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  1. As title. Looking for the 2020 and 2021 1/10th Gold Kangaroos.
  2. I can say 100% for sure that it's not from the 1910s regardless of what the item is made from. It could be a replica of an original but since they're bulk selling there's no chance it's an original. Definitely won't be silver neither due to pricing. Still, a nice looking piece.
  3. I sell the air-tite brand capsules. Those look like a H22 ringed equivalent. 45mm external cap with a foam ring with 22mm internal ring. Link to capsules in my sig or you can pop over to my dealer sub forum.
  4. Celebrating 120 years of the Shenyang Mint. Max individual mintage of 10,000 on 8g gold and 30,000 on 30g silver. Exactly as when bought. Looks like there is a copper spot on the obverse of the gold but any other marks are on the caps. £515 + postage of your choice and risk. Payment by BT
  5. Exactly as received a few years ago. Any marks are on the caps. 2 available. £85 each + postage of your choice and risk. Payment by BT
  6. morezone

    Current sov price

    Moved to discussion area and changed topic to reflect discussion/advice.
  7. morezone

    Current sov price

    Are you selling sovs for £320 + postage or asking for feedback on pricing? If it is the latter then the sale section is not for discussions and only to be used for items for sale and with a definite asking price. If it is the former then please change the prefix to " for sale" and set a clear asking price. Please read the quick start guide located at the top of this section if you are unclear of the rules and guidelines:
  8. Moved to discussion area. The trade section is the sale of items.
  9. If items are sold or withdrawn you can report the thread with a note and mods can close it for you since it's now past the self editing period.
  10. morezone


    Can't help unless the caps are either air-tite brand or are the same dimension as the tubes they sell/use. https://air-tites.com/collections/air-tite-coin-holder-tubes
  11. I have moved the listing to the USA & Canada section as the items are located in Canada. The sections are based on item location.
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