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  1. Limited time offer, I normally would only sell at spot, so these discounts will not last long. Item: pre 1947 British 50% silver coins consisting of Half Crowns / Florins (Two Shillings) / Shillings / Six Pence Pieces / Three Pence Pieces. The minimum purchase is £100 worth, maximum is currently 60kg but this may decrease as smaller amounts are sold. Box/COA: Will be well packaged, no original box obviously Condition notes: Condition is only that it is possible to read the date of every coin, most are readable very easily. Price: 0.1kg to 0.999kg Spot price with free Royal Mail Special Delivery! 1kg to 2.999kg Spot minus 1% with free Royal Mail Special Delivery! 3kg to 9.999kg Spot minus 2% with free Royal Mail Special Delivery! 10kg+ Spot minus 3% with free Royal Mail Special Delivery! Item Location: South west England Shipping destinations: Will ship within the UK to anywhere that Royal Mail ships to, more expensive areas (such as highlands and irelands) may require an extra charge. Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer in GBP. We can use the Backyard Bullion intermediary service if requested. Dispatch Time: Same working day Photos:
  2. It's a dubious line... I'm still keeping an eye on it though
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