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  1. Are you sure your emails were going to the right place? If you call them they're actually a nice bunch to deal with.
  2. The 4 ducat is HUGE. 50% bigger surface area than a 1oz Britannia at well under half the weight. Paper thin though!
  3. If you're patient the deals do pop up occasionally on fractional coins. On black friday last year for example HGM put everything to 1% premium.
  4. That gold standard does look awesome... every time I see it I get tempted to get one!
  5. Very interested mate. Definitely keen to get involved if this goes ahead, cheers for letting me know! 🙂 Fingers crossed for your Vegas trip as well, it's on my wish list of places to visit 🤞
  6. @silenceissilver thank you for the very detailed response, loads of great info in here 👍 That makes a good case for the pro version to have the alternate sensor sizes!
  7. Seriously, this person must be completely mad. To add insult to injury they have 0 feedback on eBay as a seller as well, but hey give me 50 THOUSAND for an ounce of silver please. Yikes!
  8. This is the kind of thing to avoid doing when dealing with GSB specifically. Don't have multiple addresses and email them updates etc - it's just not how they do business. Similarly don't mess about with the payment, don't ask for refunds, don't complain about capsules etc. They stack high and sell cheap (relatively), so know that going in and measure expectations accordingly. While their customer service is shocking and they don't do updates etc, 9/10 of the 'actual' issues (i.e. not just crappy comms) starts with a customer doing something outside of the normal process. Not aiming this at you mate, just a general remark on most of the issues I see posted about GSB. They never email someone who follows the process out of the blue just to call them a kloot! 😂
  9. Ugh I'm in two minds reading all this.. tempting me to sell! What's the recommended route to sell one of these (a 69 grade)? CC auction? I'm clueless when it comes to numismatic coins to be honest.. I have no business being in this thread at all 😂
  10. I think this one will do just fine. It's from a government mint, fractional, proof and actually a nice looking coin. I wouldn't expect a big premium and I think sovs / brits would still be much more liquid, but there's always going to be folk willing to pay over spot for these I would think.
  11. I may have made another cheeky order on the weekend 😄 I'd love to buy them all... I just need a lotto win first!
  12. It's like everyone's suddenly woken up after sleeping on this deal for 2 weeks lol 😂
  13. If ungraded is going for 600+, does that mean my 69 is worth more outside of it's case now? 😂
  14. Serious question, have you any proof that a Flying Spaghetti Monster didn't created the universe with his giant noodly appendage?
  15. Do you know what you have there? It's called... an opinion. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion and to spend your money however you please. But comments like "your 10K £ are most probably gone for good" and "crying now like a little baby" are simply misleading with no basis in fact, and frankly very rude to a fellow forum member for no good reason.
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