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  1. Lol wrong month for all us I think
  2. bump - this is around 3.5% over spot including delivery...
  3. For sale 1oz Gold American Eagle 1995. £1375 including SD to UK address. Payment by BT or PayPal FF. Thanks for looking. Domo
  4. 3 Perth Mint Dragons 2018 in capsule light toning 2018 loose, toned 2019 in capsule looks ok Payment by BT or PayPal FF UK post only
  5. 4 Morgan Dollars for sale as a single lot. 1884 S (some wear on this one) 1899 O (couple small dents to the rim see pics) WITHDRAWN it's got some weird damage so I'm keeping as a curiosity 1921 x 3 (1 S) Payment by BT or PayPal FF Domo
  6. Clearing out some of my peace dollars. Selling as a lot for anyone who's just into stacking them. 9 have no mint mark the others listed below. Some in better shape than others. 1923 x 8 (1S, 1D) 1923 x 3 (2S, 1D) 1925 x 1 1926 x 3 (1S, 1D) 1935 Payment by BT or PayPal FF
  7. £35 on the lib fractional £26 Germania. Let's get these shifted.
  8. Free 1st signed for postage on both or either
  9. @stefffana I'm happy to have the proceeds of this sale for the last items here for your little friend.
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