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  1. mr-dead

    1kg Dragon Cube

    The cubes just remind me of baby silver money boxes lol:
  2. Gold has now exceeded the inflation adjusted ATH
  3. I called over my accounts house a few days back to get my I.D certified for the house purchase and dropped off the paperwork for the gold sale. Not had the figure due yet but should be sorted by Friday
  4. sold them about about 2 weeks ago + some krugs for a house purchase. Just checked, I paid £33,328 in Sept 2017 for my Baird bar which are now £50,698.
  5. No regrets selling the bars at all, you cant time the markets. I set myself targets and goals and stick to the plan, served me well to date enabling me to pay off my current house early and buy my next one for cash. Still made 40% on what I sold and have around 100oz gold left + a few thousand ozs of silver Also the current short period of stamp duty/LTT holiday offsets some of the differential in the mid and longer term.
  6. sky news now picking up on the story
  7. Just wondering why you trusted the 1 person over the handful that disagreed with him
  8. pain stacking research stacking on the brain, stick to stacking gold/silver lol
  9. Originally thought this but as he mentioned they were older coins I was unsure on their purity and what silver % is required to be effective.
  10. Do detol wipes contain bleach? "Bleach is a powerful oxidising agent but the damage to silver is on the surface only and can be removed with commercial silver polish. The action of bleach on gold is more dramatic and will dissolve the gold over time to create severe erosion, such as the thinning of ring bands"
  11. mr-dead

    Real or fake ?

    There are fake versions of this bar in circulation so defo worth checking to ensure its genuine https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=369209 Edit: Looks like yours may be a fake :( Genuine bar, see how the weight does not overhang:
  12. the wealthy hold gold in every country on the planet
  13. who faired better after the crash, someone holding their wealth in gold or cash in the bank? I presume it would be far easier exchanging gold for dollars to buy local goods over worthless local currency?
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