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  1. Ah ha! The (in)famous Three Grazes coin....
  2. If they stick with W.Wyon, his St. George or Flora would both be amazing...
  3. 2002 Half Sovereign. Snagged at an auction this week.. bought blind but got it at a fair price.
  4. Happy to announce the arrival of The Grace Triplets - all intact and lovely and with a CofA #0030. Yay!
  5. Same here... Phew! Royal Mail ... hope it doesn't rain on delivery day...
  6. Stunning EIC 2019 1oz Japanese Trade Dollar proof
  7. 2017 stash - Sovereign, Piedfort, SOTD and quarter. Looking to add half, double and quintuple...
  8. I'm a sucker for nice proof silver Brittanias... 2013 next on my list....
  9. Sheesh... what an emotional rollercoaster!!
  10. Wont be me as I don't know where to upload my pictures to or how embed them in a post yet... yes, I'm new here.. and Flickr doesn't work that well.
  11. Oooh 'Eck... my order has just moved from Open to Closed..... with the price tag still in place and all three of my one coin ordered still in place. Fingers crossed and butt clenched... Yes I've been checking every 30 minutes or so - pretty sad considering its just 40 quid's worth of Silver...
  12. They did change Lawrence - to a dynamic rules based system that adapts according to need.. clever stuff.
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