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  1. Thanks Leon I saw that. Still negotiating with my wife, so this is fall back...
  2. Missed out on another one of these from HGM today! Got an email alert it was in stock but was on conference call with my boss and couldn't flipping duck out. HGM sell them 5% over spot so wouldn't want to go too much higher... If anyone has one for sale please send me PM. Cheers, Domo
  3. Looking for 20 Francs Swiss gold coin or LMU equivalent for ideally around £275 delivered. PM me any offers. Cheers, Domo
  4. Mexican dos y medio peso coin (2 1/2 pesos) 1919 for £110. Post on top. Bank transfer please. Thanks, Domo
  5. 1993 Half ounce American Gold Eagle, previously bought on the forum. Asking £SPOT + 3% to include RMSD to UK address. Hard to set a price with gold yo-yoing the last few days. For anyone not familiar with pricing like this it's price of gold per ounce, divide by 2 and then multiply by 1.03. As stated cost covers insured delivery in UK. Payment by BT please. Cheers for looking. Domo
  6. Your deals are always really decent. I can't believe no one bought this one. It was well under spot even with delivery.
  7. 1/10 Maple 1998 £173 includes Special Delivery to UK address Originally bought on the forum. Payment by bank transfer please. Cheers for looking, Domo
  8. 1900 10 Francs French. 9 graded higher for that year. £165 plus post. Bank transfer please. Thanks for looking. Domo
  9. 1926 Chilean VEINTE (20) Peso gold coin. £205 plus post. Bank transfer please. Thanks for looking. Domo
  10. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo worked out nicely in that case for buyer and me, but always better to ask these questions beforehand though 😬
  11. I just noticed that I didn't include the question I was going to ask: How much do these normally go for? No worries, it's sold now!
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