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  1. Completely understand there is a code of honour amongst dealers and people connected to the mint in one way or another. I also respect your integrity on this. I have no connection with said member other than they are a fellow member of the forum. I made my response purely on the fact I disagreed with what seemed to be an attempt at a name and shame (when really what was said was of no surprise to no one) Me pitching in all seems a bit pointless now and probably just adding weight to your accusations. You are both dealers, and it looks like I've got caught up in some sort of crossfire between you both. I wish you all a good day
  2. Seems like a educated guess to me and no secret to anyone on this thread I think you have let the cat out of the bag by saying his leaked privileged information
  3. Appreciate your opinion and professionalism but surely you could of done this via private messaging seems to me your waving your balls around for everyone to see
  4. Cute 2016, 1 gram gold pandas in original mint packaging idea stocking fillers 🎅 £75 each plus post at own risk and choice Four for sale
  5. We are not playing poker ♣️ here tell us ! 😂
  6. It a very fine picture haha I missed your previous thread, so thanks for link ! well you heard it here first ! Una fairy tree toppers
  7. is the sketching a true likeness lol ? also where would one be able to acquire a una Christmas decoration ? it looks amazing !! also does una happen to come as a Christmas fairy for the top of the tree to ? lol
  8. Only got into the beasts late on and got imp the best of series greyhound, griffin, and the completer can’t see myself chasing this one, think rm fail with this and the mario kart reference early in the thread sums this one up perfectly! plus Hedging all my funds for a busy next fews months with new sovereign on route and possibly a third engravers this year also but each to their own though and good luck to all
  9. Am slightly concerned That a U.K. based coin forum failed to find the design of a U.K. coin first before the Germans did ? What’s all that about !
  10. cheers bully can’t help ya sorry mate, can’t remember where I left it i tried finding it last weekend and here’s what my cctv pick up of me 😂
  11. Won this in a auction for £750, strangely no one was bidding on it, can’t think why 😂 definitely some profit to be had on it I love it, so it will be buried in the garden with the rest of them
  12. In this great hobby of ours, we all ride the white knuckle roller-coaster of coin expectancies. Some of us go onto fly great heights, while others fly just too close to the sun only to burn their wings lets use this thread to congratulate the successful and commiserate the failings of our fellow forum member's. my heights: a roll of queen annes revenge £24 each now easy £100 plus each, 2 silver unas from the mint now both graded pf69 my fails : lots but my worse is 3 graces alderney £1000. be lucky to get £450 on a good day
  13. He has Greta in his pocket ! Enough said I think Andrew introduce them 😂
  14. He’s political views are definitely questionable ! we are certainly due a new tyrant king 👑 😂
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