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  1. New editions to my wee pile of Libs... Love these damn things 😎
  2. Sorry folks, i'm based in Northern Ireland so the VAT does not apply at the moment
  3. Hi, I have an order on the way from EM. It works out at £1 per coin for delivery. 50oz = €60 using capital logistics.. Anything between 1-2kg = €60 Under 1kg around €35 EM charge €15 handling fee but if you email them & ask for some discount they normally give you €15.
  4. Hi folks. I have 2 tubes of 2021 Britannia’s @ £685 posted SD each tube. BOTH SOLD Would rather not split the tubes but will split into 10s @ £280 + post if they aren’t shifting 4 off Brits @ £29 each + post Coins are bullion grade but are in good condition. Payment via bank transfer or bakebook f&f 😎
  5. Used them many times & they are top notch 😎
  6. Withdrawing at 5pm if no interest folks
  7. Cheltenham gold cup bump
  8. Last price reduction folks
  9. St Patrick’s day price reduction ☘️
  10. Hi folks, I have 5 off extra QBs that are for sale. They are bullion grade, some have slight toning but are otherwise in decent condition. Please add postage to the price. Black Bull of Clarence £70 White Horse of Hanover £55 Lion of Mortimer SOLD Falcon £77 Yale £62 All for 4 £260 posted SD Bank transfer of PayPal f&f Thanks for looking & apologies for the distinct lack of David Bailey with the pics 😎
  11. 2021 1/4 oz Gold Britannia £353 delivered with the RM.. 🤠
  12. Hi folks, I have 4 x 1oz Silver bullion for sale. All purchased on the forum 1 x 1999 Britannia- in a sealed pack but has toning 1 x 2017 Trident Privy Britannia in a slab - looks in good condition to me 1 x 2015 Canadian Hawk - good condition 1 x 30th Anniversary Maple. - Lovely condition Apologies for the shocking pics.. Though I am available for Weddings & Funerals 😎 I am looking £120 + postage of buyers choice. Any questions please feel free to ask, ultimately I would like to sell as one lot but will spilt if not sold. Cheers
  13. Hi folks.. I am on the lookout for a couple of boxes to hold a full set of Libertad coins. 1/20 - 5oz Thanks
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