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  1. I'm actually surprised they are offering next day special delivery to NI what with the Brexit NI protocol and all that rubbish.
  2. No, would love one but couldn't justify the cost. It would be a nice toy though. I'm just an old scientist, I can't help poking my nose into technical things😁
  3. Yes I think everyone here should refuse to buy the next Great Engraver's issue😉😎
  4. You must have had this instrument, what, at least 5 years?🤔
  5. So that's a fair few tests then I have meant to ask you for a while now; what are the running costs of your Niton XRF analyser, if any? Any cost per test, periodic maintenance, calibration costs etc? I assume it will be a well specified instrument and cost a fair bit?
  6. Yes I would advise that as well. Your experience of them all packing up early is quite common.
  7. I already use them and to be fair, my next pair is probably due early next year. However, on reflection, the only G5 coin you have tested seems to be the 1932 Pretoria. While not wanting to debunk your data on such flimsy evidence, I suggest it works both ways, and you can't be sure of your previous assertion with just one data point. Maybe there was something unusual about SA sovereigns of that time, and that they were not representative of the breed as a whole.😉
  8. you've been trying to sell these for a while now, maybe close this thread and start again?
  9. @LawrenceChard Does my memory fail me (again!) or have I seen you post a comparison of the XRF results of different eras of sovereigns? You have stated that the mint started producing only gold/copper alloys in 1957, ba'ht any silver, but George v sovs seem equally "red" to my eyes. Any data?
  10. That's a very rare type of 1917, it's the only one that managed to jump out of the melting pot before it was totally consumed.
  11. This is the problem, you should never invest in anything you don't understand; otherwise how can you know when to buy/hold/sell? You bought at the top and this is characteristic of the crowd who lump into an investment after a big rise, without understanding what they are buying, why they are buying it, and what the long term prospects are. It's usually a sign of listening to pumpers and a serious case of FOMO. I would suggest you hold until you can research a little about your chosen market and why people buy gold. After that, you may be in a position to make your own decision, but if you're constantly worrying about how much you may or may not have lost, you should sell and invest in something you understand. Failing all else, take the previous advice and buy some solid blue chips for the stability and dividends. I doubt you will do that though, as I suspect you really want a get rich quick investment🙄
  12. However, none of us will remember because most of us won't be around the next time there is a Royal Jubilee. It'll certainly be HRH's last one and they don't come around that often.
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