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  1. Was making sure these were mine before I showed them on the forum. 2000krugerrand gold proof 1997 Eagle platinum proof 1998 koala platinum proof 1887 🇬🇧 crown cant wait to receive these. Maybe will sell on TSF
  2. Last but not least,Marvel Spider-Man. The census is pretty high ,but Never seen one graded before.
  3. A newly graded coinfrom NGC. not usually seen graded.
  4. Today I received a 2021 sovereign and a 2016 Canadian peregrine falcon.
  5. Hi. I am looking for the above 1oz silver bullion bar/coin. please let me know if you are selling. thank you
  6. I’m looking for silver bullion or proof libertad 1oz. if anyone is selling please get in touch thanks
  7. I have for sale 2009 proof quart sovereign with box and coa. condition is excellent. price £130 posted signed for 1st class
  8. Looking for the above. If anyone is selling at a reasonable price ,let me know. thanks
  9. Iv had many coins graded but ultimately I feel raw coins have a different presence about them. I think there is to much hype around graded coins. Best to keep them raw and boxed.
  10. I never noticed until you said. NGC do it the correct way.
  11. Stunning coins. Beautiful Excellent price. Iv seen these selling for over £1700
  12. I still have the 2002 and 2017 available. Will probably send these off to auction in a couple of months The 2002 was £510. Not £520. Sorry
  13. I usually just delete the price. but I will let you know what I had them listed for 2016 sovereign £660 2002 sovereign £520 2020 half sovereign £360 2017 plain edge sovereign £1090
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