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  1. In my opinion,no more than 10%,but nowadays some sellers on here,think its ok to charge about 40%,no matter the state of the coin.😲😲
  2. For those still looking,received this in post this morning.
  3. Please list with a photo of your name and TODAYS date next to "coin". 😂😂
  4. Think you need to change the title of your post,cause these have got hee-haw to do with the Royal Mint.
  5. Decided got a few too many of these,so going to move 2 on. Currently just over £74 delivered from R.M. So will let these go for £70 delivered 1st recorded. Will post first thing if bought tonight. Bank Transfer Only
  6. Decided just to move these on,rather than pack away again. 😁 Starting price £150,bid increments of minimum £1 Auction Ends - Sunday at 8pm Add £5 to winning bid for subsidised S.D.(uk only) Will post anywhere in world but at cost. Bank Transfer Only Any Questions Please Ask
  7. Selling as a pair - £240 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only Any Questions Please Ask.
  8. Withdrawn,if anybody wants to make me an offer,before I head back to the woods to bury them,drop me a pm. 😂😂
  9. 1984 1985 1986 Selling off some of my doubles,nice little start if somebody wants to start collecting them. Some of these carry a good premium,and are getting harder to find, especially the 2010. Only selling as a job lot. Price - £210 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only.
  10. Here we have both the graded and un-graded Mayflower,un-graded coin looks in excellent condition(to the naked eye). Auction is for both. Starting bid £110,minimum bid increments of £1. Please add £5 on top of winning bid for subsidised S.D. Auction Ends - 6pm Sunday 21st. Will be posted first thing Monday morning. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask.
  11. @AndrewSL76 Really shocking mate,got me worried now what's going to drop through the door,if I ever receive my Mayflowers. 🤔🤔
  12. £51 mate. First grandchild going to be born any hour,so this will go to him/her,so bugger off the rest of you,unless you can top that. 😁😁
  13. I may be wrong,but dont think that's right. Whether its 1 coin or 100 coins,it will be hit with 20%,plus a handling/customs charge and if it's over £135,then their is an extra charge on top. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I received e-mail on the 11th,stating my Mayflowers would be packaged and shipped by the week ending 29th(last week) But surprise,surprise,nothing.
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