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  1. PayPal and ebay wrong on so many levels. ;/ PayPal takes 10% I believe Of everything unless you use ‚Äúfriends and family‚ÄĚ, then no charge, but also no security to the buyer. No refund protection. They take there cut start away on a sale. Ebay in conjunction take their cut later on a monthly basis they charge their fees on the sale 10-15% I think? They also have other listing fees, fees for if you want reserves, fees for if you want other things that make your add standout etc... fee after fee... I need to buy some shares in them. You can‚Äôt loose, only the seller looses... 25%! ... and that‚Äôs before HMRC put their hand out next for tax!! Lol.
  2. Just in... Elton John 1oz. Very nice coin! Limited to 7,500. I love the colour, makes it pop!
  3. That was a great deal. Just missed it Congrats.
  4. Called the mint the next day ...sold out in one morning. Given there were 7500 at around £95 a pop. They netted around £712,500k. Then the 500 limited £195 2oz. So another £97k... then there is the non silver coins. So probably close to £1million sold in a few hours... not bad for a mornings work eh’ Added 0 minutes later... Love the ducat... got one myself. Is that a restrike?
  5. Just got another 10oz coaster to add of the stock pile ...
  6. Just got some more coins... including the limited edition 5oz 007. Limited to 500 coins! Sweet! What do people think? Added 0 minutes later... Very nice!
  7. Hi looking for the following coins in silver. Thought try the forum and get a feel for the prices here. Looking to buy Elton silver 1oz for around £85 Falcon of Plantagenet 10oz silver coin in case for around £200. and Queen 2oz silver coin. Open to suggestions.
  8. Yes checked the bill! Heart attack avoided! Big thanks to @Paul and @silverdocket really appreciate that support. Many thanks. Your both superstars!! Many thanks.
  9. Actually it was a couple days back but thought I would share still all the same. 3 beautiful Mexican ladies came to stay with me! ... and a few Americans
  10. Are they £19 or £20? Title seems to imply £19? Just checking. Could be interested. Thanks.
  11. Sorry no. Britannia’s are CGT free, I like that about them.
  12. Yes. 999.9 From royal mint. See my reviews if you have any concerns. Added 0 minutes later... Bump
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