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  1. Deposits are not necessary - but once they arrive, those who paid a deposit get first priority.
  2. Some awesome pieces to start a collection - None disappoint.
  3. Some awesome pieces to start a collection - None disappoint.
  4. These have shipped today - praying for a smooth journey Keeping all stackers in this series in stock as they come available. Please ping me to stay current.
  5. Hate to rush - but final orders going in today
  6. 🚩 Quick Update - there have been more delays at the mint for these. Also issues for shipping with the new January changes. I'm trying to stay on top of it all. I'll have a chat with them soon.
  7. 🚩 These have been delayed at the mint. I will try and update as soon as I get more info.
  8. Noted. I'll see if i can oblige They've been delayed again - but think I got enough.
  9. 🚩Pre-Sale Stacker No. FOUR PERSONA ... 2 oz Silver Stacker Stunner for sure. These will come in two versions: Lightly antiqued as the previous ones, and limited edition Dark Antique. Light Antique is Bullion version with no mintage. Capsule included. Dark Antique is limited collective edition to 3,000 max, which comes with Box and COA plus capsule. It's called Dark Edition. Both versions are stackable with each other. Light Antiqued ✨£71 give or take ...plus P&P of your choice Dark Edition (more photos to come) ✨£100 give or take (not sure on shipping on this one) ...plus P&P of your choice. Calculate March for availability - Last two stackers are running quite behind. I'll update with more info as it becomes to me. Previous releases: No. 1 - Doggaebi Stacker Shield No. 2 - Achilles Stacker Shield No. 3 - St Michaels Stacker Shield (arriving soon)
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