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    Basildon, UK
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    Victorian pre-1900 silver crowns and silver Morgans. QB.
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    Queens Beasts, Lunar (UK) and a collection of other proofs.
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    Gold, Silver and Platinium

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  1. Today I received something very special... of to vaulted storage it goes. 1989. Special stuff.
  2. Yes, I have to agree that design is lovely. I got a 4 coin silver proof set of them.
  3. Love those 4 Durat coins... even if they are not CGT free.
  4. Move on. I bought over £30k from them and my last experience involved getting a 1 kg proof that was tarnished. Their advice. Use an eraser on it!? Morons. Wouldn't use again.
  5. Looking for pre-1900 Victorian crowns. looking for about 20+ Thanks in advance.
  6. Just think how much more you would have though if you sunk it into crypto back then ... and then bought this silver back at a higher price now. Still be quids in
  7. Got a spare Wolverine for sale? Spare Wolverine for sale?
  8. Just these in from Power coin. Was looking for ages. These coins are the coolest ever!! the gold records ... very cool. May put one up for sale at some point. .
  9. Beautiful. Did you have the red box to go with it? Check out ebay I bought the bronze coin, a few of them and swooped out the bronze for the silver. I believe they all used the same boxes, with a little push button latch. Had to get not damaged.
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