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  1. Yes another metal that people were assuming would do well as it was traditionally a lot higher vs gold and therefore would be so again 🫢
  2. You may live to regret asking your question!😄
  3. What makes you think there is any gold in this piece, any hallmarks? looking at the size and thickness of the "coins" I doubt they will be more than 9 ct if gold, probably less.
  4. mmm that sounds like a dodgy friend😎
  5. I went a couple of times before the covid debacle. It was OK but you need to get there early as most of the dealers can't wait to get off as soon as they can in the afternoon.
  6. Just as NGC often under grade shields, PCGS often overgrade, I have seen it many many times. The weak strike on the lions is real, I am not so convinced by the head, there looks like some mechanical damage to my eyes. Even if it is, the lustre and eye appeal on both sides is poor and negates the high grade imho
  7. He was a rising star then as well. Sigh......he was such a disappointment😄
  8. Right, peak attained, going back down now - entertainment over for the day.
  9. You really need both. Some of the older edition books will be a little out of date but there are some gems of knowledge in them. There have been a number of threads on this forum over the years with some good recommendations so a quick forum search should find you some details to go at.
  10. Probably true but it will go back down at some point soon. A bit of volatility is exciting for the guys here and this gives an opportunity for some profit taking if you have the nerve to do it🤔
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