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    Victorian pre-1900 silver crowns and silver Morgans. QB.
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    Queens Beasts, Lunar (UK) and a collection of other proofs.
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    Gold, Silver and Platinium

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  1. Hi, interested to know if anyone is selling one of these special coins in good condition and what price they are prepared to sell for. I just love the history, I believe it’s the only French coin that the British mint made, in fact no sovereigns were made that year as all gold reserves when into making these so they could be shipped over and used by the British to trade in France as they attacked Napoleon’s troops.
  2. Saw a couple bullion grade QB 1oz pop on the forum the other day.
  3. Nice 5oz!! I bit the bullet and bought em’ all 1/4 and 2ounce proofs… … hell they offered me the 5oz gold. £13-14k 😕 … now that’s too rich for my blood!
  4. What you pay for the 3 coin if you mind me asking. Feel free to PM me … wish I had got the 1989 4 coin set when it first came out… would have got about 5 sets I think!!
  5. This arrived today. Proof edition of Britannia. Under £4K. Only 250 editions ever issued. Nice! .. next stop cool storage till I get a better offer!
  6. Looking forward a 10oz QB W.Horse. The last release of 10oz QB. £300 prepared to pay. Look me up if interested to sell.
  7. Nice! Where did you get that box mate! And what do you call that tool that you used to cut the holes.
  8. Hi, I think I will take it as is if you can bring it to £400. Challenge with new case is it won’t match the original design cap. will it?
  9. Sorry just confirming is that a chip in plastic casing? Just PMed.
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