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  1. Recently decided to buy some jewellery. A 999 platinum shield,with an 18” platinum chain and a 9ct gold bracelet. will probably trade for coins eventually.
  2. Gypsy

    completed Gold

    Platinum cuff sold. Gold pendant and chain still available
  3. I would send it back. Recently these types of proofs have been losing value and you may not be able to make your money back. Hope that helps.
  4. Gypsy

    completed Gold

    Hi everyone. I haven’t posted here in a while. Was taking a break from coins. I have bought some jewellery recently and thought I would list it here. I have a 24k gold chain 18” hallmarked. price £799 plus postage £7 999 platinum bracelet Medium to large. Hallmarked. See size below. £2250. I have re listed this as the buyer was looking to purchase this from me in a few weeks. (Was looking to sell it sooner) bar pendant 24k 9.55g £750 i waited a long time for these from the manufacturer and they are absolutely stunning. Have not tried these on. will be supplied with certificates. please note. I am selling these very close to what I paid.
  5. Received this 9ct gold locket. Lovely design. Will add a chain and attach pics.
  6. Looking to purchase a 2012 full gold proof sovereign. Ungraded and In good condition. Ready to purchase today. please pm if you are selling. thanks done thanks
  7. Wow. What a grade. Don’t think will ever see another one of these. Beautiful
  8. I am selling a 2015 sovereign proof set. consists of double,full half and quarter 250 label mahogany box price £sold delivered sd please pm if interested I will receive a notification Thanks for looking
  9. Hi. I am looking for a couple of silver chains. if anyone is selling ,let me know please. thanks
  10. Stick to TSF and ebay ,when they have 80% discount on fees. Best way to go. lost a lot of money selling on coin cabinet auction. Like Marco Pierre says”choice is yours”
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