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  1. Received these back from Russel. First time getting grading done. Really happy with the results. This grading business is a bit addictive. I was like a kid in candy store when I got them. Lol
  2. Absolutely beautiful. Must have been difficult to get all the years. Well done
  3. Hi. I have 3 platinum coins recently graded by Numistacker. I should receive these within a few days. will upload more pictures as soon as received thanks for looking lion ms70 £1245 Census one of four Beaufort ms70 £1245 census only this one falcon ms68 £995 Inclusive of special delivery
  4. Hi. I have a recently graded 2002 sovereign proof set for sale. It has had conservation and graded by ngc. Numistacker should hopefully be posting this back to me tomorrow. grade double pf70, full pf69, half pf70 new modern sovereign labels comes with box ,certificate and empty capsules. price £2350 inclusive of special delivery Any questions welcome please note. The pictures are the ones received from Russel. Once I have the coins (next week) I will upload more pictures with my name and date
  5. I have sent a maple and rectangular dragon for grading. Both 2020. Maple ms69 ,dragon ms70. Both with Numistacker. Should receive them soon. Let me know if they are of interest to you?? Thanks
  6. I have 3 2016 Mrs tiggy winkle 50p proof coins for sale. Plus a 2018 Paddington bear 50p pf70 I have shown a picture for one coin, if interested I will upload the rest. price £60each (2016 tiggy winkle)plus p&p of your choice. price £70 (2018 Paddington) plus p&p of your choice thanks for looking
  7. This coin looks absolutely beautiful. Iv never seen it looking so perfect.
  8. I have for sale 2018 silver Britannia oriental 1oz proof PF69 UC with certificate. No box price £65 plus delivery of your choice 2018 queens beast black bull of Clarence 1oz proof. PF69 UC ,one of 250 struck with certificate and booklet. No box price £85 plus delivery of your choice
  9. I have for sale 2 x 2018 silver dragon early release coins. graded as PF70 UC £160 for both , plus postage of your choice thanks for looking
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