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  1. Have to agree with Paul on this one but of course am still planing to get both the rm and Alderney silver version, maybe a gold version and will just enjoy the ride
  2. WARNING Please be aware, all posts in this thread could make it on the new great engravers series T-shirt range coming soon !! Lol
  3. Any news from over the pond on the 3rd yet ?
  4. as you can tell I have way to much time on my hands this morning! (Waiting for the kids to wake up )
  5. “£180 for 2oz of silver is a rip off “ In a medium red please Paul 😂 here’s my first post on the thread, I like to think I was on the fence with my opinion with a hint of optimism 😂
  6. I remember when this thread started I think a lot of what was said, would make great T-shirt quotes
  7. It’s obviously the price will keep rising Does any think the silver and gold version r still a good investment at the current highs ?
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