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  1. Some people are never going to understand other peoples opinions. Chards May be charging more for the coins than rrp now but they sold a few to members here on release day for rrp. They could easily waited till after feb 6th and charged £850. I think they have got pricing spot on. They are my preferred business to buy new releases off because they have always delivered excellent quality in a timely manor. Some members don’t understand the concept of sotd coins by collectors will
  2. That’s why I didn’t buy. I’m sure they will have one or two classic designs but they will also have some bad ones. Personally I think this will go the way of the lunar series and not get to a conclusion
  3. If the proof with a mintage of over 13500 sold out in a day or so and now commanding a premium a sotd will sell out within an hour. Some new buyers won’t get it but same conversations with the 2017 sotd and proof set went on and can see the drive levels of them now. I don’t think this will be the last special sov for the jubilee but will be up there with the most sought after. If they come up for £650 again I’ll be surprised would expect £850+
  4. Good chart but think natural gas should top the chart by a lot. Says up 46% but I think it should be 100%’s
  5. @BleyerBullion I’ve never used you but honouring the orders will make me use you in the future
  6. After a 4 or 5 coin proof sovereign box like the one pictured if anyone has sent coins for grading and has one available
  7. I’m just worried the royal mint will over do it with the jubilee and the good ones will be watered down. Then next your if the queen masked it that far it will be all coronation anniversary coins
  8. https://www.chards.co.uk/2022-platinum-jubilee-strike-on-the-day-sovereign/15791 sotd at chards https://www.chards.co.uk/2022-gold-proof-50p-platinum-jubilee-coin/15801
  9. I have the set but the 2 sov has a bit of frosting missing any one thinking of sending theirs back? if willing to swap if pay postage both ways and throw in a couple Oz of silver pm for details
  10. Looks like the queen on horseback that we know about. Prince William celebrating his 40th and another. Not sure I’m in the market for 15kg gold coins at the moment
  11. Still Perth mint for me for quality. Queens portrait will stop me from buying anting from them. Royal mint have come out with some very nice designs in the last couple years but struggle with the quality
  12. Had the call. Think chap was quite new as didn’t push too hard. Said the 2012 bullion is same price now as in 2012 but the proof had gone up from £500 to nearly £3000. Got offered the 2022 proof at £950. Had a mate with the same call got offered it for £912
  13. 2oz gothic crown. Looks to be in perfect condition. £600 plus delivery. option to buy the second in the series for the same price. As long as delivered as planned and in mint condition
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