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  1. You must be crazy if you want to be an independent country with that bunch of dictators in power. Having said that, they would just hand over power to that other bunch of dictators in Brussels.
  2. I must confess I quite miss him.
  3. Because Tesco seemingly are confused whether they want to accept them or not. The others would probably tell him where to go. Added 0 minutes later... It could be because he's making a nice profit, perhaps?😉
  4. The term debt usually refers to a deferred payment, not one that arises from an immediate purchase, or so says Wiki. What the definition is in British law I have no idea. In your case, when you buy petrol, you take possession before you pay, but this is still an immediate purchase. You are not offered credit on your purchase, which would then constitute a debt. It is no different from picking up your groceries within a supermarket and then proceeding to the checkout to pay. You take the petrol then proceed to pay. You are told your offered means of payment is not accepted, which they are entitled to do. You then have an obligation to offer an acceptable means of payment. If you are unwilling to do so then I believe this would constitute a crime. If you are unable to do so, you should follow their procedure for such cases, which I believe is to leave your details etc. You really should try the latter, as that, IMO, would constitute you being offered credit on the goods which would then enable you to offer any means of legal tender to satisfy your debt to them. This should rightly include these RM nonsense coins.
  5. Even with all this farcical confusion about the accuracy of the tests, we are currently only seeing 2.4% of all deaths in the UK "attributable" to C-19, according to the ONS.
  6. After market prices of coins such as the Una should not be any concern of the Mint. This one is an exception and they shouldn't be stressing about having missed out. What were they have supposed to have done, charged 20k for the 2 oz gold? Nobody would have bought them at 10k. For every success such as this there are dozens of failures.
  7. The question is how they are selecting these coins for grading and how NGC deal with bulk grading? I know you have told us in the past how this bulk grading works. Will the RM send the whole batch of say 500 coins to NGC and they pick out so many at grade 70 to slab and return the rest? Or will they grade the required number and then stop looking for any more 70s? Or do the RM pick a number of 70s they require and guess how many coins to send in to achieve this aim? Will the RM do post production checks and only send in the ones they deem "perfect"? It will be interesting to see if this new initiative has any effect on the ratio of pf70 and pf69 grading results you observe.
  8. Nooo, bad plan, never run 2 women, trust me. Two many complications; either stick with the one (probably the best plan overall) or if one doesn't cut it, three is probably the best number on many levels. As you get older, one is all you can manage anyway🤔
  9. No problem Roy. Just give me all the details and I'll pop down to London to retrieve all your coins. You can sell them and I'll send them out for you! It'll only cost you a pint😉
  10. You won't get any sensible answer out of him unless it acts to back up his position. If you point out anything that logically contradicts that position, he just ignores it. He's simply a troll and he's repeatedly conspicuous by his absence unless gold is falling.
  11. Won't be a problem if they're brits. Otherwise you have a capital gains allowance of approx £12k per tax year before you pay any tax, if that's any help. It depends if you will have any other capital gains to declare for tax purposes as well as your silver gains. If you sell either side of the April 6 tax year cut-off, you can make gains of £24k, that's a lot of silver profit but it really all depends on the specifics of your own circumstances. I don't think trading for gold, if you could do so, would help as I believe disposing of your silver in whatever way will count as a taxable point.
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