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  1. Thanks a lot guys I appreciate it
  2. Because someone from that background would be in the most similar situation to myself Send me a mail please Gordy
  3. Hello, I am still very much new to this forum and am still finding my feet. I was just wondering without digging into anyone’s personal life too much how have you been able to build up such a large stack of Gold/Silver? I am sure much like myself many of you on here are from a working class background with an Honest very average paying job with little disposable income after kids,bills etc. I am really curious as to how you came to have such a stack or how you could afford it. Obviously some have had luck with a bit of crypto,stocks etc something that I yet have to take anything other than a loss on 😂. I am more interested in if you have saved for a long time, if you have flipped PM for profit or if you just bought at the right time. please do not answer this post if you feel it’s too personal please ignore it other than commenting about how rude and invasive my post is. I am asking to try and better myself and my knowledge and perhaps get a bit of advice. any forum members from Emergency services or Military would probably be able to help me out with this a bit more if there are any on here. if you are willing to answer or give advice but don’t want to post it publicly please send me a message. I appreciate any advice at all. Thank you.
  4. Hendo

    completed Exchange

    1x 1oz asahi silver bar 1x 2oz Scottsdale silver stacker 1x 2010 American silver eagle 1x 1g umicore gold i have bought everything new apart from the eagle everything has spent minimal time outside of a case and has been touched few times. If you require more pics or a video of the entirety of any item please send me a PM. i am currently looking to swap these for Coins of any description, Junk included. (Looking to swap all items in a single go) I am keeping a very open mind about this and I am very much looking forward to seeing what you guys have/would be willing to exchange. P&P if successful will fall to the duty of the sender at either end recorded/special delivery is a must. cheers 👌
  5. Hendo

    completed Swap

    Hello, I am looking for a swap, I have one 2 oz Scottsdale silver round, 1 oz ashai bar and 1g umicore gold. I will upload a pic tomorrow evening all is in brand new condition. I am just wondering what anyone would be willing to swap me for. I prefer any sort of bullion coins. I am open to anything else though I am trying to keep an open mind. Cheers.
  6. Hendo


    Thanks I’ll do that just now.
  7. Hendo


    I don’t know if I am allowed to do this or not I’m still fairly new to this all I’ve kinda found a love for collecting silver coins other than bars and rounds. if it’s allowed I’m looking to make a swap I have a 2oz scottsdale mint stacker 1g of umicore gold and 1oz ashai bar. I have no pics atm as I’m not home but willing to see if anyone would be willing to make a swap. Preferably in Scotland to avoid postage fees and such but willing to go by recorded delivery ? I am looking for any coins in general. Thanks
  8. Some nice coins there mate, I might get I. Touch with you at the end of the months about that elephant I quite fancy that one.
  9. Looking for!!! as a new member starting his stack, I am looking to add to it gradually. I have a basic job with a basic wage. With my disposable income I have budgeted for at the max every month 2oz of silver. I am looking for someone who would be willing to make a deal with myself. Someone with a large stack who is always shifting something to get In touch with me and perhaps set up some sort of standing order for two random oz of silver every month. If anyone at all is capable of doing something like this please let me know. “ADMIN !! Apologies I am still learning to use the site and am still not 100 percent sure where to post these threads and exactly what’s allowed. I will get there eventually. Many thanks.” Hendo.
  10. Thank you mate 👍🏻 Thank you 😊
  11. Cheers mate I’ve slipped him a Mail there to see how I may be assisted. Cheers for replying folks Also outside Edinburgh believe it or not. I’m from the west but I’ve moved to the outskirts of Edinburgh
  12. Also where abouts in Scotland are you?
  13. I’m still learning to use this site forgive ma poor use of this 😂 I’m more or less looking to build up a knowledge of whit would be the most worthwhile silver to stack in Scotland/uk and where can I get it for the best price? Cheers in advance
  14. Hiya, I’m looking for a bit of advice from experienced silver stackers in Scotland. Please get In Touch with me. failing anyone in Scotland seeing this anyone in the UKs advice would be much appreciated. thanks
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