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  1. Appreciate the genuine reply @GrahamDiamond I will definitely be trying that But I think I will be cutting my teeth on me nan’s silverware first! good luck with ya una
  2. So what would be ones process for coin spotting ?
  3. Nice one !! will definitely get back to you on this just got to work out where to start ! if you have any ideas as to some good entry coins to start this with then please feel free to send some suggestions overall plan is to have one good coin from each king/queen from the start of monarchs being shown on coins which I believe to be Alfred , but this strategy could change just as my initial strategy did when I first started in sovereigns 😆
  4. Am looking to buy a few Coins of England Pre-Decimal and hoping the forum can save me some leg work I’ve pre ordered the spink Coins of England 2021 Pre-Decimal book But if anyone has information on the best places to buy such coins, websites for references and all the etcs that be great ? Magpie79
  5. Played safe with silver proof 3 coin series, see what happens with them i would rather be in it, then looking in later on not a massive gamble Am thinking
  6. Thanks for that the listing has just been corrected Would you like to buy it now lol?
  7. 2015 24k Gold Proof Britannia 1/40th Ounce 50p Coin Coin Specifications- Date:2015 Denomination:50p Alloy:24 Carat solid Gold. Diameter:8mm. Weight:0.8g. Strike: Proof. low mintage F&F paypal and bank transfers only £70.00 SD postage included in the price many thank magpie79
  8. Gold Britannia 1/10 oz 22ct 1996 Bullion Coin with capsule has copper spotting shown in pictures £165 with sd delivery included sensibles offers considered F&F paypal and bank transfers payments only many thanks magpie79
  9. Willing to split ! £25 a coin plus postage of choice and risk it’s unlikely I can dispatch till late next week due to work
  10. Is this thread for the new Simpson’s coin ? Santa's little helper lol
  11. thanks for the advice everyone , good to hear mixed opinions . i agree silversurf as from what ive been seeing that once spotted its pointless grading but am now thinking to send them to be conserved and graded just so they the best they can be for future reference and hope for the best (advice from the forum) am not expecting high grades but its got to be worth a go. worse that can happen they will be sent back without grading its annoying seeing what these are going for atm and having two in hand, that could be only just better then spot lol !
  12. after looking at the photos on the latop i can see they are in pretty shocking condition ! but still be great if any advice could be given please don't advise them to be donated to backyard or ace to melted down as I've already considered this lol
  13. Afternoon Thread i have two una’s and am a little frustrated ! as the silver ones are doing so well atm and mine have shown spotting very early on one from RM and the other CC I had them from the day of release could anyone kindly let me if I graded them what to expect or would there not even be worth grading ? thanks in advanced for any help ! first one has spots by una’s head and the lions mouth. back of coin seems perfect second one has one spot at the bottom by Roman numeral and at the back of una , back of coin seems ok
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