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  1. I don't have any DF for older Libs. Previously I used 38mm caps for mine. Little too wide and a bit too shallow. Caps do close but not all the way.
  2. I've made changes to your title and body and moved it to the discussion area. You can expect a minimum of scrap i.e around spot. You may get a premium depending on what the items are. Some items are more desirable than others. You can use eBay past sales for an estimate (less fees) for what you may achieve privately. Going to a dealer you'd get a little under spot. If you want to sell on the forum then you will need to set an asking price. Quality photos and accurate descriptions will help.
  3. All items for sale must include an asking price. Quickstart guide - Please read BEFORE trading on TSF
  4. You need to state an asking price. Quickstart guide - Please read BEFORE trading on TSF
  5. @West587 You can mark items as complete the same way you edited the post. You then just remove the current prefix and select a new one.
  6. I've removed the link and added the photo directly to the post.
  7. Bought these many years ago to see how they compared to genuine air-tites. Clearing out some space so these are being given away and all you pay is postage + packaging. Since they're free, I'm not going to spend time and money packaging them neatly in large letter boxes and envelopes etc. Postage is a flat small parcel rate + 50p for packaging and I'll just bag them up, put them into a box and add padding. Current RM rate is £4.45 standard 1st and £3.35 standard 2nd. Add 50p for packaging and £1.10 if you want it signed-for. 300 X 38mm rimless direct fits 250 X 26mm rimless direct fits. (Air-tite A equivalent. You will need to obtain rings elsewhere if you want to use them for ringed caps. Sorry but i do not have spare rings to sell) 250 X 30.6mm almost rimless direct fits. These have a loop. WTF. (Air-tite T equivalent. You will need to obtain rings elsewhere if you want to use them for ringed caps. Sorry but i do not have spare rings to sell)
  8. Moving some bits which I'll list on eBay in a few weeks but thought I'd throw it up on here in case there are any collectors of Master Replicas or Star Wars. All items come complete with everything as received. Brown shipping carton and then all the bits and pieces include all the polystyrene, foam sheets, polybags and COA etc. Items are still currently on display but will be dusted before packing. Prices inc postage and payment by BT. Master Replicas Star Wars SW-108 Darth Maul Phantom Menace 1:1 - Might be some light toning and the O rings will have perished but can be easily replaced - £600 Master Replicas Star Wars SW-125 Rebel Blaster Episode IV 1:1 - £1000 Master Replicas Star Wars SW-122s Princess Leia Blaster Signature Edition Episode IV 1:1 - £3000
  9. Moved to the general discussion area as the trade section is for the actual sale of items and not for discussion threads. Please read the quick start guide before selling. Quickstart guide - Please read BEFORE trading on TSF
  10. We have a dedicated trade section for members to sell items. You can checkout the quick start guide here: UK QuickStart Guide You can use past sold prices on the forum as a rough guide to it's current worth.
  11. Moved to the general discussion area.
  12. Please keep discussion in the thread on topic.
  13. Welcome to the forums. A lot of the OG members here also started on the ss forum before Chris created this one.
  14. Moved to the US non graded trade section.
  15. I no longer sell the H32 direct fits and I'm currently out of stock of the H32 rings and also H tubes.
  16. Welcome to the forum. I've moved your first post to the new member section.
  17. I've removed your number from public view. If you wish to discuss things via phone, it is best to PM to other member with your number in order.
  18. Moved to graded section.
  19. Welcome to the forum. I've moved your introductory post to the new members section.
  20. Check ChrisSilver's post a little further up. All content on this thread is currently requires approval for the time being as it was going way off topic.
  21. Posts removed from silver price monitoring thread and into this new one since they are unrelated.
  22. Added pictures directly to forum so members don't have to click and open new pages.
  23. Not many people will want to deal with crypto payments. Unless they have your crypto of choice at hand and wanting to dispose off, there's no advantage in using crypto. If you are selling stuff on here then you would need to set terms of payment before hand. Easier for people to deal in fiat and then you can trade for whatever crypto you want at your end.
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