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  1. Think you’ll struggle, price of land is too high at the moment and sue a fall when direct payment stop. But while agricultural relief is still about for inheritance tax reasons land will still be over valued.......... just see what mr Dyson owns!!!
  2. Nice to see someone with some class....... #jamfirst 😂😂
  3. @Bumble great chart. My only surprise is Iceland being so high. Never been there but I would have thought they weren’t such a well off country
  4. Buy your pub in Wales, but the flag of st George up. Re brand it as an English pub......... no one will come in so get your cheap home but also your pub without having to work too hard
  5. Used to pick up lots of gold on eBay under spot. Had 4 accounts and they send out £10 off vouchers so picked up 1/20 coins very often. Mixed with nectar points often paid £40 for them. Now rarely get a voucher and gold at reasonable prices have disappeared
  6. Looks like you are in the U.K. if so think about if anyone else will buy when it comes to sell. Plenty others that I think are better looking But If you like it buy it.
  7. Just gone to put in an order (first for a year or so). What hassle they want to know everything about you and need proof of everything. They used to be my go to but unless ways around it can’t see me buying again......... so if anyone knows where it can get a 1oz white horse of Hanover it would be appreciated
  8. As title, what would be a fair price for each of the first 3 1/4oz gold?
  9. Today the layout has changed on the I phone. All the worlds are very close if not touching the left of the screen. A step Bach from what had before
  10. Anyone going to do a group order? Normally go to gold silver.be but they are €20 over priced
  11. They lost a court case last week, they were trying to save money on what they pay for renting mast sites because of a new code. They thought they could cut rents then put that money into 5G but they lost. Rents are approx £3.5bn/year. That may be bit of a reason they have dropped
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