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  1. Super happy with today’s delivery. special thanks to @trp and @Goldfinga for sending these well wrapped. Beautiful coins.
  2. I’m gonna take it to my local jewellery shop and have him fix it. thanks for pointing this out.
  3. Bought this beauty. it’s a present for my daughter. Need to get a chain now.
  4. Hi. I am looking to purchase the above coins. If anyone is interested in selling,please PM me
  5. Newly graded half sovereigns modern sovereign labels 1984 PF68 £265 plus postage 1986 PF68 £265 plus postage 2004 PF70 £320 plus postage no box or Coa. these coins were part of a 3 coin set from Royal mint. if bought together I will include the box and SD postage coins in hand thanks for looking
  6. Newly graded 2009 quarter sovereign Modern sovereign label cones with box and coa £195 plus postage coin in hand thanks
  7. Newly graded 2017 strike on the day ,plain edge sovereign. Modern sovereign label £SOLDplus postage coin in hand thanks for looking
  8. 1981 proof sovereign comes with box and coa. Looks to be in good condition. 1978 bullion sovereign comes in a capsule and is graded as an (aEF , by chards)please note: I paid extra for this grade. both coins were purchased from chards this year. price completed each plus postage If both are purchased together,I will pay SD postage
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