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  1. Out of interest how may would buy this on security market? I’ve gone the same thing in the past of getting what I think is a nice coin at a good price but when it comes to sell buyers would rather have a sovereign at spot than this.
  2. Seems dear. I enjoy beating but only do once a year or so. Don’t really like pegged shooting prefer rough but each to their own
  3. @KDave @AuricGoldfinger Sad to say but my gran had a house, when she moved into home £4K would have been a bargain to get them out. Took over 12 months cost 3/4 times that, the stress was really what finished her. When you are dealing with renters these are the kind of people that you can come across Worse thing was he was getting all his advice from citizens advice. Even to the point that he left 1 minute before the bailiffs went in
  4. Shocking compared to first two
  5. This was my last purchase from royal mint bullion. Think it was the 5th one they sent before I had one that wasn’t gouged, bent or rubbed. Isn’t that nice of a coin really
  6. Not 100% if it’s correct what I’m saying but furlough = socialism With this capitalism has died. this is my understanding because the government is looking after probably 90% of work force give or take by paying them. If we stayed on a 100% capitalist agenda they would just let the companies go scat and let the free market reign but like I said doing really know what I’m in about
  7. I don’t see why the royal mint have gone down the route of 999 silver. If they went back to sterling they wouldn’t spot and would be harder and not mark so easily. All they would have to do is buy different blanks
  8. Wait for £1 on eBay, but on for £1500. See how it goes. If no takers go coin cabinet. I didn’t go for the Una because was worried about a great coin spotting. If I was holding a pf70 I’d be selling because one spot could knock £600 off. And being royal mint it probably will arrive sooner or later
  9. This is definitely true...... but what ever they cost they are worth every penny.
  10. @Keithoil what is your take in what’s happening in the oil industry? Are you still doing the same as before or retired?
  11. For £100 you should be able to get 5 or so 1oz coins. As you are starting out I would want 5 different coins. You could save £5/£10 by buying cheap bullion but it’s not about that at the beginning. I’d go for Perth mint lunar/koala/panda/Ase/Brit or similar get caps so you can handle them without losing value. when you start out it’s about handling the beauty of the coins then later you can decide if to stack or collect. The gold you can get with £100 would be small and not so easy to appreciate than 5oz of silver id but a wanted on the trade section and see if you have anyone offer to sell a mix of silver. Remember if you miss a deal or it isn’t right another will come along that will replace it
  12. Surprised they didn’t go for 1945 or 2020!!!
  13. As a last resort if you contact them again and say that the medals were stolen and you are going to inform the authorities they might reply. An auction house wouldn’t want the reputation of selling stolen goods
  14. The dragon as a beautiful coin. It will have a premium compared to most other lunars because of of the Chinese affinity To dragons. But £299 is too high. I’ve got a 1oz if you want to pay 10x that price!!!😂
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