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  1. I haven't read all the pages here, sorry. So what's the verdict then, are we stuffed?
  2. Yes I think it's more likely that gold will have VAT slapped on it that silver getting VAT removed. If I was an alien who just landed in Britain without knowing any of it's history, I'd see the country as very socialist and moving towards communism.
  3. That better be Jesus's silver or something
  4. Are you sure the delivery price wasn't overly high to make up the total price? eBay is usually the most expensive place for silver.
  5. I remember people were buying hand over fist in 2011 because they thought it was going to the moon and had fear of missing out. Same thing happened more recently with Bitcoin. Both were in a bubble and it was only those in the know who kept cooler heads. I don't think you'll be short of buyers.
  6. Well I was paying the same prices when paying in cash at Gold Investments. Their markups got pricey a couple of years ago and stopped going to them. I would go to them now but they're taking the mick with their markups right now.
  7. Yep this seems an opportunity, but it's hard to hold a barrel of oil in your hand and sell it back to an oil dealer! I guess buying shares is the way to go. What about scraping all the oil out of your car and holding onto it for a while? I've got a bottle of car lube from Wilko in the garage actually that I'll bury in my garden now. Speaking of lube, sorry Mrs. Moon, I'm taking that too!
  8. With spot at £618, that's a £200 mark up! I think I'll wait a little.
  9. Yeah these internet gurus are so plastic. One dangerous thing about them (among many) is that they make money by creating eye-pulling content, so that motive means content could be inaccurate as long as it's content that sounds knowledgeable and can pull punters. Content like "Gold is finished" during a bull run to get our attention, or "Gold to the moon" during a bear run. The internet is a decadent place and all the worse for celeb-style internet gurus.
  10. That's how it was when I went to GoldInvestments a few years ago, but Hatton Garden's page says this: And Chards' page says this: If they're not even legally required to ask for ID up to £5000, I don't why they're taking the Mick like this. Sharps Pixley's page is unclear: "Along with the relevant ID" could mean for over £5000 or it could mean relevant ID for cash transactions. Not sure. Have you tried them recently? I might give them a call and ask.
  11. Is it easy to get bog standard Britannias and Sovereigns from there? Are the mark ups reasonable? And how safe are those coin fairs in regard to fakes?
  12. A few years ago I went to Gold Investments in person to buy bullion in cash with no ID. No Idea if they still allow that but their mark-ups are ridiculous these days. Chards and Hatton Garden Metals websites say they require ID on all cash transactions. I'm against showing ID for gold purchases as a matter of principle, has anyone had luck with in-person cash purchases from decent dealers?
  13. I'm waiting for the premiums to become sensible again. Buying now would just make me feel ripped off.
  14. I'm only interested in making money out of the idea. Art doesn't interest me. Is the profiteering just a case of arbitrage? So buy a piece from an artist when released and then once all 100 prints are sold out, sell it on eBay ?
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