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  1. 2015 24k Gold Proof Britannia 1/40th Ounce 50p Coin Coin Specifications- Date:2015 Denomination:50p Alloy:24 Carat solid Gold. Diameter:8mm. Weight:0.8g. Strike: Proof. low mintage F&F paypal and bank transfers only £85.00 SD postage included in the price many thank magpie79
  2. Gold Britannia 1/10 oz 24ct 1996 Bullion Coin with capsule has copper spotting shown in pictures £175 with sd delivery included F&F paypal and bank transfers payments only many thanks magpie79
  3. 2019 Woolly Mammoth Giants of the Ice Age 1oz Silver Minted by the Leipziger Edelmetallvararbeitung Mint, limited mintage of 15000 coins. five for sale, not wanting to spilt ATM .... £135.00 with sd delivery included F&F paypal & bank tranfers
  4. 2017..... 1/4 SOV 200th ANNIVERSARY NGC PF 70 £195 with SD INCLUDED IN COST many thanks magpie79 BOTH F&F PAYPAL & BANK TRANSFER PAYMENTS ACCEPTED
  5. You come to right place David magpie79
  6. Hello and welcome magpie79
  7. Welcome to the forum and “have a nice day “ magpie79
  8. Hi and welcome from sunny (at the moment ) London , England This is great place to be for pm’s , also lots of topics on here about personal finance and Stock investment !! Sounds like you may hav some good knowledge on this so maybe catch ya in the topics soon loving your coin guy series ! magpie79
  9. Sounds like the only thing to do with mine then , when the time is right is put them Fleabay with a honest description and hope for the best !!! But Going to wait for if and when a 2nd in the series comes around ! I could always give them to backyard they would look lovely melted down into one of hes globes lol
  10. I’ve got two silvers , 1 royal mint , 1 coin connection both now have spotting !!! Even with being in a airtight container with gel packs First coin for me that I was going to flip, so pretty gutted !!! Has any one Advice or suggestions on , conservations? Grading? What grade would it get ? Lost premiums? Effect on resale cost ? Or what to do with them Etc
  11. Fair point @AppleZippoandMetronome i brought two coins from the first release I didn’t see anything about later releases wish I did I would of waited to
  12. Interesting ! But dodgy tactics from the mint a little unfair for people that brought from the First release (especially 1oz gold buyers) that are thinking they had a best coin from that series
  13. O really , so how does one acquire such a thing ?(rm manager) @Mike that’s jokingly said in a very very posh voice, But in no ways p### taking just seems very fancy mike !!! 😉
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