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  1. Still looking for a 2009 Kew Gardens, preferably in a set.
  2. Any 2009 Royal Mint annual coin sets out there at all? It is the one that includes the original Kew Gardens Thanks.
  3. That is a very good point. I was also doubtful about the relevance of the wren. I still like the design though and the portrait of Queen. I believe that it will be a popular coin and one to keep for the future.
  4. I really like the coin so have taken the plunge and purchased it in a silver proof set, base metal executive proof set and basic bullion set. 😊
  5. Good evening everyone, Would be interested to know your views on the design of the new Royal Mint 50th anniversary of decimal day 50p which will only be available in the annual sets? Thanks, Chris
  6. All now sold subject to payment. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  7. 1 roll of Tower Bridge and 1 roll of Big Ben coins sold and awaiting payment. Only 1 roll of Trafalgar Square and 1 roll of Tower Bridge now left.
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