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  1. Hi fellow TSF'ers! A bit of a different one from me this time. I've decided I can't quite pull off the look, so offering up this gold chain for sale. The price is £650 + £9.95 postage (RMSD fully insured). NOW SOLD 9ct gold 33 grams 22 inch length 6mm wide links Hallmarked Made in Italy Bank transfer or Paypal F&F. UK shipping only on this one please, cheers. I will add additional pictures in the second post.
  2. A wise old man once said... "use your melon!" 😄 I'd guess it's one of two things. (1) A scam to get your money with no intention of ever giving you anything. (2) They intend to gamble peoples money on high risk investments for the next 2 years to try and make a big profit. If they manage to double up, they'll give people their effective return of 18% in 2 years and pocket the rest. If they don't manage to make a profit (more likely), they'll close down this pop-up company and you'll take 100% of the loss.
  3. Oh dear. On that note, I'm out from GSB in the future. I can see their POV when buyers mess about but this is ridiculous. That box should have been sealed and new, that's the point of buying a monster box..! Hard to say about the capsules, if you ordered 300 of the wrong type and just relied on a message to get you the correct one's then that's on you I'm afraid.
  4. So they weren't stealing? I'm shocked! 😛
  5. This is the kind of thing you need to think about when buying really. I'd sell the silver rather than transport it personally, the taxes aren't worth it. To be fair, it's easy in hindsight to pick the winners out and point at big numbers. Although if you were going to cash out for stocks, with metals at a high and shares at a low, it could be a good time to do it.
  6. I'm not with the HGM press department (honestly 😄) so I'm not saying they're faultless here by any means. Just saying if you really want a resolution, it seems odd to me not to pick up the phone after the emails didn't work for whatever reason.
  7. I think your negative experience would hold a lot more weight if you'd made a phone call. I remain convinced you'd have got a fair resolution. You can argue on principle you shouldn't have to call them, sure I agree, but in practice they've always been very helpful when I've spoken to them. Ultimately when you boil it down to the bare bones, they made a mistake and either sent the wrong coin or listed the wrong coin. Not good. Then communications failed as your emails don't appear to have reached anyone, which could be as simple as a tech issue. They don't advertise email as a form of contact interestingly, although if you dig hard enough there is a message form on their website. They really try to direct people to the phone for queries.
  8. Rick is not impressed with you giving away trade secrets 😄
  9. Buddy I think you're taking it a bit personally. I understand now that you weren't blaming GSBE, but nevertheless it's their name in the title and their name all over your post about a UPS issue. I think it's plenty clarified at this stage. I hope your coin turns up OK.
  10. Not particularly clearly to be honest. May not have been your intention, but the original post does appear to imply GSBE at fault. Anyway, hope your coin turns up OK. "So I have read some nightmare stories about goldsilver.be" "this is why I tend to buy direct from the Royal Mint or European Mint its such a stressful time purchasing from new people." "wondered if other people had issues with goldsilver.be and UPS."
  11. Melon

    Probably Fake

    Sure. Folk that inherit them on the other hand... plenty of genuine clearance stuff end up in auction sales from what I read on here. The buyers end up paying spot or more so they don't get a great deal, but the poor sellers lose 30%+ on auction fees without apparently realising how easy it is to liquidate bullion gold near spot! These ones however are no doubt fake.
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