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  1. Moved to the USA trade section
  2. Uploaded your pics direct to the forum rather than having a link for members to click.
  3. £16 inc standard 2nd class post. SOLD
  4. £60 SOLD Payment by BT. Postage of your choice and risk on top.
  5. 2014 Chinese Panda NGC MS69 Early Releases Map (milking bottom left and right) - £30 2014 Chinese Panda NGC MS70 Early Releases Map (milking to left. Milk spot temple steps) - £38 2014 Chinese Panda PCGS MS69 - £33 2014 Chinese Panda PCGS MS69 Red Flag Label (milk spots to the right) - £33 2014 Chinese Panda PCGS MS70 (hazing temple side) - £38.50 Payment by BT. Postage of your choice and risk on top.
  6. 2002 American Eagle NGC MS69 (xxx-45) 2002 American Eagle NGC MS69 (xxx-47) 2014 American Eagle NGC MS69 £35 each ALL SOLD Payment by BT and postage of your choice and risk on top.
  7. Quick bump for standard members. Bar 113 left for anyone wanting the 1st year issue of the 1oz forum bars.
  8. morezone


    Welcome to the forum. I've moved your post to the new member welcome section. Please look around the forum to get a sense of things and if you are looking to buy coins from here, please use the buy/sell/trade section and read the quick start guide located at the top.
  9. Very rare to see this coin. Has been vacuum sealed up until just now. On the obverse there's toning near the "M" and a couple of splodges which might be milking or a contact mark of some sort. On the reverse there is scuffing to the centre right of the capsule. Otherwise in mint condition. I've owned this from new and bought directly from Kazcoins. Obverse: State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan framed with national ornamental pattern, face value 10 tenge, name of issuing bank in Kazakh and in English ‘NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN’. Reverse: image of snow leopard, figure that indicates year of coinage, name of the coin in Kazakh and in English SILVER IRBIS’, indication of metal, its standart and weight in ounce Ag 999,9 10oz. £330 Payment by BT and postage of your choice and risk on top.
  10. Should be fine to continue. Last bid was £262 by @Seaview who was happy to continue at that bid. All recent bids were within the last hour and if parties checked the timestamp it showed 12:33 so technically it would have already been over if it was exactly 1 week. Exact end time now set to 19:00 hours and if needed the previous bidders can be mentioned to receive a notification but some are following already so may already receive notification.
  11. 2017 had a mintage of 200 and the 1st year of the bars. Number 112 & 113. 113 SOLD £38 each If buying both I will include the draw string bag. Otherwise the bag is not included. Payment by BT and postage of your choice and risk on top.
  12. Dated 1780 so a restike. 28.0668g of 0.833 silver = 23.3890 grams (0.752 troy ounces) of fine silver. £15.50 SOLD Payment by BT and + postage of your choice and risk on top.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Sovereigns would be a good start. ~1/4 oz. Not too big, not too small and low premium
  14. These are sitting on my monitor and have toned over the years. I have knocked them off a few times. This is a set of 3 items weighing 5oz. Easels not included. 2016 UK Queen's Beasts Lion 2oz Scottsdale Stacker Round 2oz 2011 Canadian Maple Leaf £115 + postage of your choice and risk with payment by BT. SOLD The first coin is a 2013 £20 George & the Dragon. This is also available to purchase for £20 but is not part of the above bundle. SOLD
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