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  1. Nice coin James. Mine is still stuck at Exeter sorting office 🤣
  2. As far as I can see the edition limits for the Hogwarts Express are the same as they were for the first Harry Potter coin.
  3. Next coin in the series is released by the Royal Mint at 9am this morning - Hogwarts Express. It will be interesting to see the mintages. I still believe in this series and will be buying.
  4. I am hoping that someone can clarify this situation with Metro bank’s terms and conditions. What does it matter to them as to what you store in your safe deposit box (within reason and not illegal) as they don’t insure the contents?
  5. Keep the faith guys. It is a great design and the first King Charles III sovereign. Or maybe don’t and go for a refund, then the mintage will be lower 😉 🤣
  6. Good morning Adrian. Do you have an update on what is left please? Thanks.
  7. In my humble opinion it is a great design and it should look great in hand. The top buys were the four and five coin sets with the more limited mintages for the double and five sovereigns. Who knows what the future holds but I would hope that these will be a good medium to long term investment. I agree with others that they may have a slow start but would be surprised if they go down in value at any stage. I am looking forward to receiving mine and I am led to believe that this may be the second or third week of December so not too long to wait. An early Christmas present for myself! 😊
  8. Was mintage really only 53? Seems very low.
  9. Thanks for sharing Paul. I wasn’t aware that this coin will be released today. I will be interested to see the sets.
  10. Now withdrawing but anyone interested can still contact me. Thanks to those who have shown an interest already.
  11. Hi everyone, I have for a sale a 1oz gold bullion 2022 Tudor Beasts Lion of England. 1st in the gold bullion series. I was going to collect the Tudor Beasts series in 1/4oz and 1oz gold bullion coins but have decided that collecting the 1oz as well is unrealistic so sticking with just the 1/4oz. Therefore this coin is now for sale. Selling as bullion condition to avoid disappointment. The coin for sale is the one shown in the photos. Price is £1,595 plus postage of buyer’s choice and risk. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family please. Many thanks for your interest.
  12. If any one wants to buy it I can retrieve it from the bank tomorrow 😊
  13. Maybe because it is a memorial sovereign they only want to sell it during the year of the Queen’s death?
  14. I will be very surprised if they don’t all sell out by the end of December. It is a great design and the first King Charles III sovereign. I have no regrets about my purchases. These will be a great investment for the future.
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