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  1. I’ve got one to sent back also. Just thought if keep them they can’t give to anyone else and more chance they would send a coin
  2. You going to send box and COA or just the coin?
  3. Was it Marc simmons? If so he buys a lot of coins for a lot of money. Used to be on here but left. Sold to him before and he uses his own insurance on coins he buys. One not to block if it was him
  4. Anyone else bought the 5oz and it not been dispatched yet?
  5. 2oz dispatched, 5oz not, royal mint lady was very helpful but couldn't tell me if i would get or not, just that they are working through orders and its just not been canceled yet
  6. Could this be like GameStop with the short sellers. Britanniacompany selling for £2750 but hoping to buy for £1250 on secondary market...... but they might not be available. So will have to pay up to honour sales. That would be interesting if the case
  7. Funny how the coin connection didn’t have any for sale (that I saw anyway) Atleast they have done it behind closed doors
  8. I have faith in the person that graded coins. BUT I don’t really have faith in grading coins. Seems to me they go on a percentage of 70’s to 69’s then grade accordingly it’s just a matter of luck if your coin in the right number in line. I’ve got 69’s and 70’s and can’t tell the difference. Hopefully I won’t sell mine for a long time but I won’t be grading because that will leave a bit on my the bone if I do come to sell. but knowing the royal mint it will have a gorge in a certain place so will the 2 graces and a George!!!!
  9. I don’t want to give the royal mint too much credit yet as the coins not shipped and qc may be off BUT they should be given credit for putting up all 4 coins on the website this morning. They could sell out 10 times over without going online but everyone here had the opportunity to get hold of one and 3 of the 4 purchased by people on this thread. Time will tell now if they honour all orders and quality control has been sorted. So far well done the royal mint
  10. What you offering for the 5oz??
  11. manged to miss the que, tried the gold but hand was shaking so much putting numbers in i got on wrong so missed it. gutted but got a 2oz and 5 oz
  12. I’ve got a sure fire way of staying on site without queuing....... send me £10 and I’ll tell you 😂😂😂😂
  13. I haven’t looked at 1oz pricing lately but queens beasts maybe £15 more. 3or 4 pints or a takeaway. I’d spend the extra and have something nice to look at. People get hooked up on premium but a few £ either way you’ll forget about in a week. If you want to stack bullion go for sovs as easier to move on and not get attached to. I maybe selling some gold in a few months because my wife wants to re do our house but it will be hard to part with pandas/nobles/ lunars but not sovs
  14. 100 million Troy oz is just over 3 tonnes? Is that right. If so could get that on a small lorry or at I doing my figures wrong
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