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  1. Reluctantly moving these on,only because waiting for high-relief versions to arrive. As to be expected from Perth Mint all 7 (2014 - 2020) in excellent condition. Auction will end tomorrow night (tue 20th) at 8pm. Posted next day. Start bidding at minimum £150,increments to be minimum £1. Postage on top of winning bid. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask.
  2. Could you list some examples of what and where you can buy that's cheaper than on here,apart from sovereigns.
  3. Britannia 2015 carded £50(first £50 coin),still sealed in omp,coin looks in excellent condition. White Lion of Mortimer 2oz silver beast,coin looks in excellent condition And last but not least - Royal Mint James Bond 1oz Silver bar,still sealed in omp. Starting bid - £80(or above). Minimum increments of £1. Postage on top of winning bid. Auction Ends Tue 13th at 9pm Bank Transfer Only Any questions please ask. Ta. J.
  4. Needing to raise some funds 5 × 1oz silver bars(excellent condition) - £120 plus postage 2010 quarter sovereign + 1/20 kangaroo - £180 plus postage Buy both and I'll cover S.D. Bank Transfer Only Any questions please ask. Buy both lots and have option to buy James Bond 1oz bar for £20. So £320 posted S.D. for all the above.
  5. These shouldn't be looked at as an investment,occasionally you might get very lucky e.g. Peter Rabbit. But on the whole you'll be lucky to get your money back if you go to sell. I've ordered the full set,but only as a present for first grandchild,just as something they might look at in 10/20 years time and think of their old grandad. Lol
  6. Well done @dmcac. Will pm you my details. Sorry @Silverman2U
  7. Just over 3 hrs to go. If your here in Gods country,have a bid before you get flung out the pub at 6pm. 🍻🍻🤣🤣
  8. Was just going to ask the same 😁
  9. Coins look good to naked eye,but on closer inspection,they both have slight mark's on them. Auction to start at minimum bid of £80. Increments of minimum £1 Auction will end on Fri 9th at 7pm. Will be posted Sat. morning.(add £5 for S.D.) Bank Transfer Only Any questions please ask.
  10. Welcome to the forum,the only advice I'll give is to encourage you to get a paid membership on here,as you'll get to see the deals as soon as their listed,and it's very rare that you'll find gold/silver cheaper elsewhere. 😁
  11. Dont want to come across wrong but I would hope these would have been offered to @ShinySilver,and if he doesn't want them,then I would get a chance next.
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