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  1. I dont think for one minute they will implement a vaccine that works, but lets pretend that they bring in a licensed 'vaccine' next year for other purposes (Problem, reaction, solution). For example - making a shed load of money, maybe as a placebo or possibly even more evil reasons (nano tech or just poison) - I dont trust the world leaders, especially the USA. Looking at the News and people on the street I actually think that somehting will be brought in. Gates has been banding this out since the start & recons that about 60% would be a good number of the population to take it, so
  2. Certainly. Yes get rich quick ideas just dont exist, a lot of people that do make it big put a hell of a lot of work into thier business, Even a lot of Youtube influencer Millionaires work thier socks off coming up with ideas & editing videos etc.
  3. Yea, sorry I have been a bit OTT on all this, Jezz I had not actually realised how many I had made actually - now they are all laid out!! I have made apologies on some of the posts as I have made a lot. Also I dont have any work at all, so a lot of time on my hands. Just trying to gauge the best plan of action really, as i have not really implemented much so far. What I am learning this year is really skills for the rest of my life & something I can also teach my kids. Despite having a very expensive eduction & living a very privileged life I was not taught anything about w
  4. i have a lock picking set and I can get into our bedroom lock in very little time. With some practice I could do more complicated door locks, although i have A £85 one on my front door & thats supposed to be very difficult. Wise words with regards to Youtube, cost in the heavy duty sack truck to move it LOL. You also dont have to pay the VAT second hand, I bet a lot of commercial properties are being left at the moment, so decent safes are probably rife, especially in Bars & Nightclubs.
  5. I have been thinking of a situation where the markets could potentially crash like they did in March? I want to get my hands on some cheap crypto. Not sure that will happen again, but these things tend to rise in price when times are uncertain & 'the' Vaccine will play a big part in this instability even if it does not work as it will massively increasing confidence & Big Pharma will have reached its goal. In the short terms also there will be mass unemployment so people may potential sell off their PM's & crypto assets to pay bills? Not sure which way that will go, especiall
  6. Your not wrong there and a lot of cases I think might be created as people are fearful, stressed as they cant afford to live & not as active, which is a recipe for bad immunity & health in general. One things for sure I I think there will be a lot of PTS disorder patients in the next few years, not to mention as you say, civil unrest. I dont think its unfeasible to say that America might have a civil war or some thing like that. Not sure it would be that bad here, but certainly for some nations that have a had a real distrust for its leaders for many generations & have seen the sam
  7. Thanks for the comment. I have never heard of Hyves, I assume that was a SM network (like Interia is in Poland). A lot of SM networks went under then, remember My Space & even Googles Google+. If Google cant even get it right then it was clearly not a great sector to invest into! Having said that I have my eyes on Pintrest as that should do very well. Not sure its viable to compare Air B&B to a Social media network as they are very different. however, I would say its the other way round Air B&B is the Facebook model & the Plum guide (for example) is Hyves, so it may
  8. I agree with this 100% - my thoughts exactly. You are not wrong there & I can't understand why people are not questioning what is happening and the idiot rules that are being made (like wearing masks weeks after lockdown & all the stupid stories that have come out 'a scientist said this so it must be true', not to mention the complete s**** computer models of the spread of this (same people that modelled another ice age about now LOL). With regards to the numbers, you only have to put things into perspective and look at official world death figures to see t
  9. Look into the Lokaway series for sure, they are very affordable & come quite well regarded too. I do wonder if a keypad safe is far better as there are no locks to pick? I only have one gun in my safe (£300 ATA), but the keys are in a key safe elsewhere as I have two children, My wife does not even know the code. Im planning on buying some collectible shotguns at auction when I have some spare money, so it might be worth looking at a safer storage solution? I would suggest perhaps splitting things up. Get a key safe for proofs & gold for example & put it under
  10. Industry standard then (the police officer recommended that brand), that's very surprising!
  11. I think your about right there. I just wish I had sold my first majestic shares last week as it was minus £50 rather than +£50 now. So much for the huge bull run we were all expecting. I assume that will happen, but not as quickly as I thought anyway. I dont have any spare money to invest as i want a 10oz lion of mortimer & some paper silver.
  12. Same here. Ah OK then. what's the safe out of interest? I know the cheaper ones can be easily cut open with a disk cutter, although that makes quite a bit of noise LOL.
  13. If i was to buy a safe I think I would upgrade my shotgun cabinet to one of these (I will probably have to if i get a firearms certificate). I would say it has more than enough security & possibly a lot more room for a silver stacker with KG of stuff. Failing that I would possibly look for a second hand one. More importantly I think how much of a deterrent is the premises its stored in? Can you put a heavy door with a deadlock on the room you have the safe in and other security like CCTV.
  14. I might buy a physical ETF for the short term. Do you think £15 is a good target? Or £17? Probably sell when on the end of the next peak, which should technically be higher than the last one. I would say £23-4 an ounce maybe more spot. Anything over £5 an ounce profit is reasonable I think? I can then reinvest the profit into mining stocks & repeat the process all along the way. Makes sense to me but what do I know, my £5.5k account is -£90 today LOL.
  15. Well done with Shell, I should have done that, but it was my first trade and I am not in that bad position. I shall just put a sell order on it I think at the price it hits a positive. i will leave 50% in each account as i will kick myself if it never goes down again. same with a couple of my mining stocks I will sell it all though and reinvest in only a few mining stocks on a dip (like Barrat). I can then reinvest if or when it goes down again in a similar fashion as you have. I am learning patience as well as good timing, as i got a very nice position in the WTI a couple of weeks back.
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