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    Victorian pre-1900 Silver crowns & Morgan dollars. Great deals on 1oz Britannias (Ag,Au & Pt).
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  1. Hi got this 1oz gold bat for sale! Lets see if it goes for £1570 + post (Current spot + 5%)
  2. Maybe put a couple more pictures up with case face gently removed? Looks like waves to milk marks on the obverse side looking at this coin?
  3. Got some better/close up pics. If you do split could be interested.
  4. PS. If this deal is done you may want to edit and change from “Sale” to “completed” to clean up feed. Thanks.
  5. Have the following for sale. Anyone interested ping me a message Oy on sale today to pick my ISA (if I can for right price). Britannias 2021 by tube of 25 (only tubes) in great condition, no obvious milking to me with the naked eye but still officially selling as bullion. now £625 a tube! Winston Churchill. 5oz silver proof. Case is a slight crack. Some very mild tarnishing coming in on coin. Comes with COA and box. Lovely coin. Limited edition. £350 + post 2021. QB 10oz White Lion of England. I have just taken out of Royal Mint wrapping to take this picture (the capsule is NOT scratched, as is the case with a lot of this I have picked up along the way). £350 + post
  6. Nice coin. Wish you luck. Someone sold one on flee-bay the other day for £548 (with post) but it was a 70 grade (came with certificate and box too).
  7. A few coins arrived today… ordered 1+ months ago. Damn the RM seems slow 🤔… Also not sure on the 1oz Henry the 7th… think the coins look small… should have flattened them more and increased diameter, would be more in keeping with design of original. What does everyone else think?
  8. Hi interested now to know what coin this houses. I tried old brit 2013 I believe but did not fit. I know it’s not the new 2022 tube so not sure how many times they changed the tube size. Your thoughts?
  9. Hi Looking for a tube of silver Brits in great condition. £575 mark including post and RM tube. PM me if interested.
  10. Comparing silver to platinum…. And platinum to platinum. @BackyardBullion eat ya’ heart out 2oz & 10oz silver… 1oz to 3oz platinum… The 3oz is definately a special chunk! It’s also too heavy to stay up in the case with the magnetic attachment at 45 deg alone cos’ it’s too heavy. Clearly this was over looked by the U.K. mint 🤔 … I have propped it up in picture on back inside of case to get picture.
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