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  1. ‘Friends’ of the seller 😉.
  2. Those I reckon would be either minions or bidding for fun but not paying.
  3. I can split postage with you. Please PM me. Thank you.
  4. 1oz Lion of England: £1645 (SOLD); 1oz Griffin: £1645 (SOLD); 1/4oz Lion of England: £425 each; (Both SOLD.) 1/4oz Griffin: £425. (SOLD) Plus Royal Mail Special Delivery postage. Deliver to a UK address only. Payment by bank transfer please.
  5. Thanks @Zhorro. It is plain edge. Please see photo below.
  6. I just received this 1937 double sovereign today and would like some advice please on its authenticity and potential value. As far as I can find information online, only PROOF were produced that year, but this coin doesn’t look like a proof to me. It looks like heavily circulated. I have tested on sigma and it shows it is gold. Thank you.
  7. Panda 2013: £1440 SOLD QB Lion: £1698 WITHDRAW QB Griffin: £1698 SOLD 1 tube of American Eagle 2018 (20 coins in a tube): £375 SOLD 1 tube of Australian Kangaroo 2019 (25 coins in a tube): £462.50 SOLD 2 tubes of Perth Mint Dragon Rectangular 2018 (20 coin bars in a tube: £420 each tube. BOTH SOLD Plus Royal Mail Special Delivery postage. All in good conditions. If you require more photos, please let me know. Deliver to a UK address only. Payment by bank transfer or paypal f&f please.
  8. Wow, first time see a gold bar got crushed. Always videos about melting. And, 2016 is just 4 years ago and the gold was just about £900 an ounce 😜.
  9. vicamy

    A post of thanks

    Life is tough. It is just like the chart of precious metals. There is high and there is low. Sometimes it can be like rollercoaster, but overall it will work out. It may take a while but it will. Sometimes we may just have to take one day at a time, and sometimes we can plan years ahead, but always believe in yourself, appreciate others and think positively. I will smile for you @Foster88, for myself and my family who needs me there for them, and everyone as I believe this is still a better world. 😊
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