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  1. Just in the morning, which means there is often a lag one way or the other on big moves.
  2. Come on. Just another £15 & thats my buy-in price. Not bought for ages.
  3. Looking at recent price action most SOVS will be at £310 soon. I start buying at £320.
  4. Stacktastic

    Alarm bells

    Surely its illegal and against the rules to sell counterfeit goods?? So many people get ripped off with these house clearance scams. Even I bought one at the start of my coin collecting, but i cancelled the order when I came to my senses.
  5. Yeah all great points - im no expert, but its there to quote if it does play out like that.
  6. Stacktastic

    Alarm bells

    Took a chance, thought there might be some pre 47 silver included but only a 1937 and 1932 50% silver 3d. Even postage charge was a rip off with stamp £1 less than charge. My fault, something looks to good to be true then it probably is! OLD BRITISH COINS JOB LOT / TIN OF OLD COLLECTION - BRITISH! (#384513176576) 9***3 (562) £16.00 Past month Reply by thecoinman1981. Left within past month. To clarify, the description states older British coins including silver, which is exactly what you received. In fact, the postage cost was £3.69 and was sent 1st class, recorded post. Not sure what exactly you expected to receive for £16!
  7. I will get on it, just not now. Its being propped up by big-money & the likes of wall street bets etc. If that was evacuated from uranium it will dump all the loose hands also. All of this is due to all the funny free money & thats coming to an end soon. Just a bit on the feds minute relating to letting assets go caused a 3% drop on the Nasdaq!! I can see crypto hitting a .com bubble moment also so that may help Uranium, but certainly gold. NFT's are a pure bubble so that will dump first. At least crypto has taken its time to bubble up. Gold will probbaly outperform Uranium in the short term. GDXJ is approaching October lows again today. Im interested to see what will come from the crypto ashes & become the next Amazon? Chucking a few grand into MARA would not be a silly idea. Who knows for sure but thats what I can see? I have not been that accurate so far though!! I don't really care as im swing trading now & a bear market shitte storm is perfect for me as the volatility & volume is fab!!. Just wish I had waited & bought all my tech stuff yesterday.
  8. Will that not affect the Sprott fund as they have a deal with KAP. Been watching the indices, but I still think it can fall further. Its still in bear trap territory for my liking, especially the penny stocks. I still think it can get back into this range - upper range sooner than later, but I will certainly trade in and out. It might hit 2011 levels at some point this year I think. A lot of the last rise was in the BS energy shortage c**p, bitcoin faltering & a lot of pumping from chicken man et. al. Institutional money will leave a secretor as fast as it comes in - its total BS & goes against the so called fundamentals of supply & demand. If there is an actual energy shortage then it will rocket, combined with 'climate' change propaganda which is in second position of the 'virus'.
  9. Think it might possible rally with gold above and beyond the high 20's. Probbaly wont stay there for long before it gets smashed down though. $100 silver would be nice wouldn't it. A lot rides on bitcoin.
  10. No just people that take an experimental drug (with zero history) & have not even bothered to look into it (my wife included). Whats worse - these people then recruited to start assisting in jabbing other peopled & go around making complete strangers feel guilty. Its none of thier business and there is something very sick underfoot going on. I can just feel the undertones of it. If thats not scary then I dont know what is? BTW I self inject monthly & love watching the needle go in & the pain. The bi monthly blood tests are even better - the nurses love me.
  11. I was at an event today as a supplier & about 4 people asked if I am Vaccinated. Firstly is this a result of social pressure or somehting through clever conditioning; or do these people know they have made a mistake on a weird subconscious level & want to justify it?? One woman works for the vaccination centre & started to get hoity toity until I made somehting up. This woman is really nice and means well & I can only see it as she thinks she is doing her bit to help. As usual they backtrack immediately and say 'oh thats OK then, and dont ask any more questions' I find it weird that so many random people I am coming acrosss are so involved in 'recruiting' I think there is somehting in it. Its a bit like a religious cult or something from my point of view. Its amazing though as its a hotel & the hotel manager said 'oh john is off with covid' I said 'whats wrong with him them?' 'He has covid' 'but is he ill or anything' 'Yes he has covid' 'my point is is he dying or dead' confused look as if I have said something stupid on his face! - I have to say this is the best sick card ever created - I bet tons of people are milking it!! I wore no mask all day and was not challenged once so that was good. I see wearing a lanyard as cop out personally, I would rather wear a mask than that - makes no odds. On the plus side I was talking to guys over lunch & they asked. I said I am on a clinical trial (which I actually am) & i said they make more money from my trial than they would from cancelling it for the Vaccine & he outrightly accepted it. People are more than aware of the pharma corruption & understand the law of attrition vs 'health' it seems. I need to start working on a better cover story as I am never getting a vaccination - ever. Basically im flabbergasted that even have to do this - unbelievable, but this is where i find myself isnt it. At least im not in a war zone with my family being raped & murdered!! We all need to consider that each day.
  12. You could easily hide that within the car chases - its a lump of metal at the end of the day.
  13. Yes get a time machine, go back 24 hours (or ideally to april) & buy Cadence Minerals. If only you could do that - sheesh we would clear up. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/Uv7vIe8A/?symbol=CADENCE+MINERALS The GDX & GDXJ has seen some great prices recently - keep eye on them - less risk. Im putting it out there, but I think gold will outcompete bitcoin next year/early 2023.
  14. Good point. although I banked 10% this week on at&t & am green on the other 10 stocks i have bought so its going well. I dont have to be glued to the stocks all day everyday (unless its very choppy) - so limits stress. stocks that will not crash much in a downturn as they are already super undervalued. I just think there will be a much better buying opportunity on the cards. Having said that I am setting up a separate ISA account with a range of stuff including emerging market ETF's & will be picking off beaten down dividend plays, some growth stuff (ie like Alibaba atm), commodities & PM's for the longer term. It will be added too little and often & loads when its a stock dessert!! 😛 Ive signed up for Lynn Aldens reports - money well spent as she provides fabulous analysis.
  15. Yeah. Im sticking to swing trading as I can see the s&p back to pre covid level soon. I shall certainly dip into and out of oil, but only on a weekly basis. Gold should be a decent performer for 2022. I will load up on oil dividend stocks when everyone is selling! 😛 Set up a separate account this week with a dozen emerging market ETF's, commodities & solid stocks that are beaten down - as and when.
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