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  1. That machine is quite low-end for XRF; $8000 US is way under market price for an XRF. I think I'd want to see the machine test another couple of coins and then make a judgement on its accuracy.
  2. I have to admot, I didn't realise Nectar Points were still a thing! 🤣
  3. How many Britannias are we talking? I'm happy to buy in London and can pay cash; I'll pay a price that leaves me a profit but I'll cetainly beat the dealer offer by a decent margin.
  4. Clens92


    Mixed reviews. As another poster above has said, they have no issue selling handled and scratched proof coins for the full premium and saying nothing about it. They also once sold me a very nice Carson City Double Eagle at a substantial premium... only to then send me a non Carson City coin. They tried to claim the difference was of no importance and couldn't be returned until I threatened Small Claims Court.
  5. 1) That's not why Gaddafi was killed. 2) No. There is plenty of gold to go around. Not even in the 19th Century were wars started purely for gold. 3) Fishing rights will see more people die in the next three decades than any precious metal.
  6. It's a bullion coin, presumably you paid a bullion price?
  7. I'm in Exeter often if you are looking to sell in-person.
  8. A lot of maker's marks now are from trade houses or other resellers who make no real show of their hallmark. Researching of hallmarks post-1950ish is very difficult without paying the Assay Office in question.
  9. 1) 1/10oz Kruger - £172 posted 2) 1/2 Pond (ex mount) - £185 posted I don’t think there’s anything cheaper in the U.K. Offer valid until I remove it tomorrow.
  10. Yes, LCGS now own CGS and sell CGS coins that they own and have graded themselves. Their grading is no longer independant or reliable, and many examples have done rather poorly following cross-grafing from CGS to the American grading companies.
  11. Clens92

    Lion of England

    I'd sell you one of mine at £2,050.
  12. What are you after, in terms of the jewellery itself? I'm quite sure that forum members would be able to find something for a better price, in all likelihood. HGM are reputable but they are a bullion dealer who sell a bit of jewellery on the side - I've had a quick look at their prices and don't think they're very cheap at all.
  13. No, you've posted claims that you're shorting. No screenshots of the trades themselves. Because they're fictional? Or because they're so far in the red?
  14. 56 pages of utter drivel. Post your trades or get out. All talk.
  15. Pretty much a textbook definition of shill bidding there. If there is no underbidder, the house cannot bid up - albeit I accept that the auctioneer can notify the bidder that they are bidding under reserve and can ask them if they want to bid against the reserve itself (mostly a small auction house thing).
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