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  1. Weekend Bump I have two of these and will be keeping one for myself. The photos are of one of these, but not necessarily the one that you will receive.
  2. Last price reduction. Now £480 plus postage at buyer’s choice and risk.
  3. Thanks very much. That is very helpful. All the best, Chris
  4. Thanks for your answer Seasider. So VAT exempt gold coins wouldn’t count towards the total. Good news.
  5. There has been a question on my mind for a little while now - at what point does someone need to be VAT registered? I believe that you can sell goods or services to a value up to £85,000 without being VAT registered. I assume that silver and platinum is included as they are VATable, but what about British gold coins? British gold coins are exempt of VAT, but does their sale count towards the £85,000? If someone could provide some clarification then that will be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. Here are a couple of photos of the Queen’s head by popular demand and a close up of the other side. Price now reduced to £480 plus postage at buyer’s choice and risk. This is my lowest price. Thanks for your interest.
  7. Thanks both. No problem at all. It is a lovely coin. I like the design a lot.
  8. Good morning. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it is the Queen’s head on the other side. Would you like a photo?
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