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Anyone sold large ish amount of gold?

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sold about £50k worth to Atkinson's.  stress free as I was working a 10 minute walk away from their shop at the time.

made an appointment, strolled in then sat in a customer booth while they checked the gold with a scanner.  payment made by bank transfer and in my account the next day.

they don't pay above spot on bullion, not sure on collectibles

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Why not put gold up for sale here at spot? - see how it goes - if you get rid of some of it at a better price than you will offloading to a dealer wouldn't that be worth it? i guess if you don't get the land you would not want to sell the gold so really you want to offload quickly.

Depends how quickly the deal proceeded and how much the land is costing.

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4 hours ago, Cornishfarmer said:

Fair bit of bullion but some key pandas, all queens beasts, Somalia elephants back to 2012 etc

try chards, you will get a decent price for the bullion and may get a decent deal on the numis. check to see what they would be selling them for, it may give you some leverage.

I know someone who sold a large chunk to them 2 or 3 years ago and it went well.

Happy to receive feedback on all my trades. If anyone wants feedback from me, just say the word.

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9 hours ago, Stacker2020 said:

If there are they won't be in business long!

One assumes dealers have a defined margin in mind. I imagine so long as they can make that margin, paying over spot to acquire the coin should be feasible. It would make sense to do so. For bullion coins it would of course be a bad idea! 

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19 hours ago, Cornishfarmer said:

Worst thing is it’s an auction so won’t know until after if I have to sell or not

If it's an auction won't you only have to pay 10% on the day and then the balance in 28 days?

If so, Id just sell the easily replaceable bullion for the deposit then you can proceed on further sales if you are the winning bidder.

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2 hours ago, silvernewbie said:

You will get spot here (or there abouts), i was in HGM yesterday and they pay 93% of spot for Gold, no premiums for anything just done on weight

Wow they really have cut their price could get 99% a couple of years ago

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1 minute ago, Cornishfarmer said:

Wow they really have cut their price coins get 99% a couple of years ago

I have absolutely no evidence for this, what do I know- I'm only new to this game- but my guess is that the 93% buy in price is likely due to the current extreme volatility of the Gold price in the last week or two due to world events?  

Despite my guess- a 93% buy price is pretty lame and not going to attract much interest. 

You say a couple of years ago they offered 99%- a summary of Gold Price in 2017 shows modest changes:



And over the last year there's so much more volatility:





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