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  1. Nice coins! Which mint do they come from? Thanks
  2. Go on then I'll have them. Will PM
  3. Sure may I have 56 please. Thanks
  4. May I have 147 please? Oh 147 is gone... how about 72?
  5. Go on then I will have both. Will PM
  6. I assume they are all .925? What is the total weight and how much for the whole lot? Thanks
  7. Well looking at fiat price conversions my 1/10 Britannia would get me around £150 so that would trade for 6 ounces at your £25 valuation? I can accept kruggerands and eagles if that's ok? We pay both pay SD to each other. Deal?
  8. Interesting offer sir! So would you consider exchanging for the gold/silver ratio at 68-1? I can offer you a nice 1oz 2019 Bullion grade 9999 Gold Britannia in a capsule. Would you be able to give me 68 ounces of silver in exchange? What do you have? I understand that's more than a sovereign's worth so I can offer you a 1/10 ounce Britannia also.
  9. Hello is this still available or do you have more scrap available? Thanks
  10. Yes agree it's disappointing. I have purchased 2nd hand Silver many times from Atkinsons without paying the VAT but it was under a 'special; scheme'. The dealer needs to register paperwork to gain this VAT exemption. I can only assume if this is missing then VAT is added.
  11. The hard left want to errode our individual freedoms and liberty. Gold (maybe silver also) represents the only true form of money that the central bankers can't create by pushing buttons. The Keynesian's need that paper money and without it they loose power and would not be able to manipulate us!
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