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  1. Please check your messages. If no longer interested, please let me know.
  2. Sorry for the delay - 2 oz no longer available. - PM coming for fractional set
  3. Yes they are - It's an older post though - slight increase of 50p per coin.
  4. RAF £2 Coin Collecting Pack First coin in the pack, four coins separate in certified blue card. One set available £63 ...plus p&p of your choice. Cupro Nickel... Not silver.
  5. MARVEL WOLVERINE Carded 1 oz Fine 999 Silver Coin £67 (firm) ...plus P&P of your choice Mintage Only 1,000 🚩 Two available
  6. 2020 Perth Mint 1 oz Carded John Wayne Fine 9999 Silver Coin ✨£56.80 ...plus p&p of your choice Carded mintage 1,000 🚩 One available
  7. 🔥 2020 Libertad Fine 999 Silver Bullion Rounds. 🚩 All in capsules. 🚩 Please comment here. Comments have priority over PMs. This year has seen record low mintage, which means. higher collectability. 🚩 Five sets available. ✨£161.90 (firm) SOLD ...plus p&p of your choice 2 oz Mintage super low 5,500 1 oz Mintage 300,000 1/2 oz Mintage 7,600 1/4 oz Mintage 4,450 1/10 oz Mintage 6,100 1/20 oz Mintage 5,450 Fractional Only Four Coin Set (excludes 1 oz & 2 oz) 🚩 Multiples available ✨£51.20 (firm) ...plus p&p of your choice
  8. I'm sorry... Post is now closed. Not able to edit.
  9. 🚩 This post is closed. Thanks to all buyers. Much appreciated.
  10. Is everyone caught up? More from Germania Mint coming soon.
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