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  1. Anyone going to do a group order? Normally go to gold silver.be but they are €20 over priced
  2. Right I know it’s an impossible question but if I was looking to invest in some whiskey/whisky for 20 years time what should I buy? First £100, second £250. Do your best
  3. They lost a court case last week, they were trying to save money on what they pay for renting mast sites because of a new code. They thought they could cut rents then put that money into 5G but they lost. Rents are approx £3.5bn/year. That may be bit of a reason they have dropped
  4. Not so impressed as previous years but ok
  5. I think Biden will win the election, discussion on different thread. For him to win the election he needs the African American votes and the women to vote. This is why the BLM if gold to him. The more rioting and disruption the more chance of getting the African American/ Hispanic to actually vote. Also him putting a female as a running partner will help with the women vote
  6. A camp looking, dressage dancing bull. Thought the Perth mint dropped the ball with the new queens head then they compliment then disaster with this. atleast they don’t have the lamb looking calf on the gold version
  7. Don’t think you quite understood the sarcasm in my post. No one wants independence
  8. We aren’t keen on the English either!!! We maybe backward but we aren’t stupid enough to think we can survive without the English money😂😂😂
  9. I’d happy swap a bullock and a ton of spuds for an Oz of gold!!!
  10. 1853, 1855 and 1856 shield sovereigns £390 plus shipping payment usual terms
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