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  1. stories told, so that Korea can be united, Trump can have his excuse to pull eagles troops out from there there is no war the new Queen is installed
  2. flim

    Platinum Volatility

    if I can, would buy from VAT free countries only
  3. don't let that bull out of your sight, he has been playing in mud
  4. it apply to everybody when it comes to coins, domestically produced will be hated by the locals overseas produced are sought after, they are harder to get and cost more for comparisons looking on the other side of the coins, we can't even be bothered, just the same old lady if you have had enough of the stuffs, then you will take in all other things except the old lady
  5. vat are not the same in each locations shipping & insurance differences metals spots and volume pricing there are so many variables that make them non-uniform
  6. flim

    Why is gold so sexy?

    in YELLOW BEASTS we trusts
  7. flim

    Buying Monthly....

    regular means to say, when there is a spot price drop of say >$1.00 or when there is a sales promotions, eg 50 cents over spot for mobile apps users etc members need urgent cash and selling for spot certain bars can be bought much cheaper as compared in different countries locations etc etc
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