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  1. I am just going to hold YCA and buy on any significant pull backs. Holding until we see at least $100/lb. 👍
  2. Good to know, just incase I put my trading cap on. 😉
  3. Probably just another pumper with a newsletter to sell.
  4. SPUT bought 400k pounds yesterday and we are heading into seasonal demand time so hopefully the spot price will start moving up again. 👍 Has anybody found a realtime spot chart yet? @Stacktastic?
  5. Agreed, I am nibbling away at Yellow Cake which seems a bit more stable than the US stocks and will just hold while it all plays out
  6. How about Kazatomprom, not enough momentum? I will be buying more Yellow Cake tomorrow if it dips a bit more.
  7. There is a SPUT Tracker reporting daily Sprott purchases on twitter. https://twitter.com/theAlexW
  8. I think the spot market moves quite slowly. I follow it here. https://tradingeconomics.com/commodities
  9. I just edited my post to add a chart it actually hit $1.39 just prior to my buy. Yes I feel a bit safer with Yellowcake, less mining exposure.
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