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  1. As per forum trading rules you must set an asking price.
  2. Hello and welcome. I've moved your post as it wasn't relevant to the silver deal thread. You should check out the likes of goldsilver.be, price comparison site gold.de, metalmarket.eu. There should be a list of recommended bullion dealers on the forum somewhere.
  3. I've moved it out of the trade section since it is a question about the coin and not a sale/trade/buy. In answer to your question, I recon eBay will give you a rough guide. Search for completed listings. If you load with details pictures, I'm sure some knowledgeable folks will be able to give a better guide price based on it's condition/grade.
  4. Still OMP sealed. Currently joined but will cut them apart for individual sales. £5 each inc standard 2nd post. Payment by BT.
  5. Bump for standard members etc. Small reduction before I list them elsewhere.
  6. morezone

    Bullion by post

    Unfortunately not as it does not help the op otherwise he wouldn't be asking his question. Additionally it may encourage members to send unsolicited PMs and try and circumvent forum rules. I do not want to be restricting, suspending or terminating accounts for any one found doing so.
  7. morezone

    Bullion by post

    Those attempting to post affiliate referrals and link may wish to have a read through the forum T&Cs. I know most people just accept without reading (I'm guilty of this too). 7.9. Affiliate links 7.9.1 It is against forum rules for members to use affiliate links on the forum. It is also against the forum rules to suggest to members to private message you so that you can send them an affiliate link or in any other way to exploit the forum by trying to financially gain from linking members to other websites.
  8. Bump. Back from my hols. Will begin listing all the 1/10ths elsewhere in the coming days. Will include Special Delivery on purchases of 3 or more coins. Full list of remaining 1/10th coins below. 2006 1/10th Gold Discover Australia Salt Water Crocodile Proof Coin - £160 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 1 1/10 New Zealand Kiwi - bullion grade £150.00 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 2 2010 1/10 Kazakhstan - Golden Irbis (£260ish at Kazcoins) £220.00 2009 1/10 Kazakhstan - Great Silk Road (£240ish at Kazcoins) £200.00 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 3 2007 1/10 Isle of Man Manx Cat Ragdoll Cat £180.00 2010 1/10 Isle of Man Manx Cat Abyssinian Cat £160.00 1999 1/10 Isle of Man Manx Cat British Blue Cat £160.00 2005 1/10 Isle of Man Manx Cat Himalayan Cat £160.00 2006 1/10 Isle of Man Manx Cat Shorthair Kittens £160.00 1985 1/10 Singapore Singold - Ox £170.00 1984 1/10 Singapore Singold - Rat £170.00 1986 1/10 Singapore Singold - Tiger £170.00 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 4 2016 1/10 Somali Elephant £160.00 - slight rub on coin 2017 1/10 Somali Elephant £160.00 2018 1/10 Somali Elephant £160.00 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 5 2009 1/10 Cook Islands Bounty £162.00 1997 1/10 Chinese Traditional Chinese Auspicious Matters £170.00 Various 1/10th Gold Coins - Lot 8 2009 1/10 Chinese Panda £170.00
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