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  1. I was speaking to goldsmiths the other day... they have seen a massive rise in the price of their rings in platinum, which is more than gold. I thought this fascinating given platinum is cheaper than gold. Then again it has an incredibly high melting point and I have been advised its a pig to cast/shape due to high temperatures required. Yer, the royal mint, a law unto themselves. Took me 3 months to get coin from them... maybe 4. ;/
  2. Hi Looking at good prices available on 1 ounce coins from the UK Mint. I am looking for CGT free coins, hence the UK Royal Mint.
  3. Hi everyone, given that the recent change in the mint storage policy I only thought it fitting share this with everyone on TSF. I bought £150 of Coins on the understanding I could continue to add to this stack then pay a delivery fee if £50 and get them posted over to me in the future. Today I was advise policy has changed, no storage anymore. So I am saying be warned. I can only make one more purchase to which they will add the existing £150 order, ie. It needs to be a big one to be worth while. My thoughts... going back to gold silver.be. At least their prices a
  4. Hi looking for a coin like that in the picture. Does anyone have one? And the price if you do?
  5. Looking for Morgan’s and peace dollars for great prices. Please PM with your images and prices. Many thanks.
  6. Victorian crowns and other silver crowns pre-1900 required. Many thanks.
  7. Where did you procure this beauty from? The royal mint direct?
  8. I think you will find some bullion dealers selling much lower and £25 a ounce today.
  9. ? Sorry confused. Asked for 100g bar a month or so ago, then a few weeks back.. and you advised to wait for list coming out for numbers? Sorry am I already on this list??
  10. Nothing on European mint or the royal mints website yet about the grey hound. They have released the year of the ox proofs though
  11. Silverman2U

    completed (By Platinum Member) Big 5 2019 1oz Silver Elephant

    Yep thats £50 on here every day of the week. I just score some of the last rhinos for £50 a coin.
  12. Silverman2U

    completed (By Platinum Member) Big 5 2019 1oz Silver Elephant

    Jezz. That was a deal. Just saw now!
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