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  1. Is this the kind of thing you mean. Forgot I had this,not even opened it yet. 😁
  2. I've been buying direct from the R.M for years,from Una's to Winnie and most things in between. 😁 And I've never had to send a single coin back,maybe I'm just lucky.
  3. If you've posted a video before,then you'll need to wait 30 days,unless you become a paid member.
  4. Sorry mate,old news. Shop about,and you can still pick them up.
  5. All coins in lovely condition. £112 posted 1st signed(at your risk) which equates to £22.40 each delivered,don't think you'll find them cheaper. 😁 Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask. Ta.
  6. Had quite a few casino ones pass through my hands,but this I'm first brothel one. 😁
  7. As per title. Complete with what I presume are original glass liners. £65 plus postage of your choice. B.T. only. Ta.
  8. Minted have 1 telecaster left in stock at £135. 😁
  9. @Pete "FENDER STRATOCASTER GUITAR 75th anniversary - 2021 Solomon Islands one ounce silver proof coin" https://minted-uk.com/product/fender-stratocaster-guitar-75th-anniversary-2021-solomon-islands-one-ounce-silver-proof-coin/
  10. Hi mate,are these still available,my mate is after a "really nice one" if you've got one. Best price posted 1st signed. Ta. J.
  11. If your looking to buy sovereigns in bulk,have a look at @SVcollector,usually has bulk lots for sale.
  12. It was on a while ago up here. Worth a watch,quite interesting.
  13. Only place I've seen them is from the Royal Mint itself,the other day they were just over £300 a pop once vat was added.
  14. Got to agree with @Robda1986 Personally I no longer buy un-hallmarked "home" poured silver,purely based on looking at re-sale down the line. Not everybody that I might want to sell to in the future follows the "silver forum" and therefore telling them a bar is poured by such and such,might mean absolutely nothing. 😁
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