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  1. Only in Ireland would they use an avoirdupois ounce for metals when the rest of the world uses the troy ounce.
  2. Clens92

    Where to sell

    If you're looking for a local sale, I'm only in Plymouth and would happily travel to buy.
  3. HGM will usually XRF for free, if you ask nicely - they're good eggs, but they do expect to buy the metal afterwards so you might have to 'umm and ahh' about selling.
  4. This is a joke. RM again favouring a few people (who always seem to be favoured).
  5. I got the same. Although, I also managed to buy a Brexit Gold Proof 50p and was told today that my order was a glitch and it wasn't coming. Fingers crossed that these weren't a glitch too. Added 0 minutes later... They did? A big Queen graphic.
  6. I'm not overly sure why you would want to? CGT Tax would apply to an individual too, so there wouldn't be any additional benefit to buying through a company. Only UK-currency coins are CGT exempt: Sovereigns, Britannias - not foreign made coins. Wouldn't putting the gold in a company also then leave it liable to being used to clear any debts / claims against the company?
  7. £200 on a good day at the auction, or to a motivated buyer... To a any gold buyer with bricks and mortar, you'd be looking at £60-70. Yes, purpose-made engagement rings are a big con.
  8. Clens92


    Nice little pay day for the auctioneer... 20% from the seller, 20% from the buyer...
  9. What are you hoping to buy? If you're looking for gold at spot, it's not there. There is bullion at close to spot, but you have to look for it.
  10. It's 9ct. G18K is a known plating mark - which has seemingly been unscrupulously added.
  11. Send me some photos and weights!
  12. I don't think so. Even living in an area which has invested extremely heavily into the Mayflower 400 hoo-hah, there is incredibly limited public interest. I don't see any special attributes which would make this coin buck that particular trend.
  13. I've offered on your items on Facebook but you weren't interested.
  14. I can already tell you that their visit will not end well. They are not a well known company, and the company itself has been dormant for over 3 years - they should not be trading under that name. PLEASE - please upload pictures of your coins on here. You will get honest, realistic advice - much like above. People will tell you the highest price, and then a realistic price for a good sale which is good for both buyer and seller. This is the best site in the UK for gold and silver advice. I suspect this Imperial Coin company have overcharged for these coins, and will then quote a fairly low price when valuing because they'll want to buy them back for another profit.
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