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  1. I wouldn't remove coins from capsules if they came supplied by the mint in capsules. When you come to sell the Pandas and are wanting more than just spot price for them, people will expect them to be in their original domed capsules and be 100% mint condition. Pandas are high premium coins so they have to be 100% mint condition as supplied by the mint to maintain the premium.
  2. The following coins as a bulk lot for £205 + £7.50 Special Delivery. Payment by BT. Current around £226 + shipping from German dealers. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2018 Australian Lunar Series 2 Dog - Privy (Lion) 2012 Australian Lunar Series 2 Dragon - Privy (Lion) 2015 Australian Lunar Series 2 Goat - Privy (Lion) 2014 Australian Lunar Series 2 Horse - Privy (Lion) 2014 Australian Lunar Series 2 Horse Colourized 2016 Australian Lunar Series 2 Monkey - Privy (Lion) 2017 Australian Lunar Series 2 Rooster - Privy (Lion) 2013 Australian Lunar Series 2 Snake - Privy (Lion)
  3. Air-tite do a tube for their T capsules which have a diameter of 36.50mm. They should fit the Lighthouse caps as well but I have not tested.
  4. Listing is now closed due to communication issues. @Jakeyboy987 Feel free to start a new thread once you have the time to commit to the sales.
  5. @Jakeyboy987 Do you have the time to reply to PMs and complete sales? You have stated that you are busy with life and there are numerous members who have not received timely replies and able to complete purchases. If you do not have the time at the moment, then I suggest that you withdraw your items for sale for the time being.
  6. Quick bump on the 3 Panda Privys. Will withdraw the sale on Monday night and throw them on the bay
  7. They don't do a A19 direct fit for the half so that will be a A19 ringed. I do not have any stock of the A22 direct fit for the full and only have T22 ringed.
  8. I have 3 X 1.5oz Long Colt bullets from the North West Territorial Mint. These are quite hard to come by since NWTM went into admin a few years ago and very few (if any) other mints have produced them. Still in their original packaging with COA. £35 each + postage of your choice and risk. Payment by PPF&F or BT.
  9. 2016 Reverse Proof Yin Yang Privy. Milk spotting on obverse. Inc genuine Air-Tite capsules. £20 SOLD 2016 Reverse Proof Yin Yang Privy. Knock on the obverse frosting and some milk spots. Inc genuine Air-Tite capsules. £20 SOLD 2014 5 Blessings. Toning where there's damage to packaging. £21. SOLD 3 X 2016 Reverse Proof Panda Privy. Toning where there's damage to packaging. £23 each (numbered 1,2 and 3) Add 55p if you want a genuine Air-Tite capsule with the sealed coins. Excludes postage of your choice and risk. Payment by PPF&F or BT. No offers
  10. 18.1g .999 fine gold Kylo Ren Lightsaber. Part of the Chow Tai Fook licensed Star Wars collection from a few years ago.
  11. I took these out of storage almost 3 months ago with the intention of selling them but I've found it difficult to part with them. Today I am finally going to list them and at a price which I am happy to part with them at. 2016 PF70 - Graded as PF70 but it is supposed to be Proof Like. Mintage of 4032. - £525 2017 PF70 - Graded as PF70 but is supposed to be Brilliant Uncirculated (not sure why they changed from Proof Like). Mintage of 4034 - £500 Both come with box and COA etc but may be missing the original capsule. I forget if it's in there or not and they've been shrink wrapped for storage and I don't want to open them up. Slabs are heat sealed in a plastic sleeve with big white label over the top and back. Price includes Special Delivery and payment by BT.
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    My rough answer in this thread
  13. @LongJohnSilver Merged with existing thread
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