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  1. If your looking to buy sovereigns in bulk,have a look at @SVcollector,usually has bulk lots for sale.
  2. It was on a while ago up here. Worth a watch,quite interesting.
  3. Wasn't sure how to price these,as they are getting harder to find,so decided to auction. Starting price - £50 (if anybody thinks this is daft,let me know 😁 ). Minimum increments of £1 Auction will end at 10am tomorrow (Sat.) morning. Postage on top,and will be posted tomorrow. Bank Transfer Only.
  4. Some lovely spoons,far too good to scrap. Selling as 1 lot - £90 plus post. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask.
  5. Only place I've seen them is from the Royal Mint itself,the other day they were just over £300 a pop once vat was added.
  6. Got to agree with @Robda1986 Personally I no longer buy un-hallmarked "home" poured silver,purely based on looking at re-sale down the line. Not everybody that I might want to sell to in the future follows the "silver forum" and therefore telling them a bar is poured by such and such,might mean absolutely nothing. 😁
  7. Sorry but no. You could years ago,when they first came out,but they closed that loophole,only thing you can do with them,is pay court fines. So unless you like collecting them,it's a pretty dear 1/2oz of silver.
  8. My tuppence worth. Was any timescale mentioned when purchasing regarding posting? If not personally, I would wait until after postman had passed by my door tomorrow then pm seller again. Then if seller was on forum or read your pm and didn't reply, I would have no problem in naming and shaming them. All the Best J.
  9. Don't see a price for the coloured dragon??
  10. Want rid tonight,so I can post first thing so - £33 posted 1st signed.
  11. I personally don't touch anything without a hallmark that can be read,if for no other reason than it will make it easier to sell in the future.
  12. No problem mate. These will sell at my price(£44+ post on e-bay).
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