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  1. No interest. So withdrawn,going to relist a couple of them as an auction. 😁
  2. Final bump. Withdrawn tonight at 8pm,when I get in from work,if unsold. Open to offers. (Just dont be silly 😋)
  3. Bumpity bump. Prob final bump,if they dont sell over weekend,then it's back to the safe,never to be seen again. 😲😲
  4. 3 × 2011 Phillies. 3 × 2011 brits. 50g purefine bar + 1oz silvertowne bar £165 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only. Ta.
  5. When I put something up for sale,I like a quick sale,so I usually sell a bit under the top price I could get,but it's still a price I'm happy with. So you've just got to decide what your happy to accept.
  6. Benjamin Franklin - 90% silver. Weight - 26.73g. (each)£35 the pair posted 1st signed,£38 for S.D. Wallace +Gromit £50 posted 1st signed,£53 for S.D. £20 coins ×5 £75 posted 1st signed,£78 for S.D. Harry Potter £62 posted 1st signed,£65 for S.D. Silver Proof 10p ×3 £62 posted 1st signed,£65 for S.D. Bulk Lot Deal = £250 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask. Ta.
  7. 500g bar £290 posted S.D.(overseas +£5) Bank TransferOnly Any questions please ask.
  8. Route 66 × 4. Emu × 2. Steamboat Willie × 2. 2011 8 Doubles × 1. All coins in excellent condition. £185 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask.
  9. If silver was at those sort of prices,then I would happily sell majority of mine at spot or just below. My average cost is in the £15 - £16 per oz range,so a £10 per oz profit is more than acceptable. 😁 Its the people buying at todays crazy premiums that I worry about,have they thought about when the premiums go back down,what is the spot price going to need to reach before they can even think about getting their money back.
  10. And it's all over and the winner is(drum roll please) @jasonpaulwatson. Well done mate,fantastic donation. PM me your address and I'll get it posted,will probably be tomorrow. Cheers Again J.
  11. 2hrs to go in this frenzied nail biting auction. Dont leave it till the last second. 😂 And remember it is a great cause. Cheers.
  12. Cheers,just picked up the W, the L and the I. 👍
  13. Bump,although thanks to that great bid by @jasonpaulwatson,I've got a funny feeling this auction might be over. Lol
  14. Just a wee thing,reckon not a lot of you will have. In aid of Strathcarron Hospice. Winning bidder can donate winning amount directly on their just giving page, pm me a screen shot and I will then stick in post free of charge. Auction will end Monday at 12 noon. Start bidding wherever first bidder wants to and bid in any increments you want. 😉😉
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