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  1. Yes I can imagine how small the 1/4’s it’s for the daughters set (trying to get special designs sovereigns) in all sizes in PF70s👨‍👦 @Sovereign
  2. Wow more than I would have imagined being graded and that’s without ngc 70’s too @Sovereign
  3. Need to get one of these for my collection and wondering what is a reasonable price for a pcgs or ngc pf70 uc🤤 iv never bought a 1/4 sovereign so don’t really don’t know what would be reasonable premium for one 🤷 any help greatly appreciated 👍
  4. NGC PF70 UC 1989 1/2 Arrived safe and sound ! Not good at taking pictures but the coin speaks for itself ! 🥰😍😘
  5. Last one in the “special 4” just now purchased for my daughters set so shall be now complete all in PF70 UC 👍 🤤🤤
  6. Do you have any pictures of the coins mate as it maybe a copper spot ?
  7. Even though the coins you have purchased are new they are only bullion coins which get masses produced so scratches are normal they just pack the next coin in the tube and sent it out , what sort of damage did your coins have ? When I emailed them I had a nice lady called Kim email me within 24hrs
  8. Atkinsons are normally spot on tbh I’ve never had a problem , I had to send the coin back as it was a gold queens beast sobwanted a exchange as the Queen looked like she had been in the ring with Mike Tyson ! Customer service was fine and they checked the new coin they sent out to me which was in much better condition Added 0 minutes later... Which coin was it you actually bought ?
  9. I sent one back in last month from atkinsons 👍
  10. Lovely coin congrats! One of these is on my list !🤤🤤🤤
  11. Being a uk resident it will be best to purchase silver from Europe as there is no vat to pay on it so shall be better priced for you I dont really purchase silver myself but check out https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ the more hardcore silver buyers may be able to provide you with sites where it may be slightly cheaper to purchase silver from but the site I have provided is a good start than purchasing from uk bullion seller, also the silver forum trade page is a good place to look for silver close to spot
  12. Bloomsbury holiday inn , the silver forum shall have their own lounge there where member from the forum can gather and a added bonus of a few of our members stalls there 😀
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