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  1. I am also looking to buy from goldsilver.be but silver 1 oz coins. I am assuming that I will need to pay 20% VAT, but will there be any other charges? Thanks.
  2. I would agree if it wasn’t for the Queen’s age and length of service.
  3. I agree with you about the colour, but believe that they will be a good investment for the future.
  4. Did anyone buy a gold one and have some photos? I am still not convinced by the design, but seem to be outnumbered with my view 😊
  5. Thanks for the photos. Are you pleased with it? Is there much detail to the design?
  6. My vote is definitely with the Queen’s Beasts!
  7. Anyone received one of these yet and able to share some photos?
  8. Not sure that I like the design, but have a bit of FOMO. I may change my mind tomorrow morning, but am feeling that I won’t be buying at the moment. The series is far too similar to the Queen’s Beasts and you would have hoped that the Royal Mint would have come up with something more original, especially with such a short time having passed after the Queen’s Beasts series finished.
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for safe deposit box insurance and idea of cost per thousand? Thanks.
  10. The more variations around the same theme issued by the Royal Mint unfortunately simply devalues the coins already produced and make them less special. Such a shame.
  11. I was also lucky enough to receive an invite, but turned it down due to work commitments. Didn’t realise that you could take your wife as well. I thought that the invite was for just one person. If I knew this I may have taken the afternoon off work to attend.
  12. Great collection! I also store my coins in a safe deposit box. The safest way.
  13. Thanks very much. I have some very good input from silver forum members, but haven’t chosen one yet so will send you a message.
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