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  1. Having waited a few weeks On thus 5oz I find myself posting it back, along with the 10x 2oz proof QB set I have with milk marks. I have been getting some feedback that milk marks are coming up on proof QB coins months later. 5oz has a scratch /brush mark which is pretty obvious in picture. Can you find it? Those buying silver in QB proof or Tudor QB proof silver series be very careful! You only gave a few weeks maybe month in which to return your coins to the mint.
  2. Hmmm. I think if there are that number of similar animals in the set there just are. Let’s hope the designs are different. Yes only time will tell on value.
  3. You’ll get there. Bit by bit, makes it more fun collecting one or 2 here and there as a deal comes up.
  4. Actually Yesterday, I received 2oz… to add to my 1oz and 1/4 ounce from last week. Nice looking coins. To storage they go…
  5. Damn should have got that 1/4 ounce. Got the 2oz instead though so that’s a beauty!
  6. Hi all, looking sigma verifier. One that is located in U.K. ideally. I can’t be dealing with this £400 customs tax either on an item. Mini pro or sigma pro. Please PM of you can help or have any ideas. I am not phased if second hand and has a scarp here and there, just needs to work.
  7. It’s nice for me to see some competition in the market place that gives another more affordable option to the hobbyists out there. the only somewhat afford option is a sigma metalytics device, since leaving EU and pandemic these device are well above the £1000 mark if you can even get one!
  8. Yup. I looked at list on coin cabinet. They start their reserve at 10% below spot price a believe, no matter the coin! 😕 … a numismatics nightmare if you ask me.
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