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  1. I have not been trading this week as it takes up a lot of my time but watching the open. another good dump into the market and then a reasonable rally - quite predictable and stable if you ask me. Im wasting my time and adding risk trading on days where only 5% moves are present plus you have to watch it all afternoon & I would rather be with my family. Given the decent solid performances I will buy the next pull back or market correction. I have also noticed somehting interesting. The small cap UK stocks are being run up this week. Erasia mining did over 12% yesterday and today, its Eurasia's turn today - what are your thoughts on these stocks as they are pennies so the gains are fabulous. Just wondering if one of the other ones will be targeted next - would it not be good to drop a few grand in a stock that does a nice 20%.
  2. Get it here - privately so no VAT, although dealers are still competitive You can always ask for certain items with a reasonable price target also. Why no gold? a SOV a month adds up after a while depending on your reasons for buying? Much easier to store and a better store of value. Does not degrade also.
  3. Pulled out at that first top despite people on reddit saying too would rally hard - goes to show. I think as this stock (Uranium energy) closed on a low compared to the rest. it might well kick ass on open tomorrow given the share price - they tend to take turns I have noticed. Lets face it the actual business and this that and the other are irrelevant, unless they go bust or the CEO shoots himself. I am without a doubt wasting my time here, but its experience that will come in handy in the future I know that from the 'real world'. You kind of have to go in deep end and keep damage control to a minimum, but make mistakes. At some point as long as your comitted it just clicks and BOOM - like learning an instrument of setting up a business. Im wondering if uranium will be a day traders paradise for the next month or/and a real bear trap for a big pull back. Changed momentum today away from a big drop/rally to a rally and a drop rather peculiar but with enough effort I think you can really see it as a living, breathing entity of sorts?? I am not that experienced but - it may lead to a decent pull back before too long as I think it might be propped up with retail FOMO? Maybe a result of a red day on the rest of the market mind you & crypto stocks are doing the same results.
  4. No I am not going in on open, I prefer to watch and get the sentiment as the markets opened red. I also dont like DNN as it gets stopped and can take some time to go through. I think a lot of today has been day trading & also new investors in the market. There has been a ton of press & also stimulus cheques agreed for the USA. Plus its been a s**** day for the overall market & it probably attracted trading attention. I have a small position in Uranium energy as i think they will rally later. got in on the second touch - strong. Kind of still not very confident i guess - so minimising risk. i will be in on yellow cake in the morning though with 3 x the position. Should be able to pay for my new generator by tomorrow I hope.
  5. Could be a good week - Kazakstan setting up a uranium trust!! Makes sense if you ask me. That explains the 6% jump this morning. https://www.mining-journal.com/energy-minerals-news/news/1419737/kazatomprom-to-invest-in-physical-uranium-fund URA is doing well already.
  6. Kazatomprom up 6% on the opening bell. With no move on the spot cant see why other than day trading the open or FOMO. I think spot / stocks might be due a pull back, but who knows if traders drive the stocks up? Bitcoins rally over 65k will take a lot of smaller day trade investors if it really take off. Might be a good week if Sprott unleash thier cash. Just sold GDXJ so doing the same for an opportunity. Feel a bit naked only holding 2 stocks. I think this Chinese house of cards c**p might bring us an unexpected opportunity by years end. Assuming this manufactured energy 'crisis' does not drive the price up to $100 I dont have anything to go on whatsoever, but it just feels like stage 2 of this great reset BS.
  7. Ahh why did I sell my BP & Shell You live and learn.
  8. Meant Sunday sorry - thought it was Sunday. Sharpest tool on the forum me* *Tool being the operative word in this scenario.
  9. Head over to this thread. Plus with the way gene sequencing and tech is moving we will all be androids in 50 years I personally think this is the direction that its moving. or at least be able to grow new limbs from the atom up. Even if I am not especially healthy - I can effectively live forever. Or have my consciousness put in an avatar of some sort. Not sure big pharma would like that, but they seem to be moving to more organic stuff including phycodelics & canabis now. Totally off topic apologies. Whats our price prediction next week then? Might be smashed down Sunday again at a time when markets are not even trading? Complete guess. Its not looking promising yesterday - thats why I sold my stocks Very unpredictable & a dodgy few months from now - rather buy physical (I have). What we really need is a bitcoin crash & a black swann event. I will be ditching GDXJ on open on Monday if it looks bad - I'm 7% up so not too bad.
  10. Thats the beauty of that market - its hard to create a paper uranium supply or hoard it under the mattress. I wanted to park some cash as an inflation hedge really - but the share prices were very low for several decent companies looking very cheap. I need the cash now & its a good opportunity to exit the stocks as they have been slightly in the red for some time. I dont sell unless its a sinking ship.I also have a lot more physical than before now in gold so thats good.. Im possibly looking at re-entering at some point - the gold market has not been atypical this year whatsoever, but yes it should pick up December Jan. Remember what happened last November!! Too much of a risk for me now as this rally aint happening & its a bad time of year, albeit commodities are flying due to this energy stuff. I was banking on that last January and we all know what happened don't we? - thank god for the silver squeeze as I was able to get out with profit. Its not a massive return type of investment, but you can make cash on Gold miners if picked that the right time. 2 of the ones I picked can easily double in value quickly if there is a rally in the gold price or good news (They were already up 5% on Thursday)But I saw them as a safer place to store a proportion of my capital when speculations of market crashes were rife. Still learning and also making mistakes, but I have a long time to master this malarkey, especially as i can see myself living to 115 YO.
  11. Im so fed up with this I sold all my gold stocks today!! I have literally had enough now & think there are better avenues to invest. I have more than enough physical to weather me in a storm. FCUK the PM markets its crazy. I shall catch it when it starts moving again. Im out.
  12. Thats reassuring to know - Maybe I dont need to spend any time then. I do like to know my stocks though - especially the management, but I guess its not a long term thing. Yeah that seems to be the main tactic & you probbaly got in at a decent position. There is certainly scope to fall back to the lines, but aI cant see it going below. If the institutions get in and there is a significant market correction then they will bin it temporarily (probbaly). There might be a perfect in at some pot in the next year.
  13. Yeah. Me too. Not too expensive and make great moves. Im trying to cosmic order a 1 week 50% market correction - wish me luck. I am just not cut out to buy stocks that are already in a bull run and look a lot more expensive. Whats Uranium Energy like - thats been really heavily traded - which might answer my question.
  14. OK I have watched I have learnt and I have listened for a month now & I have also actively been trading for a week (kind of) albeit very timidly. After todays dip back in gold I have sold all my gold stocks as it clear its just reacting to news & can (and probably will) dip further in the short term. I have enough physical and it aint going to the moon any time soon, but knowing my past history it will (ie being Dennison last year) 😛 However - I know the sector as I spent months on it - and can jump in if thats the case. I just wish I had sold Greatland last week - I seriously hate that stock!! I shall remain trading Uranium for now as if it keeps its opening drops and then greens its quite a nice pattern. I jumped in on Energy fuels at the bottom today (its very predictable with this stock based on support & the share price is OK) My wife was busy so I sold at +1% at around 3pm for £40 as I had to pick up the kids. Learning really - could have done 5% but i prefer 7-10%. I'm wondering if this is rigged where larger funds bail out at open to throw off stop losses to a certain level as it never goes that far. it would only take a few hundred grand position I guess & then you can make up the 5-20% gains on the upside - assuming a decent market day. I still think we are in for a much bigger correction & I will then make an initial position. Probably DNN Yellow Cake and maybe another one? Need to do some research to the fundamentals really I dont want to be left with a s**** business. KAP is probably a wise move even though its expensive. DNN seems highly regarded on the chats. Whats the alternative plays @HerefordBullyun as RR is coming up a lot on Reddit. I realistically only have a few grand to put on this at the moment, but would not hesitate to put half my net worth in if the stock market had a tumble Taken me a bit of time, but I need to check facts.
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