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  1. any spare? 100g RM silver bars £85 each please pm thanks
  2. how to tell if the 400oz bar comes unsalted ?
  3. flim

    Fed up with eBay

    GSP thieves everywhere inside, they would help you lost the items, lost the shipping fee and VAT too its just too perfect complete Stopped buying from Ebay USA long ago, now will be Ebay UK too since there are communities forums, its better to use Ebay message system and deal outside, eg from the forum there is private message, when contacted, seller can message and sent picture etc the reputation is more secure and direct dealing are safer and there is no third useless party too
  4. did the coin come in the capsule or you have to buy capsule? thanks
  5. mine is up ahead too so hope some people can get busy too to sell and post me similar Royal Mint 100g bars, will need two of them
  6. do they have adult version ? lol
  7. big FIVE come in small sizes, they should be in 1KG to be really BIG FIVE
  8. great to hear, wonder where to find online dealers over there welcome
  9. any idea what is the going rate for RM 100g ?
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