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  1. The 2012 sold loads but they always retained a premium over standard issue. The premium drifts up and down.
  2. The bullion sov looks quite nice compared to previous years, unless I am being deceived by good photography😁
  3. It's just a bad time, everyone's skint and far too many instant flippers. The market is flooded so the price is bound to weaken. The dealers selling low is irrelevant, they are essentially flippers and need to keep stock moving, just responding to the market conditions.
  4. IMO buy single sovs, especially the 2022 the double sovs tend to be more expensive to buy and are more difficult to sell. anyone looking for bullion at the moment, the 2022 sov is a no brainer
  5. Yes you will be covered so long as your tracking to the Ebay GSP centre is sound. My last sale to a buyer in the US was allegedly opened on route and the coin stolen. I had RN SD tracking to the GSP centre and got my sale money no issues; Ebay coveerd the refund to the buyer. Whether they chased the shipping/mail company in the States I've no idea.
  6. The difference in colour of the 3 coins is interesting though.
  7. It's a very nice coin and from the photos it looks like a proof-like example which are known in this issue. Judging the wear on the high points and comparing to graded examples I would guess MS64 or 64+ but that is dependant on the finish of the fields which can be difficult to judge from photos. The graders can be fussy with this aspect so this would be my only caveat. I would say it is worth the money and I would probably buy it if I were looking for one myself😉
  8. There will another good deal at some point
  9. Some of the earlier silver years had the capsule inside plastic sheets. I'm not expert enough to know the ins and outs of individual years' OMP but it can be a clue/giveaway for fakes.
  10. Only other way is to contact them and ask, that or try and blow the photo up to see if you can see any pre 47 coin designs
  11. If it's a standard auction lot, they will usually state if there is any real silver in there.
  12. Maybe you won't be paying off your mortgage and retiring to the Bahamas after all😉 Maybe reconsidering your long term hold for this set?
  13. Sorry I haven't kept up to date with this release, but are all the 2oz silver gothics supposed to have been delivered by now? Someone I know recently told me they haven't had theirs yet and the order is still in their "open orders".
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