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  1. I'll have the Year of the Mouse and Valiant if they're still available - drop me a line if so.
  2. I got the same notification from my MBNA card.
  3. Hi there I'm after only 3 Perth mint dragon bars - are you splitting a tube at all? If so PM me with a price and postage for 3x please Cheers
  4. Hi, sent a PM earlier, hoping for a tube if still available? Thanks everso
  5. Hello I'll take the remaining krug, libertad and maple if still available please.
  6. Today's delivery, the latest from the Queen's Virtues series from the East India Company. Comes in a really nice box, and a great looking coin beautifully struck.
  7. Hello, I'll have the Year of the Dog and the Guinea if available please.
  8. Having received one of these today, I can vouch that the photos definitely do not do these bars justice. An absolute joy to behold in the flesh!
  9. Can I have this if still available please? Ta
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