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  1. I am going to be selling my collection. Alot of various collectable notes But perhaps too much for starting out.
  2. ♤ Welcome to the Forum ♤ Glad your in and I hope you enjoy it here
  3. GOLDDIGGER69 🤐 I have no idea what the heck is your problem. You're entitled to an opinion but to keep beating on against thus company and members is wrong! You have said you peace, so move on. You're bringing nothing to this thread, unless pushing yourself close to being kicked! The original poster was not " crying " And I think thus far we have all been rather restrained with your posts. Be careful 🙄 I don't think admin will tolerate this much longer.
  4. Welcome in, you will find all sorts of help and offers in here.
  5. Welcome to the Silver Forum Glad you made it here
  6. Nearly 2 K to 10k 1/5 th of the purchase. Get off your high horse and relieve yourself before commenting again .🤣
  7. There are 1g silver and now very popular us 1/10th silver!!! WHY???? But the 2.5 is usually gold as @kimchi stated
  8. Hmm 8 have bought a few items since THANKS to a Silver Forum member 😎😎😎 Who told me about the Gold Simpsons carded version on sale and very limited stock. Placed my first order with them and I really didn't have problems . I could nit pick and say the card has a slight bend, but thats sorted now. It was clearly stored ontop of other gold coins. But i will keep buying. Very impressive from my point of view.
  9. My experience was after i set up my account, I received ALOT of phone calls trying to tell me where I should move my money, and asking about a million questions about my personal investment strategies. I didn't feel comfortable so in the end and whilst I was in the green I closed my account
  10. Absolutely agree. There are alot of other points or points where i spoke to BYB over a year ago now on this exact subject matter that could have been explored in more depth. However in a simplistic form your reply is perfect. Risk + Response = Results of a determined nature.
  11. I was prepared to rip into this video as your aware I do use a private vaulting facility. But straight away you cleared that up. And by using this storage dedicated to PM's and Diamonds etc, I am fully insured and everything is in an area that upon appointment I can visit, view, inspect and or take delivery or remove. Following a tonne of paperwork!!! But I can just as easily call and they will remove any items from my property to vault in a very secure umm van. 😎😎😎 The reason is I am not comfortable owning more than my house and contents in PM's and having them sit in one of many safes I own. Despite all my security. We all carry risk but when we get to a certain level we need to insure we make the safest options to protect ourselves snd loved ones.
  12. Just one part near the end that I think you will like @ChrisSilver
  13. Out of this World 🌎
  14. This is where you need TRUST with someone in America or Britain. Sadly I have been stung twice by 2 people who never shipped my items. Long story and not the place, but there are alot of good people out there and very helpful. I still have family. But only use them for very LARGE orders. Anything under 5k I am OK with friends, but I have subscribed reduced this to about 100 ish. I have Silvertown ship items to me directly but they don't ship to anyone else. Sadly import tax and handling fees. Just pm if your looking for something to be sent to the UK. If anyone wants i can do a small group buy fro. Silvertown, but there are taxes
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