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  1. I've ditched my Ribble license this year and looking forward to heading back east for some good old Yorkshire barbel. Going to re-live my youth😊
  2. what approx. cash value are you putting on it?
  3. I see the police officer's charge in the George Floyd case has been ungraded to 2nd degree murder. The other three officers involved have also been charged, with aiding and abetting.
  4. milk spot? I didn't think they could remove that, I'm sure they say they can't. Interesting🤔
  5. I said it shouldn't be difficult to understand the concept. You clearly are incapable of doing so, therefore I would be wasting my time trying. As we all know, you are a troll and should consider changing your name to a similar one ending in "ker" 👋
  6. any particular reason you asked for conservation? surprised it would be necessary. Having said that, if they decided it wasn't needed, they should have said so, so they must have done something to it. Dipped?
  7. Your response is obtuse, either lacking in understanding or intelligence. I find it is very often useful in understanding concepts to look at extremes and the opposite viewpoint. If you are able to understand and accept my example, which is quite easy really, it will help you to understand the other extreme which you seem incapable of at the moment. Oh, and I didn't say "Currency Velocity can increase Currency supply" as you incorrectly state, please read more carefully. I said it can effectively do so. I have shown you an example of how low velocity can effectively reduce the money supply. It really shouldn't be that difficult to understand how the opposite must be true. Therefore my previous statement is quite obvious. You must take the money velocity into consideration before you make sweeping statements about money supply.
  8. What astounds me is that the officer is only facing 3rd degree murder. It shouldn't be 1st fair enough but 2nd degree? yes IMO. 3rd degree equates to manslaughter in the UK, this can be treated as very minor in some cases. In the case in question, he was using a valid police restraining method in which he was trained. He should have known how to use it without causing harm. Therefore he knew what he was doing and persisted despite warnings from others. The police have a very privileged position when it comes to using violent and potentially lethal actions. Therefore they have more of a responsibilty to use these methods in which they are trained very carefully. The bar should be set higher. The man deserves to go to prison for life.
  9. Look at it from the other perspective. There is a certain amount of currency in existence. If everyone who owns this currency just banks it, puts it under the mattress etc etc. Nobody spends anything therefore the velocity is zero. Effectively there is no money supply. What will happen to prices/inflation/deflation?
  10. Why would anyone feel the need to dip one of these silver proofs? I doubt any will be showing toning and dipping won't clear up any other faults. I've never tried dipping a proof, a bit scary imo😇
  11. Effectively it can. You cannot ignore velocity in your deliberations.
  12. Your guess is......... Nobody knows. Personally I think it'll be a long time before the premium on these increases, if ever. More likely to go down IMO, their day is possibly done.
  13. You can have whatever "target" you like but I suspect you'd have cashed in before it hits $1300
  14. You do see some pattern toning on Morgans if a coin has been against the canvas sack material when stored. Some coins were stored in sacks for 70 years or so. It is thought some kind of chemical in the canvas caused such toning. I have read that coins with a criss-cross pattern are found but it's difficult to see how such a large grid-like pattern as the one seen here could be produced.
  15. do you have an idea of the economics of the whole process?
  16. I have effectively lost a few fake sovereigns. I was keeping them out of interest but decided to stow them somewhere out of the way just in case. I'm bugg**ed if I can remember where they are now! Hopefully I'll fall over them at some point.🤞
  17. You see this type of set on ebay for months on end at high, presumably too high prices. Often the 2oz is the most desirable of the lot.
  18. As you're a business man, I would think it would be good business. It would take an unusual set of circumstances for you to lose money. Unless you're looking at buying it as a collector😉
  19. It's a valuable piece of advice to give but Im afraid some people are just incapable of keeping things to themselves. Whether it's a matter of bravado, boasting or wanting to appear interesting or important, is probably a matter for the psychologists.
  20. In my experience, they generally do.
  21. The problem with coins such as this, rare and with good quality examples so expensive, lesser grades can vary so much in price. Small differences in condition can make a large difference in the price collectors are prepared to pay.
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