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  1. Hi Daz, i will take the 4 you have left, but I wont be back in the UK until Friday, so payment will have to wait until then if that is ok. Thanks Sean
  2. These types of testing are both very expensive so probably not worth it, a typical PMI set is around 15-20k.
  3. Hi Silver storm, The biggest worry I would have is UT devices are for measuring thickness and not the actual material, you will get differences in velocity depending on the gold / silver grade. On a standard UT set we adjust the range & time base to allow for changes in velocity, thickness meters don't have this advantage. One way around it would be to measure your 250g bar with the calipers, say it's 8mm, set your velocity to silver 3650 M/s and see what reading you get say its 7.5mm, adjust your velocity until your reading on the UT meter says 8mm, your velocity might then be 3675 M/s, that will be the true velocity of your bar. Looking at the probes the probe you have should be ok, the better probe would have been the 5Mhz 6mm thin material probe.
  4. I feel your pain unwrapping a silver bar! Most UT gels are water based so not the best applying it to your silver bar. Do you know what frequency and crystal size the probe is? I do Ultrasonic testing on welds and metals, any questions you have just fire them over. TBH if I was testing silver or gold I would probably opt for PMI testing (positive material identification) only due to so many variables with UT.
  5. Is there no requirement to calibrate your equipment with a calibration block of the same material you are going to test. Very small changes in velocity will give you false reading. There are a lot of variables with Ultrasonic inspection!
  6. I'll take the 1993 eagle if still available.
  7. Very nice, just put a pre order in for a couple to start my gold coin collection 😁
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