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  1. Remember @ChardsCoinandBullionDealerare members,so drop them a pm,and they might be able to do you a deal.
  2. Selling as a pair - Quick Sale wanted so £140 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only Coins appear blemish free to naked eye. Any questions please ask. Ta. J.
  3. Selling together - £50 posted 1st signed(at your risk),add £5 if you want S.D. Bank Transfer Only. Any questions,please ask. Ta. J.
  4. We can all suffer emergencies in life,but has there been any communication at all,since you paid. Also have they been active on the forum since,cause if that is the case,then their is no excuse for not taking 30secs to message you with an update.
  5. Maybe want to change the title mate,as it isn't a 1oz coin. 😁
  6. These are the first coins I've ever sent to be graded,so knowing my luck 😭😭😭
  7. I've got a set away being graded,save up and I might do you a deal. 😁😁
  8. Picked these up over last couple of weeks but have come to realise,as far as silver is concerned,I'm now more of a collector than a stacker,so going to move them on. 😁 So we have 5 × 1964 Kennedys,100g Bulmint Bar,2022 Brit and 11× 1/2 oz(various). Will describe condition as "bullion"(no comebacks 😂😂). Asking - £260 posted S.D. Won't be able to post before Wed. Thanks for looking
  9. I think the main aim of this thread is to keep it running longer than @dts sale thread. 😂😂
  10. You will probably never know,it could be that the owner of Bullion House is a personal customer of R.M. got the coin then sold it to Bullion House,who have marked it up,as they are perfectly entitled to do so.
  11. You still haven't answered my question from earlier regarding this. Is your wife told what the "RRP" has to be on her products,and what is the mark up from what she actually paid???
  12. @BarryWoods,you've stated a few times that your good lady wife is an authorised Cartier dealer,so let's say she gets 10 top of the range whatever delivered. Does she get told by Cartier what she must sell them at,and also if I walk in and ask her,what she has paid for them,so I can see the mark-up,will she tell me?
  13. Never mind all that rubbish,got the last 3 winnie the pooh this year. 😁
  14. Don't think you'll get both for £1100 mate,unless somebody is desperate to sell. Even if you got 25× 1oz for £500,would only leave £600 for a 1kg bar,and not seen one on here for that price in a long time. 😁
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