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  1. Looking for; Panda- got! Philharmoniker-need! Krug- got! American Eagle- got! Kangaroo- got! Kookaburra-need! Maple- need! Libertad-need! Looking for pristine condition as I want to display them as a set, thank you if you can help me with this!
  2. Ah yeah I am am after the ghost one, thanks anyway.
  3. The scrofa one please, if it is the hologram one? I am after that one
  4. As above, looking for quick sale to fund other purchase!
  5. Jayjay

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Lord of The Rings 5 Gold Coin Set

    . Good shout!
  6. Jayjay

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Lord of The Rings 5 Gold Coin Set

    Does the ring work...?
  7. Not my kind of thing but thanks for the offer ☺️
  8. Hiya, I'm looking for little gold coins atm, anything from half gram upto 1/20th. All considered and quirky designed ones especially welcome! Thank you!
  9. Jayjay

    completed (By Platinum Member) Dolphin 1/25oz

    I'll take it please
  10. Oh no!! My internet has been playing up today so got lucky myself😋
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