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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Since starting my strategy has evolved. I think most stackers start off a bit directionless, buying a bit of everything, I was no different. Now my focus is on building my bullion stack to a set level before venturing back into semi-numismatics and high premium collectables. Focusing mainly on sovereign bullion in both gold and silver.
    For collecting, I have started a world coin silver collection. I'm trying to get examples of circulated silver coinage used throughout the world.
  • Coin series I have completed
    As I'm still relatively new to stacking/ collecting I haven't completed any yet. Once the last Queens Beast comes out I will have.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    At the moment it consists mainly of sovereigns and gold coins of the LMU for gold, and Maples, Britannias, Philharmonics and ASEs for silver.

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  1. For Sale is 10 x .999 1 ozt silver coins/ rounds. Included are: * 2 x 2020 NIUE Mythosaur * 2019 Germania * 2019 Allegories - Germania/Britannia * Australia 2012 Year of the Dragon * Australia 2020 Sumatran Tiger * Australia 2020 Redback Spider * Australia 1993/1994/2020 Kangeroo Coins may have toning or milk spots. Asking price €300, delivered tracked. BT preferred.
  2. Bump. Silver has jumped in price, but this is still €100 delivered, a bargain!!!
  3. #001 Hammered Copper Bar for sale. 10.5ozt of .999 pure copper. Hammered matt finish. Comes with COA. Asking price €35 (including post.) BT preferred.
  4. For Sale is a lovely mix of French coins. There are 2 main types, the 83.5% 50 Centimes and 1 Franc coins; and the 68% 10 Franc coins. These coins were minted between 1898 and 1939. There is approximately 214g of 83.5% silver coins, with an approximate Actual Silver Weight of 179g. There is approximately 161g of 68% silver coins, with an approximate Actual Silver Weight of 109g. The combined Actual Silver Weight is approximately 288g. Spot is currently €0.75. So price is €216 +post
  5. Approximately 411g of Netherlands 72% Silver, 1 gulden coins up for grabs. There is a mix of the older, larger coins (10g each), and the newer smaller ones (6.5g each.) The approximate Actual Silver Weight is 296g. Spot is currently €0.73/g. So the price is €216 +post. BT.
  6. This lot is for 404g of silver coins from the Netherlands. It has 164g of 64% 10 & 25c coins, and 240 of 72% 1 Gulden coins. Approx. total actual silver weight is 277.7g. Mixed condition, but there are some very nice condition coins in this lot Price €202 + post. BT.
  7. Below is a selection of world silver coins. Priced individually. Post not included. BT. * Australia 50c - €9 each * Belgium 50f - €8.50 each * Netherlands 2 1/2 Gulden - €9 each * Mexico Un Peso - €3.50 each * Spain 100 pts - €11.50 * Maria Theresa Thaler - €18 If you have any questions please ask.
  8. Last chance to grab this lot at Spot before I remove it from sale.
  9. Bump. Still have 2 x 10 coin bundles up for grabs.
  10. I have 10 x 2020 1oz Silver Maples for sale. €25.00 each. BT.
  11. Was just doing some tidying and came across this beauty. This is from my first set of pours, and the last one I have from this series. Comes with COA. Still just asking for €100 shipped EU wide.
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