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  1. Folks, These don’t appear for sale too often. Mintage 1250 2018 1/4 Gold Lib MS68. No marks or blemishes that I can see, hard to price as they don’t come up that often. Price £480 posted SD - FIRM More pics if required
  2. Folks I’m going to withdraw these coins. To be honest I don’t feel it’s right to critic another members sale, if these aren’t for you then that’s grand, but do you really need to post a comment saying why you don’t like them? It’s a members sale not a discussion topic. if you feel they are overpriced then by all means say so. As they are below rrp then they clearly are not overpriced.
  3. Well I’m still within the 6 month window so there’s still hope 🙃 both are priced below rrp at the moment… Will give it a few more months then will withdraw & wait for gold to hit 2K /oz 🕺
  4. OK now these are £740 posted SD for both… How the Hector are these still here 🙈
  5. Anyone before withdrawing? £750 delivered for both? Thats under rrp
  6. Now £765 posted SD for both … Less than cost price never mind the grading… Anyone?
  7. Hi folks.. I don’t normally sell my Libs but need to let some spares go.. These beauties are rarer than hens teeth & all have a low mintage, all proof coins in stunning condition & the bullion are in fantastic nick too. 2018 2oz Proof - Mintage 5000 £125 2019 2oz Proof - Mintage 2750 £145 2019 5oz Proof - Mintage 2500 £240 2020 1oz Bullion x 4 Mint 300k £35 each (pics if required) All + post
  8. All still available… Do your 12hr shift then pick one up later 😝
  9. Went in, had a look then left…. Not for me, bet they go for a fortune in a few years then 🙃
  10. Make it Friday @James32 doing the marathon on Sunday 🙃
  11. Price drop on the 1996 PF69 UCAM £525 posted
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