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  1. Yeah my 2oz not arrived yet, invoice in the coins that arrived stated that if you had ordered more then they are on their way
  2. Got my 1oz, 5oz & 1/4oz today.. the 5oz has to go back sadly, marks on the obverse near the G. Wick 🙁
  3. @marianO has a couple of 1/4 QB’s for sale in the EU section
  4. Let me introduce you to this big girl 🤠 Many thanks to @Chrispringle85for letting her lodge with me for a while, everyone should have one of these beauties.. Even if it’s just to clobber someone with. 🙃
  5. Hi, have you any other 1/4 gold beasts for sale?
  6. Hi Folks, I have a couple of Sovs & a 1/2 Sov for sale. All bullion & in capsules. 2021 £320 & post 1885 £325 & post SOLD 1912 1/2 £165 & post SOLD
  7. Hi Folks, I have a couple of graded Sovereigns I am selling. 1886M VF35. £365 2000 PF69. £420. With box & COA SOLD Both & post, I will cover SD post if both are bought together I have attached some pics, if you require any more please ask.
  8. Hi Folks, I have a tube of 25 Maples & a tube of 20 Philharmonica’s for sale. They are 2017 & are bullion grade. See attached pics, I can take more pics if required. There is also a tube of 2021 Maples & a tube of 2021 Krugs for sale which are not pictured but can supply on request. Maples are £565 & posted SD SOLD Krugs are £565 & posted SD SOLD Phillies are £450 posted SD . Cheers
  9. Hi Folks, I have 5 Sovereigns for sale- All bullion 1892 / 1928 / 2015 / 2016 / 2021 £325 + post or £1620 posted SD for them all. Any further pics on request, they all look in grand condition.
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