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  1. Snap although they sent me a 1921 Peso instead. Is this worth more - not a lot of info out there! I like the fact its exactly 100 years old & invented to curb inflation - rather fitting I would say! I went a bit 'loco in Acapulco' this month on the Mexico stuff & also got 2 liberates and a 5oz calendar. 😛 Below also from @Jamesd
  2. Yeah Im happy wioth that Im sure if you use a microscope you cold see difference, but I bathed it for 3 times for minute or so & its only taken off the colour. This is what I use. £12 with postage - he seems to deal with stamps. You can get one spcifically for a different metal. Will last me years. https://www.dauwalders.co.uk/coin-cleaning-fluid-146808-p.asp
  3. Bought one of these. Nice coin. Looking at the miner stocks this week possibly the end of cheaper gold prices for the rest of this year so worth the risk?? I thought I would invest some of my 'rescued' crypto money as the gold price seems to be going up and prices have not really changed much as premiums have gone high recently (£300-325 for a sov despite a £175 drop). More charm and curb appeal than a SOV especially as its not got any copper in it. Also fitting as the Aztec calendar is playing out beautifully - this year especially. Gold will have to get to £4000 an ounce for me
  4. Ok I got some acid and it’s removed most the colour. Looks like milk spots to me? Not a bad result I would say. Going to do it again on the one slightly coloured area.
  5. Nope I will ask if they can add it. They are pretty good as they added GDX after asking. Based on thier website they have a range of trusts, ETF's and stuff. I guess sll covers it all does it? I shall look into it deeper. Would be good gif they can add all of that.
  6. Im looking for a half decent dividend commodity stock. Shame thats not on 212. Is that the one thats based on physical silver??
  7. Not so sure about any amount of shortage, I think the squeeze has made a lot more people aware of the benefit from owning physical silver & possible future problems with regards to world economics. Even flipping Claus Swabb says "there is going to be a depression worse than 1929" on the front page of the world economic forum website!! I have to say they have balls with this 'great reset' stuff, but tell anyone you know about this and they will think your barmy (and go and buy another car on 100% credit), but its right there in black and white! If you follow people like Meneco64 he wou
  8. Nice. Not on 212. Maybe on the invest section as that has non ISA stocks. Sounds quite volatile, but given the market oil is in atm. a good play.
  9. Nice one. Im hoping to see a dip down at some point this year in oil, what would be the most likely cause of that out of interest? Would be nice to get back into BP Total or Shell (before/if they bring the dividend back up.) as well as a large stake in Gazprom. Not sure that will happen.
  10. I agree completely. dodgy country especially if America has civil conflict or has other attentions/worries & financial issues to deal with. The US only has thier self to blame as they have coerced the cartels and pressed the politicians and people - it runs deep. digging up and potentially polluting and taking land grabs will add to that.
  11. Silver stock portfolio risk allocation would be in my book - figures dependent on risk tolerance - 20-50% physical bullion in possession. - 30-50% large cap (and solid mid cap miners) ideally dividend payers 4%+ longer term holds if ness. - 30-50% Royalty miners & ETF like GDX - 20-40% juniors or at least the GDXJ ETF - SLV, Shares or what ever paper. Not over bothered with that one personally, but would be handy if you had to travel or liquidate fast or trade short term.
  12. Afritin adding lithium & Tantalum. Nic e if this stock gets to 10p! https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/946235/afritin-is-making-great-strides-towards-adding-tantalum-and-lithium-to-the-product-suite-at-the-uis-tin-mine-946235.html
  13. Yep. Hoping for another dip to £15 or they're about. I don't think its wishful thinking either judging by last year. Would be nice to get some cheap physical and also cheap silver stocks. Right when the police should have been soaring it went to £10 then £14. Great for me loaded up on Queens Beasts. I would believe this guy over Gary Wagner. Finger on the pulse. I think they might have ditched the socially clueless Peter Hugg after all. I got depressed just looking at him.
  14. Kitco's version of Mr Miagi says its turning! Hiiaaiiyaa!!! I still think there is downwards potential to Silver over the next 2 months, not gold I think that might do well. hopefully slow and steady like its price moves recently - slow and steady, does not shock people to sell or hit stop losses. I take some of what he says with a pinch of salt as he tends to watch the financial/social-political 'news' and believe it! The one thing I do agree with is that a lot of people wont have jobs anymore by the end of the year. Good for gold price, but also good deals on the SH market f
  15. Just found this as i could not find much before. These two guys often pick some really decent stocks to chat about. Probbaly on your group @HerefordBullyun
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