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  1. Royal Mint 2019 Valiant 1 oz Fine 999 Silver 🚩Only FOUR available £24.90 in capsule ...plus p&p of your choice. In hand ready to go. 🙏
  2. Niue 1 oz Tree of Life Fine 999 Silver Bullion Coin in capsule Prices firm. 2020 ✨£22.90 ea. x 2 2019 ✨£23.90 ea. x 3 ...plus p&p of your choice In hand and ready to go. Added 0 minutes later... One of each sold right away
  3. Great to see that the Pirate theme is still alive and killing the charts. 2019 Queen Anne's Revenge 2020 The Royal Fortune
  4. Ok. I know. Another Phoenix. But let me tell you. KOMSCO did it again! This coin is awesome.
  5. Happy Days - I've finally managed to get the 2020 zi:sin Rattus 1 oz Silver Round - This should have been with me a long time ago but - for unforeseen issues - was delayed and delayed and delayed and … well you get the idea. Super happy with the design of this coin. Still think that KOMSCO is an emerging leader in silver bullion production. A brand new reverse shows the queen of the underground Rattus, while the obverse has a new shield design. I'm sure they could have continued with the old shield design, but this just shows that KOMSCO isn't sitting on their laurels when it comes to design and quality. The extra effort shows and I for one, appreciate it. Thanks for watching the video - and please subscribe if you haven't done so already. Continue to stay safe and healthy.
  6. As a heart felt thank you - I'll be sending @Hoon a special surprise which I hope he will show you all once he receives the parcel.
  7. Just checking … going twice? Added 0 minutes later... Going third and last time … if no one else … Added 0 minutes later... SOLD SOLD SOLD
  8. All in ? Any more? Added 0 minutes later... If no more advanes … I have £386 going once ..
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