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  1. I used to carry a 10g Geiger silver bar in my wallet (but kept losing it and finding it) and a carded 1g Pamp Fortuna gold bar in my wallet. Nearly pulled out the Pamp instead of my Tesco Club card on a few occasions!
  2. Are they hoping that the "24" will make people think 24 carat gold?
  3. Pandas. A chance - maybe a slim one - that I might get a little more when I come to sell on.
  4. Auction will end on Monday at 21:00 UK time. Please start bidding at £50 and bid in increments of £1 or more. Buyer pays for their choice of postage and risk. Bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.
  5. She's known as Nell down in Camberwell Where the men are absolute shockers She always says "how dare you, sir!" When they ask for a flash of her
  6. He handed daphne a deep red rose He loved her but how to tell her? She smiled and cleared her nose And said don't bother, 'cos I'm a fella
  7. My friend Phillip had a lip removed. Now we just call him Phil Added 0 minutes later... Two men sitting in the library. One said "have you read Marx?" the other said "yeah I think it's these wicker chairs we're sitting on" I never thought my chiropractor would improve my posture but I stand corrected.
  8. It's so rough where I live I have to go home via supermarket. It's the safeway. I filled my car up with petrol. Now I can't get in it. I had a fear of climbing trees but I conquered it. I was going to feed my rabbit but instead I went out on the town. I really let my hare down. My hotel had a bunch of drunk dwarves. I blame the mini bar. I was convicted of stealing a calendar. I was given twelve months. Circumcision? I can't get my head around it. I try not to rate women at my poetry class by their looks, but today I metaphor. I HATE MASCARA! Sorry I didn't mean to lash out. I promise you I won't do jokes about Parkinsons. Let's shake on it. If I did I shudder to think... I did a joke about hair loss at an alopecia convention. Luckily it didn't raise any eyebrows. I hate Scrabble so much I can't put it into words. Hate is a strong word but hated is worth more points. Italians contact the afterlife with a Luigi board. It's always hard talking to beautiful women. Then it goes soft again. She was dressed like a Frisbee. She threw herself at me. Is my French wife into golden showers? Oui My colostomy bag doesn't stop me learning karate. I now have a brown belt. Was I a great telephone receptionist? Hell-o!
  9. My wife said is vegetables all I ever think about? I said not necess-celery. This morning my wife said she'd leave me if I mentioned furniture again. Sofa, so good. My wife and kids are leaving me because they think I'm obsessed with horse racing. They're at the gates... And they're off!
  10. Sound interesting. Do you have any photos?
  11. Have you thought about combining the vegetables with meat? You could make soups out it: Backyard Bouillon
  12. Don't know if these formulae will work in Excel (the Google Finance one probably won't) but this is what I've done in Google Sheets. Some of it may help, I hope. In the next screenshot, row 23 removes the $ sign from row 21 result so I can convert from USD to GBP For gold I used similar formulae but this is the formula for the gold table:
  13. It's easy to have remorse for missing out. I do too but at least I am in now and everyone starts at different times. I know what you mean about the doubling of gold in less than three years though. It is quite shocking. But some of that price rise is currency debasement as well. In my case I had not been in a position to buy much gold (or silver) in 2017 and before that I had no knowledge of such things. Towards the end of 2018 I had been driving a crappy old car for years that I paid cash for and when I started having trouble locking it (it would unlock itself intermittently) I decided to use modest gains in gold as a large deposit on a more reliable car. I sold some silver (all at a profit) to buy more gold at recent higher prices so in my case it was all put to productive use.
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