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  1. where can you get 4 half sovereigns for £220?
  2. I am wary of long acetone soaking as there have been reports of it affecting copper. I found less than 30 mins in brush cleaner
  3. Na that looks like a guilty look, why are you mad with me dad?
  4. Acetone not so good, spirit based solvents seem better. Try water soluble paint brush cleaner, easy to wash off afterwards. White spirit or xylene the best but then you have to get rid of the solvent.
  5. Assuming all the other choices are bullion value, it depends entirely how much you can get the sovs for and what grade they are.
  6. I'm sure that has always been the case without anyone ever suspecting it. They probably didn't even mention it in their T&C.
  7. Curiousity (as to grade, when you don't know how to grade) Competition (with yourself or others) Authentication Protection To increase Value
  8. Might be worth contacting them and asking what fees you would pay if you bid up your own lots?
  9. I'm no expert on copper coins by any means but 28mm is spot on for a half penny.
  10. The size indeed suggests a half penny. If it were a penny, Spink says the version without the preceeding dot in WW is rare and worth a lot more than the type NGC have labelled it as. I suggest you contact @TheCoinCabinet about this
  11. I don't think they were branded but I have one, I'll take a look.
  12. @morezone once had some slab boxes for sale that held both NGC and PCGS slabs. I haven't seen any around for a while though.
  13. Recent matte sovs from the RM have been notoriously poor. Many imperfection issues with the matte finish.
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