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  1. I have effectively lost a few fake sovereigns. I was keeping them out of interest but decided to stow them somewhere out of the way just in case. I'm bugg**ed if I can remember where they are now! Hopefully I'll fall over them at some point.🤞
  2. You see this type of set on ebay for months on end at high, presumably too high prices. Often the 2oz is the most desirable of the lot.
  3. As you're a business man, I would think it would be good business. It would take an unusual set of circumstances for you to lose money. Unless you're looking at buying it as a collector😉
  4. It's a valuable piece of advice to give but Im afraid some people are just incapable of keeping things to themselves. Whether it's a matter of bravado, boasting or wanting to appear interesting or important, is probably a matter for the psychologists.
  5. In my experience, they generally do.
  6. The problem with coins such as this, rare and with good quality examples so expensive, lesser grades can vary so much in price. Small differences in condition can make a large difference in the price collectors are prepared to pay.
  7. That's a matter of opinion yes, but in mine, it's unethical and dishonest, just like gazumping. The agreement should be legally binding once an offer has been made and accepted, after all surveys etc have been done.
  8. yes they're fine, other than their numismatic knowledge is limited and you occasionally get counterfeit coins from them. They are real gold but not what they appear to be. Usually 1887 £5 and £2
  9. Yes only 5500 proof sets issued in 1937 Those marks around the rim could be from a circular mount. Being heavily used in a mount is probably the only way it could be genuine. There's nothing that hits you in the face as being wrong in the design other than there appears to be no sign of the obverse engraver's initials and the date looks a little "wrong" to my eyes. Probably moot as it's in such a bad state it's essentially bullion.
  10. I don't wish to sound rude but if you are going to buy coins to flip, my advice would be only do so with coins you have a sound knowledge of. Don't rely on advice from random people on forums😉
  11. I have a PF69 but it's stuck at NGC in London at the moment.
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