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  1. Pamp are very popular. Arguably the most beautiful but unlikely to be the cheapest. Scottsdale also quite popular. Vintage bars often command a premium when buying or selling but I don't know much about them.
  2. 10oz silver bars seem to sell quickly here. They're quite a good size to get a lower premium while still being not too big to put off more casual buyers. In retrospect I wish I'd bought more of them than 1oz coins, but that's just my opinion and may not work for you. Gold sovereigns are always a safe bet and should have a low premium. I usually go for weight (stacking) rather than getting caught up in various designs or series or finishes (collecting). It's safer that way!
  3. I'd be inclined to sell one and keep one. Look out for a listing in the Buy, Sell, Trade section of this forum soon
  4. Blockhead


    That's what about 60 silver Britannias look like. The rest looks like big black plastic boxes.
  5. Beautiful 100g silver melt bar by Scottsdale. Kept in two plastic self seal bags. £85 plus postage.
  6. 5x 1ozt Silver Kangaroos 2016. All in very good condition and in self seal plastic wallets. UK first class recorded postage included. £100 by bank transfer please.
  7. Thank you to everybody for who has purchased or enquired. All but the Kangaroos are sold and I'll list them separately to keep things tidy.
  8. I generally don't use Windows outside of work. My Linux flavour of choice is Mint because, to me, it's Ubuntu with third party driver support built in, so it's much more likely that everything works from the off. In my experience Windows becomes slower over time, bloated by constant updates that require regular restarts. Anti virus and firewalls have been included in Windows in recent years but this should have been the case from Windows 95, when they were pushing the Internet. It always seems to be a bit behind the curve for me on the essentials, begrudgingly conceding to give you things you really need eventually while pushing you to buy other things you don't. Gaming, certain proprietary drivers and if I need specific programs and can't use Linux alternatives is when I use Windows. However, some things just steadfastly refuse to work in Linux, such as an old printer I used to have, and a graphics tablet which I had researched should work just fine. After several days I came to accept that for my sanity I would have to reboot into Windows to use that. They each have their strengths but day to day I only need Linux and I prefer it. Maybe it's best to dual boot with both if you can?
  9. I have another Scottsdale Prey 5ozt bar for sale. Minor markings as per photos hence £95 plus postage. Combine with the 5x 1ozt Kangaroos (£100 delivered) for £198 special delivery included.
  10. I also have this Scottsdale 10ozt silver bar for sale. SOLD
  11. 5ozt 155g Scottsdale Prey SOLD 5x 1ozt Kangaroos £100 delivered.
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