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  1. MCM used to do one which held both. I sold some of my spares but someone reported that their PCGS didn't fit yet mine did. Must be some variations in the slabs over the years. You can pickup unbranded stuff from China from eBay etc which is designed for both.
  2. Advert is over 2.5 months old and the OP hasn't been online in 2 months so you may not get a response.
  3. You would be better off buying a 10 pack as mentioned above otherwise postage would be a killer for a single capsule. Been tagged for air-tites but unfortunately they don't come in 29mm DF and are a much more expansive capsule anyway.
  4. Moved to general PM discussion as it is not specific to silver.
  5. The final 2 1oz to finish off my collection. That's the 1/4 and 1 oz in gold and 2oz silver. All bullion. That's me more or less done with now. Not just the QB but all PMs. I may re-organise my collection by selling and swapping out a few bits but I won't be adding any more weight. Have enough stacked and it's now time to build on my other investments.
  6. @Steve999 I've removed your personal details from your post. For your own security, please do not make personal details public. Please use the PM system for exchanging these details.
  7. Moved to general discussion area since you have not included any specifics.
  8. I am in the UK. The link was to the details of the sizes of tubes etc.
  9. @Kev Clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of your post will bring up the edit option which can be used to edit and insert your asking price.
  10. I would just keep them in their original Royal Mint tubes. If you did put them in capsules, then I do have tubes that will fit capsules of 45mm diameter. http://www.air-tites.com/storage-tube-coin-holders.htm
  11. @Coinsopalscanada If you wish to discuss your coin on this forum them please upload the pics and details onto this forum rather than linking to another forum.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Moved post to new member section.
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