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  1. Someone selling them on ebay for £64.99...cant be much made on these sets..think ill give these ones a miss
  2. Jesus I may have to get mine out and slap it on eBay 🤔
  3. Yep I've learnt the hard way...all my coins I've been stacking have decreased in value since 2012 😪 should have sold at the peak.
  4. That's exactly why I flipped them instead of keeping them 😂 doubt they will increase much from the eBay prices..
  5. Can't see this set being in high demand as the 1st..most people just wanted Kew gardens..I manager to double my money on 2 sets so I'm happy..first time I've ever flipped something..feels good lol..think I could get used to this 😁
  6. I'm surprised the mint not doing a black box edition 😂
  7. Gutted...I knew I should've bought the BU sets also...oh well you win some you lose some..been offered £400 for my silver set so far but declined ..
  8. Going rate on eBay is £450 So doubt they sell you at £280😁
  9. Even coin connectionhave doubled there price since yesterday lol
  10. London coin are always double the going rate...I'm really surprised how they manage to sell anything..
  11. Got a couple of sets..probley flip one as the price seems too good not to.
  12. Just released today at 9am at Royal Mint 50 years of 50p including Kew gardens.. Silver proof mintage 1969 Gold proof mintage 75
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