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  1. Dog sh*t on the verge outside my house Noisy neighbours Political correctness
  2. I will buy more RR if we see sub 100. Also going to buy more BP if it gets to 200.
  3. Not as premature as me, buying RR at £2.55. 😬
  4. Sad reaction duly submitted. 😂
  5. $1,896.50 was the LBMA fix
  6. @StackSellRepeat might be able to help.
  7. You have to click the link at the top of the post or the view giveaway button and then click the participate button.
  8. The word Touche springs to mind.
  9. JunkBond

    Help a Newbie!

    I doubt it, he hasn't been on since 2016.
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