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  1. mr-dead


    Nice monster boxes of 500 Britannias.
  2. mr-dead


    A new facebook post by chards : "This is what 35,000 silver Britannias looks like. That's 70 monster boxes containing almost 1.09 tonnes of the precious metal. We're working hard on getting these sent out on a first come, first served basis. If you've ordered we will be in contact very soon." GSR alternative = 11kg of gold, which shows the value density comparison and I know which is more wife friendly lol
  3. mr-dead

    Silver math

    195 X 0.835 = 162.825g
  4. it comes down to probability of that situation ever happening. many things could destroy gold price e.g a gold filled asteroid hitting the planet, mainstream space mining etc. etc. looking at examples like Venezuela and Zimbabwe those with gold did better than those without
  5. In that that scenario it would still only be temporary, if all your wealth is in paper going in you'll exit with nothing. Hold wealth in gold going in and you can barter during the rough times and exchange to the new currency coming out. Also a close proximity of a STHF scenario is a war zone and there is a reason airmen and special forces are issued with gold sovereigns even to this day as part of their survival kit.
  6. You say that but how many empires have ended from the myans to romans but gold held value during the boom and the bust.
  7. Aa recent update on directx on linux https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/05/20/microsoft_directx_wsl_linux/
  8. June will bring more dismal covid economic news + the potential of confirmation of a no deal brexit exit. Could be a very good month for gold prices.
  9. mr-dead

    BullionVault down.

    Similar to the Glint issue recently, all worked out ok in the end but could have just as easily gone the other way and it left people without access to their gold/cash for a period of time.
  10. mr-dead

    The coming Gold crash

    Ill dump the lot at £2k and spend my remaining time under a covid-19 free palm tree somewhere nice
  11. Silver looks like the poor relative in that screenshot lol
  12. back over £1400 we go
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