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  1. I featured the 1oz version on Monday. And it's lovely!!!! I agree completely. The 10 oz shows the details much better. Both of those are having quality problems but mainly if your very picky. A rare few the problems are very noticeable
  2. A Special thanks to @RYAN05 for my fantastic Christmas gifts. Very suited to me, Have a fantastic Christmas to you and your family bud. Jon AceBullion®️
  3. He hasn't read my message because it was Wednesday. And I am still waiting. Hoped to get it to him before Christmas 😪😪😪
  4. If you get ahold of @SilverStan please let me know. I have his prize waiting
  5. Still trying to reach @SilverStan to get his address. I really wanted to get it to him before Christmas
  6. What does everyone think on this article?? https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2020/12/12/20000-from-gold-bullion-sale-was-spent-on-stamps/
  7. I am eager to get mine shipped out. God knows where its going.
  8. Count me in. I have a Mystery Prize!!!!!! It is Bullion but I wont tell you all what it is yet. LOL
  9. Please note as a few have emailed me, I have tried to apologize, and to inform the OP for my concerns, however his reply and persistent anger/hatred via PM was enough for me to leave it. The Silver Trader came out to clarify and verify matters. At NO time have I accused this seller of anything, but asked him to look into it. It dragged on and personally I was acting in the interest of fellow members. I regret nothing, but am happy it pushed the sellers products along very quickly! If anything this cleared up this matter, but a big warning remains for the 1 kilo bars. Th
  10. Eek I doubt that's been fajwd. But you missed out on my entire weeks series of FAKES see here
  11. If that's the bar your talking about and is the Baird ine in the below picture. Please ask and speak to Baird & Co. They take their security seriously
  12. O haven't seen them for less than £350 since. Thats on fleabay. I will keep you all posted
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