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  1. Been fishing in the pond at the end of my road 3 times this week, after many years away from it. the carp are flipping shy and equally as hard to catch so I am happy with that as I dont want it to be easy! Took my 4.5 yo son with me and he loved it. I have been fishing since the age of 7 & used to breed koi. My life used to be fish, until I did a degree in Fisheries & Aquaculture & it unfortunately killed the passion as it was 3 years of lab, classroom & field work!! I got back into it in recent years & then had kids, but I am going to start doing it more as it a real calming thing for the soul just sitting there & watching the nature. As the passion for angling series says "time almost stand still". Part of my reason for being here is to somehow magically sell all my silver for a tidy sum (assuming it does go up to near its actual value - doubt it) for a field of some sort that I can build a lake on & run it as a relaxed working fishery, but also, ecnrouage wildlife teach children about nature. Would be nice if this field had planning for a 4 bedroom house too LOL. This was an utterly breathtaking film for me as a child, it sparked my love for wildlife & nature.
  2. 25 x 1 oz Brittanias I would say. It will soon build up. become a silver member on here, you can find anything you want & the members are top notch. Buy on a consistent basis so you spread the costs changes. Unless we are heading for a worldwide depression that is Even if its 1 coin every week, that better than nothing. Don't know about junk, it's OK for the long haul, but it would be hard to sell I think in a crisis, unless it's melted down. Dont collect it so i dont know really. There is certainly a bonus in buying desirable coins if you need to sell in a moments notice or just want to collect for the value. I rate the Queens Beasts for UK based buyers as they are quite cheap & will accrue value in time, especially a full set. I have several sets that I dont intend to sell ever - ideally. Nice to know i have something to pass to my children that actually has some form of value. They look stunning too. Gold sovereigns would be the next best option to buy consistently as they dont cost much & you can shift them fast. Thats my next move if or when the gold spot goes down when/if businesses get back to normal, before the next session of scare mongering from the British Brainwashing Corporation. Not sure that will happen, so mainly buying silver bullion now (Brittanias).
  3. Stacktastic

    Queens beasts

    I have a 10 oz set in a box & they are stunning. Something to hang on to I would say. Now is the time to buy as the lion, Griffin & I recon the Yale will hold every higher premiums as time goes on. If Silver plummets on the next stock crash (as it did March), I would done think people would be letting that go tbh. as it won't last long. If we hit hyper inflation then the Lion will be more like £500 LOL. atm. £350 lion & £320 ash Griffin would be a fair price, although I got a Griffin for £275 last month. I am a bit disappointed at the quality of the earlier ones (ironically the most expensive) as a lot of them have dodgy thickness if you look at them side on! Both my 10 oz Griffins are like this.
  4. I have gone off this idea, the money is laughable for the skill level, I refuse to fund it with my talents. All the people i have seen online make peanuts from it. I could make a lot more money actually taking photos for people or contracting my work to people online. Gonna concentrate on making video courses for things Im good at (as is a passive income that last decades) & it ticks my boxes & I can work around the world at home. Will people like them? I dont know, all i can do is get one done a month and see. I dont really fancy Udemy, as its a similar type of thing to the stock, but if I eventually have 20 courses all selling only 2 a week thats £400 a week for doing nothing (other than the initial work & some updates maybe). Lets assume that works for 10 years - thats £192,000. If I can do smaller courses on Udemy (or similar) & entice people to my site for direct online coaching or larger more detailed courses for a lot more money, then that has the potential for very large profits. Feels right anyway. If I crack on with it now I should be in a good position if anything happens Brexit or next flu season or a serious downturn in a few years time. The food supply business is a little too labour intensive & you have to buy stock, potentially employ people & market it adding risk, but its somehting i would consider if Lockdown mk 2 happens & its a lot worse. Online is where its at, I would rather buy a few KG of fillet steak with a silver coin & walk out the shop past all the people with wheelbarrows full of cash LOL. Sit in my house drinking expensive wine & lighting cigars with £50 notes (only kidding).
  5. thats kind of what i was thinking of doing? Possibly go on interest only release the capital, then when/if the prices slash, sell it to my sister in law at then lower rate. I assume that is illegal though & they have seen it all before?? I have an hour with a very savvy Youtube personality later. I will consult with a housing expert following that. Failing that just go interest only & make investments with the money that I am saving that produces high returns. I would certainly make more than the house in half the time!! I just looked at how much interest I was paying on the 25 year term and thought "there much be an easier way". I would rather borrow on a rental property as then at least my tenants pay the bill. With the released capital I was looking at an investment property of some sort as a reposition etc. Plus a monster box of silver 😛
  6. I also want a few 10oz capsules any ideas, as i am certainly not paying £9 from the European Mint. Taking the pisss
  7. I agree. You can tell everything from his eyes. They are dead, no spark of passion - nothing. Sure he is a nice bloke in many ways off camera, but he comes across as not being himself. There is another property guy (a fat bloke, who pretends to be American & talks really really fast). The content was great but I had to switch it off when he said eh eh no sister (ie like a US lady) and swished his finger. As you say designed for wannabe millionaires & there is a reason they talk about USA all the time! They make thier money from the Youtube channel & thier seminars. I don't care if I own 20 houses I don't want to be like that in any reality. I would rather be happy, compassionate & just enjoying life in my means.
  8. Im looking at something like this if everything goes pete tong, including garage/lockup/retail as well as things like beach huts. Long term parking only property. consider self driving electric/hydrogen cars that can potentially drive on thier own (as the owner is at work by then) out of town or back home on their own. Just a thought. Worth having a space the is multi use. Storage is always profitable, especially in a recession/depression.
  9. Stacktastic

    finger oil?

    Bullion, but it was mint, so its a bit annoying. I thought as much. In that case i will just leave it as its barely noticeable really. I mainly wanted to see if it would affect the metal over time. Thanks.
  10. Stacktastic

    finger oil?

    Hello, I put a gold coin on my finger earlier to tap it and there is a very slight colour change from it now hardly visible really. I had not long ago moisturised my hands. Will this damage the coin over time (no finger print marks) & can it be removed? I have seen you can use a rubber, but that was on silver. Thanks.
  11. WOW I did no know that has been a craft for that long, its the most probable one tbh (akin to the industry standard apache helicopter or super fighter). Anti grav tech makes it impervious to gravity & other forces (I guess to a reasonable extent as they have found that a lot of large insects have anti gravity). We just have to look back to the classified crafts (blackbird & stealth to name a few) to see how long they can keep stuff secret! Unfortunately I think that the freedom of information act is starting to disclose a lot of the documents from UFO days (ie when they were messing about with nuclear tech), so some very diligent people have meticulously found some seriously interesting content that was clearly not checked or has been leaked by veteran agents and stuff. If this is a real craft I hate to think what weapons it might have??
  12. Yes good point thanks for that . Assuming that there is a secret 'space force' (this is what trump has put forward recently - as an actual new section of the military) it would cost a lot I think, judging by the sheer time & effort it takes to set up a mine on earth!! I would guess it would have to have some serious PM deposits to make it feasible, but just look at Avatar. I know that is a film, but bugger knows what they must have spent to set that up, all for unobtanium. Who is not to say another PM that is far superior (not on our periodic table) is not too far away? I guess desirability plays a big part as Gold has a huge history in relation to platinum, which is in some senses a superior metal? Anyhow, I do feel that the technological knowhow is far more advanced than people know, plus with moors law & AI it wont be long before tech is seriously different to what we could ever have imagined or can even imagine now so I dont know really? I just dont want to spend a fortune stacking for 40 years and end up like the diamond industry where they can make the same thing in a lab & my PM (silver especially) not a lot more than what I paid for them in the first place (excluding inflation). I am just being very subjective here btw. so dont take any of this post too seriously (ie like the gold crash post).
  13. As we have some tin-hat people on here, I assume this has been covered, but I have been following a guy called Richard Dolan for a few years now as I am quite interested in UFO & ET stuff. I am no conspiracy theorist (well maybe a bit), I really like this guy as he looks at the proof & evidence beyond reasonable doubt and wont just speculate. Plus he has a sexy wife, which speaks volumes!!! Im not really bothered about aliens at all but what the humans are potentially doing behind our backs in a way to predict the future. There have been some really BIG thing happen this year, which is largely accepted as a slow disclosure to something. The navy have even admitted that a craft that was filmed was public classified as a UFO, which does not sound like much but it's massive. Patents have been submitted for 'cloaking tech' and the list goes on.... The photo is a very well documented craft that is probbaly human made, but I suspect ET reverse engineered. Some of you (maybe all of you) might call all me mad now, but come back to this post when your 80 and see if I am right or not. I dont know TBH? Anyhow, what does this have to to with PM you ask? I was fishing today and thinking about all of the craft that are more than probably real and thought, how easy would it be to mine asteroids or planets with this technology. Lets pretend the fiat currency collapses & they decide to go back to a gold standard? Would they not be able to provide a s**** load of gold, silver or any other base metal that they can come across? I dont know how much is out there, but it must be an untapped resource & if the tech is a lot more advanced than the s**** we travel in to the costa del sol could it potentially devalue our stacks?? If not now then in the near future at least?? Yes this is a bit random, but who would have thought we would all be sitting at home for a year, not allowed to leave the house? Or we would be chatting live on a little electric notepad 50 years back!!!
  14. Bought 3 x 2020 of these this week. Really nice coin. I really like the gold standard scales thing. Would be an iconic coin if the fiat goes back to gold thats for sure! Doubt that very much though.
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