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  1. Ok great thanks for taking the time to reply @Clockpuncher
  2. Hi I’m in London tomorrow and wondering if any one has every been on to the physical shop to purchase ? And if so what are the premiums like then and if even for small purchases I need to take identification with me? thanks in advanced
  3. Any idea on how much the 2018s are going for now ?
  4. Will have a message from me on monday if you still have the philharmonic 👍
  5. Nothing too special just a Cinco peso , never a bad idea to get some Mexican gold albeit not a original
  6. Just seen this post I ordered from gold silver.be last week order came through yesterday , no problems with transaction or dispatch time but UPS did leave my parcel at my driveway gate and was not signed for Did not ring my bell or attempt to knock ,I did not know of the horror stories I have read on here so I definitely wont use them again.
  7. Watching this post...👀👀😍
  8. Safety box is at a jewellers they have the only safe room near where I live 👍
  9. Went to drop off a few items in my safety deposit box today and purchased this whilst in there (sorry for bad pictures)
  10. Great coins and great design , will you now be collecting Latin monetary union coins ?
  11. Safety deposit box best way, Safe’s only buy time until it’s finally opened . Small saftey despiser box where I am is £15 a month with £10,000 complimentary insurance
  12. Yes I can imagine how small the 1/4’s it’s for the daughters set (trying to get special designs sovereigns) in all sizes in PF70s👨‍👦 @Sovereign
  13. Wow more than I would have imagined being graded and that’s without ngc 70’s too @Sovereign
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