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  1. Clens92

    Lion of England

    I'd sell you one of mine at £2,050.
  2. What are you after, in terms of the jewellery itself? I'm quite sure that forum members would be able to find something for a better price, in all likelihood. HGM are reputable but they are a bullion dealer who sell a bit of jewellery on the side - I've had a quick look at their prices and don't think they're very cheap at all.
  3. Clens92

    The coming Gold crash

    No, you've posted claims that you're shorting. No screenshots of the trades themselves. Because they're fictional? Or because they're so far in the red?
  4. Clens92

    The coming Gold crash

    56 pages of utter drivel. Post your trades or get out. All talk.
  5. Pretty much a textbook definition of shill bidding there. If there is no underbidder, the house cannot bid up - albeit I accept that the auctioneer can notify the bidder that they are bidding under reserve and can ask them if they want to bid against the reserve itself (mostly a small auction house thing).
  6. Good evening all; I'm looking to sell my small collection of £5 Gold Proof coins. As of this evening, with Spot @ £1442/oz, the Spot value of these coins is £1700. I'm asking £1850 each, delivered, but will drop a little more if anyone is interested in all three together. All three coins come in First Day Covers - two have hand-painted portraits of The Boss; the Alderney coin is a standard FDC. Coins: 2019 Alderney 200th Anniversary of Queen Victoria £5 2018 Jersey 65th Coronation Anniversary £5 2015 Jersey Long to Reign Over Us £5 I am comfortable saying that all three coins would grade very well, if that's your preference. I've been over them with the loupe and can find no issues. Sadly, to meet the image requirements, I've had to compress all images by roughly 50% in size - I have better quality pictures available on request. Payment via BACS. Postage via RM Special Delivery; packets will be split if value exceeds £2500 and I will cover that postage. Happy to answer any questions!
  7. But... 20-22 Wenlock Road is a business address, actually proven by the High Court to be a base for fraudulent companies: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/high-court-orders-six-more-bogus-multi-million-pound-companies-into-liquidation 1 Ropemaker Street is a business address. 11 Coleman Fields is a residential address... I know which one I'd be turning up to. Hint (IT'S THIS ONE)
  8. A little digging on Companies House will reveal a solution... John Michael Christopher Correspondence address 11 Coleman Fields, Islington, London, N1 7AD I know what I'd be doing; there are also people on Facebook groups (I won't name them, but they can be found) who will recover debts in the UK for a % of the debt. Edit: I should add, I found this on his Cohen & Christopher directorship. If this does fail to provide a residential address, you need to start digging for an online trail for him or his fellow directors - they're likely to be on Facebook / Insta given their ages, they'll probably have mutual friends (and likely follow each other or be friends). Build the picture... there's nothing wrong with scaring wrong'uns like this.
  9. Maples carry the lowest premium, don't they? If I were you, I'd be asking for the money back - all of those coins are inferior to the beasts, standfast the Kooks (maybe).
  10. Out of interest, do you find Flickr to generate any significant traffic? Nobody I know has used it for at least a decade; not a criticism but would be surprised if it was gaining you as much value as Instagram or similar.
  11. Only in Ireland would they use an avoirdupois ounce for metals when the rest of the world uses the troy ounce.
  12. Clens92

    Where to sell

    If you're looking for a local sale, I'm only in Plymouth and would happily travel to buy.
  13. HGM will usually XRF for free, if you ask nicely - they're good eggs, but they do expect to buy the metal afterwards so you might have to 'umm and ahh' about selling.
  14. This is a joke. RM again favouring a few people (who always seem to be favoured).
  15. I got the same. Although, I also managed to buy a Brexit Gold Proof 50p and was told today that my order was a glitch and it wasn't coming. Fingers crossed that these weren't a glitch too. Added 0 minutes later... They did? A big Queen graphic.
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