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  1. Found this not sure how up to date it is (because of silver) but shows the 12 month price rises and what is to come. think BOE need to get calculators out
  2. The silver and gold markets show how rigged the system is, everything is exploding in price except for pm’s. Boe saying inflation might get to 4% not sure what they are looking at. Notice the Internet providers and electric started putting prices up by inflation plus 4%. food prices going up fast this will be the straw that breaks the camels back
  3. Surprised they lasted so long. They had 5 available and lasted a couple weeks
  4. Keep your powder dry, work out how to break the royal mint queuing system them buy a new release. With the 3 graces could have invested £800 on the 2 oz and 5oz and if sold when delivered could have flipped for £7000+. Won’t happen very often but can happen
  5. Is it only the 1/4 that’s reverse proof? From the picture looks like they are the normal proof with just the 2021 date
  6. I think your wrong, I expect the majority here are flippers. I know from the years you have been on the forum that you collect some very nice proofs but as at least one post near the start was asking for offers for their purchase. The way the royal mint has gone in the last 18 months has encouraged this. The 2oz Una silver was probably the last coin before the flippers moved in. I’ve got nothing against flippers I’ve tried doing the same but when it comes to it the designs are so nice I can’t bring myself to sell. (If any one wants to offer on the three graces 5oz COA #1 I’ll listen!!!) I really hope that the quality is good on these coins but with 10 coins and all that frosting I can see a perfect set hard to come by
  7. @asemp know someone with 04,06 and 07. Pm me if you need details. He sold the 05 a month or so back and they aren’t cheap
  8. What kind of prices are you thinking of paying for each coin?
  9. A good few of the coins that are being sold cheap are toned. Looks dark for toning but not pretty .
  10. Which 4. Know someone selling off his collection so might have them if not already gone
  11. Phone call this morning, steel up another £130/t putting another £3k on the shed, this is getting out of hand now. Building Prices are rocketing and concrete getting hard to come by. Can’t see that this can continue unless it’s government infrastructure spending. The boom is getting bigger and when the bong comes that will make it even greater
  12. When I started collecting panda were hot property this continued for a few years and some of the half gold were going for serious money, this has come off the boil now. I managed to get hold of some key pandas early on but when it came to selling the U.K. market wasn’t strong enough compared to the American and Chinese which made sending coins abroad expensive. I still think they are great coins which are more of a proof finish than other bullion coins but it’s not easy to get the premium back when selling over here. There is a dedicated panda forum which Peter Anthony quite often contributed to and would reply to messages when sent His book is first class if you can get it but comes with import fees if he sends it. Good luck with buying but if you are collecting as bullion make sure there is an outlet in the past chards, Atkinson’s and HGM will pay less for them than sovs while charging a higher premium when selling on
  13. Don’t hold me to it but noticed that on the royal mint site that when the coin goes to ‘sold out’ from ‘no longer available’ coins become available again. The 1oz is now ‘sold out’. This happened last week when they released more of the 1oz, 5oz silver and the 1oz gold. Just giving the heads up to anyone that might still need one
  14. From the farming point of view I had a quote for a shed last summer and was £37k same shed now £45k. The wood perlings gone from £28 to £35. It’s madness. Hard to get hold ofsteel made products due to to the companies taking advantage of furlough even tho demand was there last summer, now 3/4 month wait for simple troughs and feeders. While furlough was a good thing for a lot of companies last year now it’s going to far and some business are still in hibernation when then should be full steam ahead
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