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  1. Hi. Are the half sovereigns still available?
  2. Learn how to make money with premium rate phone numbers. To find out how call 0898.....
  3. *** COMPLETED *** UK postage only. Postage costs on top - your choice and risk. Coins will come with their pictured capsules; bars I will ensure each have a plastic wallet. I can do more photos of any item if required; some items have multiple angles to pick up toning/milking etc. All items are 1oz 999 silver unless indicated. SOLD Noah's Ark WAS £27 NOW £26 SOLD SOLD Canadian Maple 2007 (toned) WAS £29 NOW £28 (9999 silver) SOLD SOLD Two Dragons WAS £33 NOW £32 SOLD SOLD OSB poured 2oz bar WAS £61 NOW £59 SOLD Earliest postage this Friday
  4. Graded means sent away for a professional appraisal - eg by NGC or Pcgs - to obtain a grade for its appearance. It would be returned in a slabbed container to protect it. Ungraded is anything else
  5. Cheers. I don't have very good photos as they are off-site. Only the one here. The other is a 1931 in similar condition.
  6. I love those Dutch Guilders. It's the only gold coin which I have two of (and I don't own much gold). My first gold item was actually two items in the same order: a Pamp 2.5g Lady Fortuna gold bar and a 2009 1/4 proof sovereign. I sold the Pamp bar but still have the 1/4 sovereign.
  7. If you buy melted poured silver bars then it's less of an issue. You could buy half sovereigns each month. I think milk spotting can happen on any coin potentially.
  8. All I received today was a CPM marketing letter. My second in about three months (not bad) but I decline all marketing the one time I bought from them (not good)
  9. Blockhead

    completed (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    Paid on Monday 7th and asked to confirm payment received and when dispatched. He replied payment received but not confirmed they have been sent and I have not received them yet. Messaged Monday 14th to confirm they have been sent yet. No reply. Messaged this morning. No reply.
  10. Short answer: richer. Lockdown and the threat of covid looming over my family, friends and me (however real or not that turns out to be) has sped up a few issues that were brewing in my work and personal life. I now have a job I am much happier with, although it's hard to learn it and build relationships with your team via a laptop. I have saved a lot of money on no commuting costs and little in the way of socialising. Have bought more gold than I thought I would and can prioritise other things on my to do list in 2021. Things have certainly improved from where they were 12 mo
  11. Blockhead

    completed (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    How many are left of each, please?
  12. Very pretty. I always thought pyrite sounded like a clothes shop for fat people
  13. Hi. Do you have another close-up photo of the reverse of the High 8? Looks like the RRIT one is showing twice. Thanks.
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