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  1. morezone

    Coin capsules

    For all 32.XX gold coins I would go with 32mm rings for a snug fit. Going bigger means it'll be loose.
  2. Moved this to the USA & Canada section and removed duplicate threads from the UK & EU section. Please note that the different regions are for items located in each region and should not be crossed over. Thanks
  3. morezone

    Coin capsules

    You can pickup generic cheap caps from eBay. Lighthouse ones can be obtained from eBay or Coin Gallery If you wanted more premium caps then I have air-tites.
  4. Anyone have one to sell? Graded preferred.
  5. Exactly as received from the Mint. Has been in storage since I bought it. I was going to start this collection part way through the series and then back date but I never did. £475 (what I paid) + £7.70 Special Delivery. Payment by BT I'm selling this one 1st but I do have another 2 (possibly 3) in storage if there's interest. Some have sold pending me taking out of storage and payment. I may have one left. My spreadsheet says I do but I only noticed 3 (this + 2 still there) last time I was there so will need to have a good look this time.
  6. Added description to the title. Any interesting videos should be uploaded to the video section unless it is for/related/relevant to a discussion. Thanks
  7. As per selling rules please add a price. It may also help if you could include a rough cost for EU shipping/insurance/delivery method.
  8. £200 inc Special Delivery (insured - UK only) - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT I have it in a protective sleeve and labeled on the top hence the big label hanging over the back.
  9. Interesting. Some how I missed them. No doubt one of the USA dealer exclusives and a complete pain to obtain at a decent premium.
  10. I think that's the HR Proof. I don't think they ever released it in standard proof and definitely not bullion. Pretty sure they only ever released it in 1/10th in 2016 and no other year before or since.
  11. Thread merge from Monday 20th onward. I sent a message to Royal Mail regarding an issue I was having. It took 10 days for a reply and I'm not sure if it has even been resolved since they having explained if and what the problem was in the first place. Here's part of their reply
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