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  1. How will they know out of interest? I must have sent 300 letters now?
  2. Fabulous. I love the strength of gold & its nice slow moves. I just could not deal with holding crypto, especially as its 24 hours. The miners are looking seriously cheap, given the fundamentals. If it breaks back to the lows then decent dividend stocks will be on sale. I thought i missed my chance in March, appears I was wrong. Im glad I waited now.
  3. I buy 100 stamps at a time at about 33p each - they also look new - with gum & on a sheet. These are ones that have gone through the system & are unfranked mind you. Yes I know this is illegal. I dont know if you bought them they would have somehting on them to know they aren't new or not?? The dealers I buy off must have tons of them??
  4. I will buy a few more when it gets to £1,250-£1,225. 😛 Might have a decent rally if the bond yields and stuff carry on. but i think the shhite storm will come late this year/early next year when the markets realise we might not be getting back to normal. Bitcoin is also looking like it will dump soon also. I dont know much but Its looking very bearish. I do know that a lot of bedroom investors bought it & the hand outs finish soon. I will start buying at £12k.
  5. Its not a vaccine. They have never isolated c-19. Even if it is it (im no expert epidemiologist) it clearly does not work properly for what it was designed for. Thats for another thread. Im in on 2 mining stocks. Not a lot, but it will go lower I think - but it looks promising on the upside. Even if it goes to $900 the macro says otherwise at some point in the next 10 years,. I might double or even triple my position & sell if it reaches good gains this year. India is starting to buy again & bond yields have gone down - plus the above. Might be a false break out & really trick people.
  6. Whats the location? We had a 'pet' barracuda on our little beach that must've been 4ft long - rather unnerving when he was hanging about 2metres away whilst working in the water. They are more pissed off with thier territory being disturbed. That makes me feel better - I bought agoldstock last week & its at -3.5%
  7. Love rays. I worked in the Bahamas and my main memory was swimming with a manta. I did a degree on fish and elasmobranch are apparently great as they are not bony, although I dont eat a lot of fish. Id set up a carp farm (to sell to the polish) if things got that bad though.
  8. I have stopped buying silver now but Have a few KG's inc QB sets and stuff. If the spot nose dives the most viable thing for me is to buy in Europe or second hand on here. Im not selling & dont really mind about any losses as I dont relate it that much to fiat as its a long term hedge. If the spot goes anywhere near $40 then I will start selling.
  9. Im wondering if its smoke screen after this year I dont trust anything they say? But then again the media love anything that scares us so it could be legit as it makes a change from faking covid patients using actors. Either way us on here are light years ahead of joe public - its not going to be that bad especially if gold went to £7k an ounce. Anyhow - you buckle up & dont spend or just catch & eat rabbit, carp or become veggie if meat spirals.
  10. Thanks for sharing - they have a fabulous selection of video that somehow have no views! Really talented. One on NFT's - antiques roadshow. Genius.
  11. I agree with the above, but dont really know tbh. I think it will bounce at £1220 ish & rally to ATH at some point if the conditions are favourable. As a conservate projection I am very much aware of potential for a collapse, but equally in fear that it is 10 years too early! Or worst case it never happens - the reset the debt with digital blockchain and its all fine and dandy. One things for sure I will be capitalising on it & selling on the highs & re accumulating this time, especially silver. 😛 Anyway - using the recent previous history & assuming it will repeat (which might be the case), could be a very bad call as its possibly one and the same cycle & may very well be coming to an end soon. It does not take into consideration how far down the line we are with the devaluation of the dollar and now all time lows on interest rates as well as a potential risk of the following - which was not there before: - civil unrest, civil war and/or a catastrophe (ie people dying on mass - ie whole towns being wiped out) - 7 TRILLION I believe that has been created out of thin air in 2020. on the dates you have quoted a billion was thought of idiotic in 2012 - So much debt has not been taken on in the private & corporate sector. This is somehting we can look at especially with a variable rate loan. As well as the free money stopping at some point, unemployment, inflation of living costs, debt on loans increasing & mortgage forbearance.
  12. This is like a disgusting microcosm of the blind & short sighted greed, selfishness & power that America (british/spanish/french/nazi empires) was and has become an expert at now. Sickening really. Imagine all the indigenous lives, environmental destruction & also prospector lives & slaves etc. that suffered for what is only a little bit of metal. Not that I would say no to 4million in gold. Look at the irony - its like Saurons ring isnt it!!
  13. Im no expert, but I think Silver is expensive now, you did well to get it in March last year anything under $14, that was when i bought most of my silver. The best value silver now might be the collectible and rare pieces, or the ones that fly out the door (I like the liberatads etc.)- but i may be wrong?? My target is £16-17 and under, then i will accumulate more bullion. This may only happen over a few weeks, so picking the right time is key. I would not go overboard as there is a lot of hype out there! There is always a headline and its not necessarily instinct with reality. Inflation may or may not come or may not matter as its in a sector that does not effect your life. I dont think we can really see hyper inflation for any amount of time so a good way to deal with that is estimate what will go up before hand & prepare for it. Meat, eggs & cheese is a good example. Buy some chickens & make friends with a local farmer/butcher, especially if you can trade things of value & get a rapour. If its that bad, become a vegetarian, build a fish farm in your garden or get good at hunting. Personally I am slowly buying a gold coin or two on the months when the price dips, so it averages out about 1 or 2 a month. Using compound interest laws it will soon add up. How useful this will be if inflation really hits I dont know??? Unless its mad max, you wont be able to trade them with most people as they wont appreciate its value. You would be better off buying a load of boxes of vodka & coffee (both of which I stack) or make bio diesel etc. I think the best inflation hedge is a set up a business or income that prospers during inflation or depressions. I would also bear in mind the effect of that business on technology & especially ai. Something where you can work from home maybe too. Stocks?? I think all of them are over valued & you may see much lower prices over the next 2-3 years, but maybe not but I don't think it will take much to send them down 30%. The commodity stocks in my opinion provide good upside for inflation, especially gold, oil, agriculture ... but I also think a lot of these have been over sold & are due a correction. I am out of the markets pretty much, but i recently bought a gold miner as i think they present good value now vs the potential upside. The one I have bought last week is a cheap midcap with growth potential and a 2% dividend. Lots of history & massive upside when it runs.
  14. I don't think I did get it wrong then?? I know BS when I see it. I think as the gold price closed under 1800 it should be an interesting week or two ahead. 😛 I bought 200 shares in Kinross on Thursday but will double/tripple that if or when if bottoms & do the same for Equinox Gold as that has a lot more to go IMO.. I'm happy I waited now, although March may have been a better opportunity. I think we have seen a false break out last week and we could see a real sell off Monday - depending on asian markets. I cant see any major longer term slumps given the fundamentals, but I may be very wrong, but gold is hated still & the oil of 2021 maybe??
  15. What about the 1917? £344 cant be bad - not much more than a sovereign.
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