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  1. Lovely idea. Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck.
  2. Will the feedback functionality and the "scroll to the top" arrow return when all the upgrades are completed?
  3. Quite scuffed (doesn't look so bad in natural light to the naked eye) but was very close to spot and had the advantage of picking it up locally.
  4. My own opinion is buy bars, preferably melted rather than cast. That way the imperfections are expected.
  5. In the early days I bought coins and minted bars generally, and got them as cheap as I could. I didn't really go in for premium coins in premium condition as I thought it'd be better to hold stuff that wasn't necessarily aesthetically perfect to begin with. I guess my risk was relying that the price of silver would go up. I would probably add to the OP that melted bars are the way to go if you want silver. They are by their nature imperfect looking and often people value older bars' toning. A point to consider even if you don't agree.
  6. Approximately 48ozt silver and 1.3ozt gold. Have probably sold over the last two years about as much as I still have left now of each. Would like to have more but who wouldn't?
  7. @Ranks1970 what did it test at? Sounds worrying
  8. Do you base that percentage on what you paid or what the likely value is now, or base it on weight? I have spent about twice as much on silver than gold.
  9. I've been thinking about this, too. I have credit card debt at 3.9% fixed till early 2022. If I sold a lot of my silver and/or gold I'd pay the card off. That would save me £100 monthly in card payments (I always pay over my minimum payment). I wouldn't have to worry about trying to find a good balance transfer deal when the offer runs out. Trouble is, once I've sold that gold and silver how many years (decades?) before I can buy gold and silver at the sort of prices that I did? ie when silver spot was less than £15 an ounce and gold was under a grand per ounce.
  10. They are a beautiful coin. You can get gold Guilders from places like bullion by post or chards. I have a couple. They're 22 carat gold and are just over 6 grams of pure gold. Don't know if this helps as wasn't quite what you were looking for
  11. I used to carry a 10g Geiger silver bar in my wallet (but kept losing it and finding it) and a carded 1g Pamp Fortuna gold bar in my wallet. Nearly pulled out the Pamp instead of my Tesco Club card on a few occasions!
  12. Are they hoping that the "24" will make people think 24 carat gold?
  13. Pandas. A chance - maybe a slim one - that I might get a little more when I come to sell on.
  14. Auction will end on Monday at 21:00 UK time. Please start bidding at £50 and bid in increments of £1 or more. Buyer pays for their choice of postage and risk. Bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.
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