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  1. Great price I already have this coin. Good luck must go at that price 👍
  2. All excellent coins thanks for sharing 👍
  3. Not me might be a lovely coin? Unless I can put a fiver down and a £1 week Anyway I can enjoy the lucky people who can, because in all fairness the silver forum members they tend to share they joy and photos for all to see.
  4. For me I would slab a rare coin for selling further down the road. People can have peace mind if buying. And maybe a valuable coin if keeping in the family. Apart from that no I would not, this is my opinion only, every one is different and slab for many reasons.
  5. Should have used ebay people will love him.
  6. Yes maybe lose the teeth. Interesting thanks for the info 👍
  7. They are blaming each other, no responsibility or respect ashamed they should be. Ask Royal Mint for a new coin and compensation ie refund that cost you to get it slabed. Good luck.
  8. Hi I'm selling a the first in the collection of The Tower Of London collection. Legend of the Ravens. I purchased from the Royal Mint, its all there as normal ie coin box information booklet. The coin is gold proof 1/4oz £25 Edition limited of 800 With a maximum of 960 Weight 7.80g Alloy 999.9 fine gold Year 2019 First in the series Price £525 I will cover the delivery cost special delivery. Payment by PayPal f/f or Bank transfer Please contact me if interested. Cheers.
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