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  • I am interested in
    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
  • My current Stack/Collection is mainly
  • What I am collecting / Investing in
    Since starting my strategy has evolved. I think most stackers start off a bit directionless, buying a bit of everything, I was no different. Now my focus is on building my bullion stack to a set level before venturing back into semi-numismatics and high premium collectables. Focusing mainly on sovereign bullion in both gold and silver.
    For collecting, I have started a world coin silver collection. I'm trying to get examples of circulated silver coinage used throughout the world.
  • Coin series I have completed
    As I'm still relatively new to stacking/ collecting I haven't completed any yet. Once the last Queens Beast comes out I will have.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    At the moment it consists mainly of sovereigns and gold coins of the LMU for gold, and Maples, Britannias, Philharmonics and ASEs for silver.

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  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! A Look Back & What's to Come
  3. @Tattoedamat @Derv @Troy77 Thank you very much gentlemen. Much appreciated 🙂
  4. Re-pours of 8,9&10 now finished and pictures above in the original post. I think they are much more in keeping with the style of the original 7, so round off the first series of 10 nicely. Thank you all so much that have commented in this thread. It's really fired me up to continue and improve.
  5. Bars #4 & #6 now gone. I am remaking #8,9 & 10 to fit more with the previous 7. These last 3 are a bit more 'dramatic' so will go into another series I'm planning. I'll leave them available for now till I've finished the re-do 🙂
  6. Once again, thank you so much for the feedback guys. I will work on my presentation skills next. I clearly need to do some better photography and lighting. As a follow up, now #5 has gone too 😀
  7. @Troy77thank you so much. #7 is yours! 🙂 @Peterheatthank you buddy. If I don't have any left I'll make one especially for you 😉
  8. It's all great feedback, seriously, and thank you all for taking the time to comment. As suggested, here's a few more pics of bar #5 showing all the stamping (all bars stamped similarly). I only have my phone for photos, so I'm a bit limited by the quality of the photos.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I have looked into hallmarking in Hungary. Unfortunately it's much more complex over here then in the UK. I will need to attend a jewellery making course, obtain a licence and then be able to hallmark. I will do it next year as I find it a great hobby and it seems like I'll be in Hungary for the next few years as a minimum. Honestly though I don't think my pictures do the bars justice. As a collector of poured silver I would be happy to own one of them, but as you say Roy "It's a tough crowd". I'll have to up my game 🙂
  10. Thank you for the feedback. Honestly it's much appreciated. Back to the drawing board then 🙂
  11. I guess I'll bump this again. Sad that there's been no takers from TSF. Appreciate any feedback as to why they are not selling
  12. I'm posting from outside the UK, so that's not an option. Tracked postage will be £7.60 anywhere in the EU.
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