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  1. I have no experience of these coins but if a sovereign were that light in weight and thicker than a genuine one, it would be a fake no doubt.
  2. sovereignsteve


    Rock on........
  3. Which is why it has been stated on this forum many times that stacking silver using bars is a very risky business unless you have a fancy tester of some sort.
  4. They go to the USA. Your grading fees include fully insured shipping there and back to NGC London, assuming you assign the correct value to them on the submission form.
  5. Nothing wrong with Ebay, it's the people who use it that are the problem!😉
  6. I have a few I think, I'll have a look. Please remind me when I forget🙂
  7. I've never been able to understand why people can become so obsessed with and loyal to Apple. Their business practices and overcharging over the years turned me completely against them, until I gave them a chance a couple of years ago and bought an Ipad. Although it wasn't really that old, the experience was bloody awful in terms of OS upgrade limitations and subsequent problems running latest apps. I also found the wifi reception terrible compared to my 12 year old laptop and samsung phone. It visibly ground to a halt before my very eyes, I'm sure due to Apple's hamstringing. I won't be touch
  8. I think it is wise to blank out slab numbers when offering for sale on an open forum. The first line of defence against fake slabs is being able to check the number and compare the photos against the database. If these are openly shown in sales adverts, the counterfeiters are being provided with genuine slab numbers to copy, secure in the knowledge that their creations will check out when scrutinised. If easy targets are not provided, it will make it difficult for them to create fakes with genuine IDs and they are more likely to simply make them up or continue to use the ones they ha
  9. It has happened for sure. Edit. I am referring to ebay sales in general, not to the recent case of the Una, just realised you may have been referring to that🤔
  10. Ah yes, those sterling comms. I don't think any of them ever made a profit even as a quick flip!
  11. Some people have no sense or imagination. He should have walked with the aid of a walking stick and asked for someone to ferry him around the airport in a wheelchair.
  12. I note you haven't answered my question about exactly what collector's coins you are referring to from the 70s. You can't issue a challenge for examples unless you know they actually exist. Personally I can't think of even one that was issued to collectors from that decade. People collected old circulation and bullion coins. As far as I can see, the issuing of special edition coins for collectors didn't really start until the 80s and wasn't widespread until the 90s. There are numerous examples from the Perth Mint's Kook and Lunar series that have made good profits. The 1989 range of
  13. The secret to drinking is drink to enjoy what it is you're drinking, not the effect it has on your brain. The latter only leads to drinking way too much and the inevitable hangover etc the next day. I'm afraid I enjoy red wine and malt whisky far too much to give it up but I can't remember the last time I had anything like a hangover; the secret really is in moderation.
  14. It's been mentioned in one of the threads a few days ago, but can't remember where.
  15. were there many or any at all? I wasn't collecting then so have no idea of what was being issued, nor have I seen any materialise since.
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