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  1. Think it’s a clever design. Looks more like a 10p letter coin
  2. Another way to think about it is physical couldn’t keep up with paper. When physical starts flowing the artificial high price will reset
  3. This is the silver forum.......... probably nobody willing to pay £500😂😂😂
  4. What do roper think of aston Martin? Price dropped away a lot. It’s a great brand in a history of bony cars Anyone think that it’s worth a punt then hoping the Middle Easterns come in and buy it out for the name and history..... too prestigious to fail or just another victim of carona virus???
  5. what are people thinking of doing for holidays this year? went to the coast couple days ago and lock down has ended and was as busy as summer holidays. just interested in what people are thinking.
  6. read once that 30 million people still live in caves in china, not sure if its true but if it he thats a great fact
  7. End of the day, you think you have done the right thing..... me and probably the majority here think you have done the wrong thing. You have a deal with someone then pull out . You thought you had a good deal then within 2 hours you find it 15% cheaper that means you didn’t do your homework in the first place. I wouldn’t want you as a customer a deal is a deal and a real man wouldn’t pull out but that’s the world we are living in now
  8. Anyone else home schooling..... been bit of a wake up call to us. Few big things stand out, only got primary children but they want to do everything on computer/screens and how they are being brain washed about environment/green movement etc. Twice a week they have things like.... write a letter to the head about why it’s important to recycle.... write a biography about an inspirational woman eg Greta thumburg.... sea world should close, explain if you agree/disagree with this statement. I can see why the world is being overtaken by liberal goodfornothings. I hope some of my comments about the school works isn’t passed on word for word when they go back anyone else got similar experiences?
  9. No sure you’re right with the 80%, Around here the majority are happy for the kids to go back but the schools can’t/WONT accommodate. Seems to me the teaching unions don’t want it to happen so it’s not. Like I’ve said before I’m in deepest Cornwall where things are different but only 2 parents I know are furloughed the rest are key workers/still working and the longer it goes on the harder it is getting
  10. @Kman don’t understand charts but think you have priced it in $ rather than pence probably doesn’t make any difference but thought I’d point out
  11. i dont think property is YET. but it will. all depends on the banks handling of it
  12. House prices won’t go down much as long as the banks support borrowers. After the banks were bailed out with vast amounts of government money I think they will be forced to keep some mortgage payers afloat when in normal times they would be calling it in. While this happens the house prices will go sideways. America found out to its cost that if too many houses are reprocessed at once you get a domino effect and the don’t want that. As I put on another thread house sales in my neck of the woods is booming with the vast amount coming from the eastern counties looking for the extra room and outside space. Also hearing that a lot of second homes are being made into first homes and are going to stay permanently.
  13. I worked on Oz 20 odd years ago and was charged 30c for every transaction on card. Could see that kind of thing happening if neg rarest came in. If all the banks did this you wouldn’t have any choice and lot of people just tap card or use phone so wouldn’t even notice
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