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  1. I've just done that, the lady said everything is sold out and to phone back later incase of any cancellations
  2. Currently at 1433, started off at 2600 not even half way after an hour and 20 min 😭
  3. Started off at 2600 in the queue, now down to 2065 40min later, like queuing in Lidl this when I pop in for bread
  4. Thanks, think I'll look into it a bit more and get a slightly better, calibrated scale as I do like to buy the odd cheap coin from a local pawn shop when I see a nice one
  5. I've just tried this, unfortunately my scales don't go any smaller than a whole gram, the perfect one in the capsule weighs 6 grams, the imperfect one in capsule flicks between 5 and 6 until resting at 6 grams So I'd say very slight difference in weight.
  6. Yes, tried that first of all. Through the magnifying glass, it looks like it's just flat metal and I can only assume the light reflection from the rest of the coin makes this area look black? Yes this is my thinking, but to the eye it's quite noticeable
  7. Wouldn't say this is a massive horror story, I'm still undecided on how I'll proceed. But I had 2 1/10 gold britannia's turn up today, 1 is absolutely fine, but the other has quite a noticeable black mark on the coin just to the side of the top of the shield. It was hard to get the light right to get a picture of it under a magnifying glass with a phone camera, but it looks as though the moving sea effect is completely missing. I know its a bullion coin, but even so, it's quite a noticeable mark.
  8. Hi Tim, welcome to the forum. Only been on here 3 weeks my self, already found out/learnt so much information. Britannia's are one of my favourite coins, I have a few. But have a look on the royal mint website, the 1/10 coins are cheaper on there
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