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  1. Sorry just posted somehting in the silver thread, not gold.
  2. $1,450 apparently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J5fk2O6DKM
  3. What is this all about folks? I know this is carbon capture but what really lies at the heart of it is trying to find geniuses that excel & are not recognised. Plus Tesla manage to meet the green legislation that the USA should have agreed too in the rio summit in the 90's Basically they gain world class resources & make a shed load of cash. I do like Elon though to be fair. Correct me if im wrong as it not over researched. https://news.yahoo.com/elon-musk-100-million-first-200014534.html I seriously think we can be on to a winning super explosive new tech sec
  4. spot on. I think thats a perfectly sane way to do things. Enter in a position in a 3-4 month time frame at the best point possible depending on the cycle. If it dips buy more, if not don't. If the market tanks completely (-40%), just buy the position that held strong before & was not such a bargain. If we are talking mining stocks then i would look at the big dividend mines that produce Silver, gold, copper and other key metals, like platinum & nickel. I think a creative rennasance is on our doorstep with a huge jump up in general intelligence & creativity. Elon
  5. You mean buy the dips I guess? Im treating the mining stocks like physical. Buy into it when they are on sale and add to the positions. Im selling them off though if they meet a reasonable high, probbaly start taking profits if they get to last summers level. Im happy shorting if it meets a set level (not worked that out yet - £2,500 gold £50 silver is a good target). I will then transition the profits to another sector, or back into mining if it show signs of going again. Thats the plan anyway. Keep it simple and stick to rules. Mine neither tbh. just the first ones I tho
  6. Right got you. A fundamental resistance level. I got the whole point of that recently when watching the gold prices. Getting in at the bottom is possible as I have done it with two of my mining stocks, but it was a ball ache and took up too much time. I think as I thought I got the bottom recently and it was anything but, but I learnt a lot, while loosing little. Its annoying when it keeps going down, for example Sol Gold is 4% down & -£66. I thought I had nailed it, but no. The candles are really handy, i was just using a line chart before!! You can time the mark
  7. Oh OK. sorry I was not familiar with 10. | It seems to be relentless to be fair. its bounced back nicely today. I still feel it might fall again. Vaccine news is great as it was a false hope. Your 100% right about markets being emotional. Based on that you can manipulate it. I bet there are old time traders making a killing on a monthly basis right now. In trading you need to specialise I think & live it for some time until you really know the flow. Its fascinating really. I have made 15p today on my £85 investment btw. woohoo. 😛 If it plummet tho
  8. Analytics is all good, but if oil hits $70 a barrel the companies like BP will skyrocket. We wont be locked in our houses for the rest of the decade* so demand will come back big time. Oil is not only required for societies to run, but it's controlled by seriously powerful people/nations who have people in the right places. It's also tangible so very useful in an economical shitestorm (imminent) - not far off from some PM's. It's used as the national currency in some places - or the currency is based on it or somehting like that. I like that reasoning if not short term but medium term. Im no e
  9. I have not looked into Total, but as you say Im happier with the LSE oil company. Yes thats a problem - its flipping ludicrous, but if a company like energy transfer go back to 20% dividend I can live with that I think its better to spot a bubble and avoid it. I am the same with crypto. yes I have missed out on a lot of profit, but I could have lost the same. Same with most of the stock market at present outside of tangibles IMO. Yes this is great. To me its like watching a cartoon tbh. Especially with that vaccine overreaction c**p in November. If you can be on it or e
  10. Yeah BP makes total sense (do you get the pun 😛 ). I think I will stick with them as Bernard is sound, plus they are very proactive at going green, so you get the best of both worlds over 10 years or more, plus a higher dividend again at some point. I want to transition profits from bull cycle stocks and growth stocks to high dividend, emerging market & blue chips over the next 20 years. As this is a general trading thread now - I found an amazing site today. https://www.finviz.com I bet this is commonly used TBH. I want to dip my toe into day trading as I think I would be good a
  11. Yeah. Hopefully it will slump nicely for an entry point as I dont think he will be going full steam ahead with banning fracking & stuff until next year. He is going to have to lock down a very scared or angry (or both) continent soon I think - & feed the sheep with dollars to pacify them . Opec meeting more often could also present opportunities on sell offs. Vaccine rollout I think is a key momentum - Oil should shoot up as people go back to work and start travelling by air as a lot more people will be buying cars instead of travelling on trains etc. Also its about time for ano
  12. Looks like it might be time to resurrect this thread chaps. Now Biden is in, Green new deal & facking banning, plus further lockdowns, might mean cheap oil prices again. It has taken a very sharp pull back across the board this morning after a fabulous rally, let's see how this pans out over the next few months. With predictions of $90-100 oil some serious money can be made, but more importantly I can get a position in BP and Shell again as a long term investment. I dont see it going back to the lows whatsoever, but a better price than its at at the moment - maybe $30
  13. Its a lot to do with the Dollar, inflation & bonds and stuff (I dont pretend to understand this). Janet Yellen did a stimulus speech. money printing = further devaluation of the dollar & also increase inflation. Bitcoin is not looking great if you ask me. Savvy investors are extracting profits & buying safer assets. Looking at the charts gold usually does this around now & starts to rally Feb, so its also market driven, especially with industrial metals. A president gets let in with 20,000 troops deployed - thats is very suspicious if you ask me & makes the
  14. 1,375 is the price to see as it might go to the upside. It did not hit 1340, which is a very good sign as that was the level I was looking for. That dip was just the Comex opening. Manipulation / sales so i don't pay any attention to that. It a good time to buy stocks though 😛 Also depends what happens today with the Biden thing. Janet Yellen did a speech about the stimulus yesterday, thats helps in some way.
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