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  1. Jimmock

    Dealer problems

    Have only purchased of him through here,no problems at all. Would think he'll read this and get back to you.
  2. Nearly there. 2+1/2hrs left. Winning bid so far £60. Finishes at high noon!!
  3. Just in from a 36hr shift,and look what the postman left for me.😁😁 Cheers guys,you know who you are.
  4. I've got a friend at work whose bald,I told him to paint rabbits on his head,cause from a distance they'd look like hares.
  5. As per photos,58 + 61 in lovely condition,62 starting to tarnish. Also 61+62 in wrong envelopes(63+64). Dont know how this has happened 🤗. 1958 carrys a bit of a premium due to last year of the "wheat" cent. Auction will end Mon 10th at 12pm(plenty of time to check prices) 50p minimum bid increments. Any questions please ask,but busy weekend at work,so might not get back to you straight away. Bank transfer only. Postage at choice on top of winning bid. Cheers J.
  6. I'll take 2,pm me your bank details. Ta.
  7. I might be looking at it as somebody who has never sent a coin for grading,and may get torn to shreds.😁 But arent the R.M. just offering a grading service with a guaranteed outcome for £30(for the silver). How much does it cost including all postage to send a coin to get graded?
  8. A wee 2oz from @SilverStan As usual fantastic service from a great seller.😁
  9. Only received today,and I like them. But it's the first time my daughter has went yuck,why'd you buy those. So to keep the peace will move them on. £75 Postage of choice (and risk) on top Bank Transfer Only. Cheers J.
  10. A few bits and pieces,thanks to @morezone @SilverStan(via his website) and even the dreaded e-bay for the kennedys. (virtually impossible to find on their for a sensible price now). Cheers.
  11. Aww go I'll admit it. I just went and bought one aswell.🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
  12. Theres one listed on ebay for £399.99. 🤣🤣
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