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Gold bar Pricing info please…


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Anyone know what the going rate for a 1oz Una & the Lion Gold bar is these days please?

Seeing as I’m so fond of the Silver versions (would love a 100oz one - but a little outside my means 😏) I got to wondering if a Gold one would have a prohibitively large premium? 🤔

Thanks in advance,

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5 minutes ago, daca said:

4 in stock at lpm hk for 2,780 usd

If you ordered from HK I guss you would pay import tax (Uk) as well as vat as it's not bullion?


I saw James little gold bar the other day, but it had already sold, looked gorgeous though.

I think it must be the Italian job from when I was a kid, always fancied a stack of gold bars Lol

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13 minutes ago, Griffo said:

If you ordered from HK I guss you would pay import tax (Uk) as well as vat as it's not bullion?


Investment gold is exempt from VAT

2.1 Definition of investment gold

Investment gold is either:

(a) gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets

(b) a gold coin minted after 1800 that is:

  • of a purity of not less than 900 thousandths
  • or has been, legal tender in its country of origin
  • of a description of coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180 per cent of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin

(c) an investment gold coin as specified in Investment gold coins (VAT Notice 701/21A).


Edited by daca
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15 hours ago, Scootermuppet said:

That’s the one I spotted, made me wonder what they went for…. 🤔

Haven’t  searched for one generally yet thought I’d ask here first 😏

 Hi mate that was me, I think I offered it to you at one point, maybe when you bought the silver 10 oz?

 I had no idea what that bar was worth to be honest, I had hoped for one of the rarer qb's but ended up with a straight swap for a lion of mortimer which both sides were happy with.

 So if that's any indication maybe its worth the same as one of the lesser desired qb's, maybe 1600? Maybe more? 

 It's worth pointing out though that the queens beasts are really falling out of favour and may be worth little more than spot especially the dragon, falcon, griffin, horse and greyhound that I'm currently looking for and may be willing to help people here move on before they're not even worth melting down. 😅 

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  • 1 month later...
3 hours ago, theylivewesleep27 said:

1 have a 100oz una bar for sale. £3200 or I would swap for 2x 1oz gold Britannia's


Thanks for the offer! If I had 2 x 1oz Gold Brits, I'd have jumped at that, but only have the one currently 😕 - I do have a couple of the 10oz Silver Una bars though, so they will have to do for now 🙂

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1 minute ago, theylivewesleep27 said:

Id take 1 gold brit and £1600

PM funds non-existent currently I'm afraid! 🤦 I'm self-employed, and it's traditionally a quiet time work wise for me (web development) so just ticking over for the next month or two 😓

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