 1915 (restrike probably) 1 ducat gold coin. 3.49g of .986 gold https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces26247.html £165 incudes 1st signed for postage to UK address. £4 upgrade for SD which is the only insured option. Payment by BT or PP F&F. Thanks, Domo
  2. I hear you but tbh no member with significant feedback and community reputation is gonna shaft you. But best of luck with the sale 👍
  3. Hi mate your bars are really well priced but as you don't have any trading history it might help you to offer to accept payment on delivery of bars if you sell to a well established member i.e. someone with lots of trader feedback. Just a thought 🙂
  4. I'll take it if it's still available Sorry Dunc thought it was 10 gulden
  5. Peruvian 1/5 Libra £90 + post BT preferred. Thanks for looking. Domo
  6. Domo

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1oz Silver coins 999

    Spade and trade dollar if possible Ratty?
  7. Domo

    completed (By Platinum Member) Silver 1oz Britannia Coins x 5 (milk spotted)

    All yours my friend...
  8. Domo

    completed 1oz silver

    can i take the 3 arms?
  9. You've sold a few grand's worth already. I've seen your feedback and if I had the money I'd be happy buying from you 👍
  10. Final bump with update prices, till 9pm tonight
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