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  1. Eek I doubt that's been fajwd. But you missed out on my entire weeks series of FAKES see here
  2. If that's the bar your talking about and is the Baird ine in the below picture. Please ask and speak to Baird & Co. They take their security seriously
  3. Ask the company's. This is a fact, @Chards are you aware of the reasons or are willing to let people know? I am not going to say speculative responses to your question. And I hope you sort it out. I will remove my own posts because you feel like a victim, and are accusing me of trying to be somehow damaging your reputation. I have given Honest and from professional support. Giving you hearsay and rumours or speculative information is not what I do. I advised you where to find out the information. But you seem determined to challenge this in a public circus 🎪.
  4. I simply advise you to contact a firm like Chards, bullion by post etc. There are alot of bars not stamped atm for sale that as I mentioned are being refused by dealers. At NO point have I accused you of selling fakes, stolen or otherwise items. I simply advise you to contact the dealers who will give you more information.
  5. Storage for over 10 years???? The writing on them ie stamping was first started by the SAO and at that time by I believe the Silver Trader, who has a TM logo above. I am not saying these are not genuine, or not pure, I would suggest taking a few pictures to get the REAL story and sending them to a company like Bullion by Post, or even ask Chards who are a sponsor on here. The recent ones which do not differ from your photos are not being accepted by any known bullion dealer due to problems. I am not going to spread the gossip or information about the current blank ones but I
  6. They are, infact they sold off alot of these bars NOT from the Silver Trader as you captured, but as generic bars not even putting SAO ontop. There was a HUGE problem that I don't want to rip into. But be warned Bairds and even Bullion by post are not accepting these bars.
  7. O haven't seen them for less than £350 since. Thats on fleabay. I will keep you all posted
  8. Dang just noticed America. Otherwise I was going to buy the lot
  9. Looking for a friend, I am sure it's laughable but Ebay is rattled with fakes and sky high prices. Please comment below if your selling one please. Jon
  10. I am not only a retired Paramedic, but I still am a RCO and Instructor for firearms. I have NEVER seen anyone get through the safes and I don't think the make you a target. After all you do not need " professionals " to install it. Raw plugs 6-8 inches hidden in a exterior wall and floor. Concealed if possible. Oh and you can even disguise them too. Double locks are best. Manual no computers!!! If you have an alarm be sure to set up something specific for that room. My firearms is wired to contact the police. Its best to buy a few smaller ones if you can not afford 2 larger
  11. Join me at 1 for a World first showcasing ALL of the Germania Fafnir coins. From BU, to the very NEW limited 500 Golden set of 1oz coins. Thank you.
  12. Just a heads up to all you stackers, be on the look out for this scary coin. When or if I get the other which is more identical I will update you. Seriously warning.
  13. I will look into FedEx bit more. I don't mind the extra cost. As long as it arrives safely and has adequate insurance is ideal.
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