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  1. Austrian 4 Ducat restrike coin. .986 gold, dated 1915 as are all the restrikes. 13.76g AGW £660 SPOT + delivery to UK address. To be fair a couple of the guys pointed out the scuffs so price of gold plus postage. I had another one a while ago so assumed they were all like this. Came from HGM last year but previous owner probably not a coin lover... New pics added to show. Bank transfer only. Thanks for looking. Domo
  2. now £445 inc SD to UK. Last call before withdrawal...
  3. Bump and slight reduction
  4. A 50 peso Cincuenta Peso .900 gold coin, Chile 1973. 9.144g AGW £465 £445 delivered SD to UK address. Bank transfer only. Thanks, Domo
  5. Nice coin though. Won't be around for long...
  6. Thanks all who contacted me
  7. Congrats. Great deal for someone
  8. Hi all, I'm after 3 bullion sovs of any year as close to spot as reasonably possible. Please PM me any offers with pics. Thanks, Domo
  9. Hi everyone, I’m after a 20 franc (Swiss, French, Belgian, or equivalents) as close to spot as poss. If I could get delivered for £270ish that would be awesome 👏 Thanks, Domo
  10. Some lovely items here. Dealt with @Jvw a few times before. Really good guy.
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