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  1. Think yourselves lucky,I'm still waiting on my graded Mayflower. 😂😂😂
  2. 4 × 2020 Eagles and a "milky" Maple £115 plus post Bank Transfer Only. 2018 1/10 Brit - £156 plus post Bank Transfer Only Take the lot for £275 posted S.D. Can post Wed or Thur. Ta.
  3. Opening bid of minimum £180,increments of minimum 50p Auction ends Saturday 12noon Will post S.D. only at subsidised cost of £5(uk only) Bank Transfer Only. Any Questions Please Ask.
  4. Decided after much humming + hawing to move these on,as I want to put the money into something else. Price - £385 posted S.D. ( cant post till Fri.) Bank Transfer Only. Any Questions please ask Regards J.
  5. Hear - Hear, theres already enough of them on this forum.
  6. Hi,so here we have the 100g,50g,1oz,20g,10g + 5g. For sale as 1 lot for £285 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only Might also exchange/part exchange for mint condition silver or even that funny looking yellowish stuff folk get worked up about. 😁 Any questions please ask. Regards J.
  7. Simple answer,upgrade your membership,then you'll find 9 times out of 10 the best prices are on here,but if you've not got premium membership,you'll probably never get a chance to see them. All the Best J.
  8. Last delivery of the year. Many thanks to @SilverStan and @AndrewSL76 Excellent service as always guys. All the Best J.
  9. As title says,19 required. PM me with your total price including S.D. Will pay by B.T. Cheers J.
  10. I'm here,hope you dont mind a bit of advice,think you've set the starting price a bit high,roughly 15% over spot,not really leaving any room for the auction to develop. You know what were like on here- tight arses. 😂😂 I'd have started it at spot,then you would have probably got a bit of interest,then bidders sometimes think maybe 1 more bid would get it and before you know it,its at a price your happy with. Just my tuppence worth. All the Best J.
  11. C'mon guys bit of common sense,click on his name and you'll see he hasn't been on site since October. 😂😂
  12. As usual bought too much,so time to move some on. All these recently bought on forum. So we have American Eagles × 10. Koalas × 8. Owls × 5. Somali Elephants × 2. So that's 25oz in total. Selling as one lot for £570 posted S.D. (uk only,will post elsewhere,but at cost)which is £22.80 per oz. Bank Transfer Only Due to work commitments,unable to post till Saturday. Thanks for looking,any questions please ask. J.
  13. To answer the last part of your previous post,buying new is no guarantee of being "milk - spot" free. In fact if it's just bullion your buying,you've no guarantee when buying from a dealer what condition your coins will arrive in,whilst at least here on the forum,you will be able to see the exact coins your buying,with in nearly every case an accurate description of the condition of the coins and a price that reflects this. All the best going forward. J.
  14. I think your price(which includes postage) is reasonable,the thing that puts me off is the fact they arent hallmarked. I dont buy poured silver,unless its hallmarked,just because I feel when I come to sell in the future,it will be a lot easier to sell a hallmarked bar,rather than one from what maybe to the buyer,an unknown source.
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