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  1. H30 ringed for maple. It'll be a H size capsule with a 30mm ring.
  2. You could list it up for sale in our buy/sell section.
  3. Since it's been available for a few weeks and you're inviting a discussion I've moved it to the general Silver discussion thread.
  4. I used to import and sell the consoles, games and accessories. Back then, releases used to be staggered with Europe getting everything last and old TV standards meant that the European consoles didn't run as well as NTSC systems so there was a market for the hardcore gamers. I remember selling to Sony UK their own Dual Shock controllers and games because for some bizarre reason, they weren't able to co-ordinate with Sony Japan to get some of their own products for their own in house testing/research of whatever they did with them. I used to know quite a few games tester for Psygnosis. They
  5. Doesn't seem to be many gamers on here. There was a thread many years ago and that too only received a handful of replies. I think PS5 will be the winner since they already have the largest user base of the 2 but I will most likely get an Xbox first. I've had an Xbox One S for almost 3 years and that only saw brief action during CODWW2 and most recently Modern Warfare but I only purchased it a few months ago. I did hand over the console to my son maybe 6 months ago and stacked up Ultimate for 3 years for him (only cost £72) and that's the main reason I'll be going for Xbox. I'll p
  6. A uncut sheet of 2009 $1 notes X 32 (8x4) A little creasing in the top left and top right corner. There is a slight curl to the sheet as it has been stored in a tube for 5+ years. Originally bought from EMK. This is a spare as I originally bought 2 sheets. £110 inc Special Delivery. Payment by BT.
  7. I am looking for the final 3 QB silver coins: Lion of Mortimer, Horse of Hanover & Greyhound of Richmond. I have the following to trade: Griffin, Dragon, Unicorn, Black Bull, Yale (individual pics show the condition). Yale has milking and unicorn has rubbing on high points. All bought direct from dealers and then straight into capsules. Looking for a 3:3 single trade if possible. Each to pay their own postage.
  8. @asemp I've removed your email from public view. It is best not to publically post personal info. You can use the PM system to communicate privately.
  9. @Tommytash Posts have been split and moved to the non PM section as it seems to be a Cu-Ni coin. We also have a silver deals thread in the silver section for silver deals in addition to the gold in the gold section.
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